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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008: The year of the GOAL WEIGHT!

It's going to happen this year, I can feel it!

I hope everyone had a safe new years... and now, on to the year ahead! So far 2008 has been a productive year for me (think I can keep it up?). I have spent the entire day taking down decorations and cleaning (and yet have sooooo much more cleaning to do... as well as unpacking from Christmas yet!).

My food is officially BACK ON TRACK. It was a rough week... but it's time to recover. So, let's get right into what we're all here for. MENU CHALLENGE!

Breakfast: Quaker Weight Control oatmeal, maple and brown sugar (2pts - in the states it's 3pts, but here it's only 2!)

Snack: 2 baby dills (0)

Lunch: 2pc ww toast (1) w/ 1/2c FF cottage cheese (2) and grape tomato (0), 8 PC organic baby carrots (0), radishes (0), 2tbsp ff sour cream and onion dip (1), 1c broccolini and garlic (0), 2 baby dills (0), apple (1), no sugar added chocolate jello pudding cup (1)

Dinner: more broccolini (0), ww bagel (2), ff cheese slice (1), morningstar farms tomato and basil pizza burger pattie (3? i forget right now!). source yogurt (1).

Snack during biggest loser (planned): all bran bites (1), pudding cup (1), dessert tea (0)

*I know I haven't eaten all of my points today, but I've been busy cleaning and didn't snack and actually am not that hungry. I probably ate more than enough over the holidays that it all balances out now anyway*



Where are you Tara? I'm watching for your return to the blogisphere and getting back on track!!

ETA - I went on the treadmill tonight! I felt tired from cleaning all day but remembered I have told myself even when I'm tired I MUST go on... even if just walking fast on an incline for 30min (which is exactly what I did). I'm going to have to do that tomorrow as well until I can get out and get some treadmill oil for the track!

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Tara said...

Here I am! Your food today looks great! You're inspiring me to get back on track. Biggest Loser should do that too I'm hoping. I'll be back at the menu challenge tomorrow...mmmm veggies! But first I have to buy some!!