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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day Of Exercise

Tuesday started out with a quick morning jog.  The old treadmill had felt neglected for the past couple of months.  I also pulled off a 5K walk on my lunch.  I followed up my work day with 1hr of Zumba.  Oh yes. I earned some AP’s yesterday (Weight Watcher activity points for those of you unfamiliar with WW lingo).

The day started off with a PB & J breakfast cake.  It had 1/2c oats (2), 2 egg whites (0), PB (2) and Crofter’s North America (1). It looks gross but it was good!



Snack at work was some strawberries (1)… enjoyed with some sunshine!


Lunch was a salad with spinach (0), cucumber and grape tomatoes (0), capers (1), red onion (0), goat cheese (1), mozzarella (1) and leftover chicken sausage (2) with a couple of tbsp Italian dressing (0).  It was so freaking good.  Goat cheese rocks.



It was followed by berries (2)



Afternoon snack was some V8 juice (0) (because I’m afraid I’m not getting enough veggies in my day – none besides my salads) and some strawberry chobani (3)


After work I headed to the gym and didn’t get home until late. After a long day I had zero appetite but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t eat… I had 1/2c ff cottage cheese (1) and 1.5L of water (so thirsty!).

It’s not Wednesday and I’ve been up since 4am for some reason.  It’s going to be a long one.  No jog this morning and no walk at lunch today… but I might get to the gym after work for a bit.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye Monday

Well, another Monday is over.  One Monday closer to my 2 weeks off and my visit to my sister and family in Chicago.

Today was my last Monday morning off until September. Boo.  Our office is open late Monday to Thursday so we all work 1 evening a week. I got lucky and scored Mondays… which means Monday mornings off (and working until 8pm).  Our summer hours means I work days on Mondays (and work a few sporadic late shifts).  I will miss Monday mornings off. It really helps to have the AM off after a weekend out of town (at my parents’ house).

Today’s plan was to go to Newbody at the gym. I didn’t make it. I wasn’t feeling the greatest and I think I felt exhausted from the weekend.

Breakfast was a WW thin (1) with becel spray (0) and some berries (2)




Lunch was leftover pizza (8) – I felt better by this time.  I followed it up with some fibre 1 (1), FF vanilla yogurt (1) and oreo crumbs (1)



I then proceeded to go to work without my camera. Enter iPhone pictures.

Snack was more fruit (2)


It was followed by Popchips (2)… because around this time I hit some major hunger pangs. 


Dinner was some crap leftovers thrown together at last minute after I came to realize my spinach had gone bad and I couldn’t make a salad… and my strawberries had mould… and my WW bread AND WW pitas had mould. Ewww.

I ended up eating 2/3c brown rice (2), leftover chicken sausage (2) with some frozen veggies


It was followed by a coconut Larabar (5) and pineapple Chobani (3).

I’m so tired today.  The dishes are done, lunch and snacks are made for tomorrow AND dinner is made for tomorrow night after the gym.  Yep. I’m returning for ZUMBA tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I did it!

I made it through a weekend at my parents’ house without over indulging, without neglecting to track my points and without feeling guilt!

It feels great.

I started the day with a ww bagel (2), egg white (0) and light swiss cheese (1)



Lunch was some sunflower bread (2) and 1/2c fat free cottage cheese (1)



I may have also snuck a spoonful of Nutella – but didn’t grab a photo of it (2).  There were also about 5 Hershey kisses throughout the course of the day (2).  Other snacks included pringles stix (2) and a light babybel (1)


Dinner was a WW pita (1), some chicken breast (1), light swiss (1), lettuce, tomato, pickle (0), pasta (3) with feta (1) and some FF italian (0), followed by 1/4c frozen yogurt (3).




I got back to my place and had a bowl with some Fibre 1 and PB/chocolate puff cereal (3) and unsweetened vanilla almond breeze (0)


Gotta get to bed! I’m hoping to get up early enough to hit the Newbody class at the gym.  Goodnight and have a great week!


The word of the day is… BERRIES!  AAHHHHH!!


I allowed myself to sleep in until 9am today!  I thought I would go to Body Flow at the gym, but it turns out the 9:30 class is Sunday, not Saturday.

I woke up and had a HUGE bowl of some of the berries I bought yesterday (BERRIES!  AAAH!!!).  I was so happy to eat so much freaking fruit. I am in love with fruit right now. I think I need more veggies in my day actually.  Bowl of whole strawberries (1), and a mixture of some blue,black and raspberries (1).  Along with some WW thins (1) and cream cheese (1) and Crofter’s North America – my fave (1)




After breakfast I had some errands to run in the city, but I was feeling lazy. I bought one of the supersize bags of Popchips at Costco yesterday so I decided to be proactive and portion them out into bags to prevent me from opening the big bag and eating half of it in one sitting!  I ate 1.5 of these servings while packing them (3)

DSCN6803 DSCN6799

They’re BBQ.  Mmmmm BBQ.

On the way OUT of the city (after running errands) I finally decided to eat some lunch at 3pm. I grabbed a chicken pita to eat once I arrived at my parents house. I also forgot to take pictures from here on out today… so here’s my points breakdown

Lunch: chicken pita (7)

Dinner: chicken breast (3), baked potato with sour cream (4) salad with veggies (0) and light dressing (2).  Dessert was a little TCBY! (3).

That’s all.  Yep… that’s ALL!  If you’ve followed by blog for a while you might know that coming to my parents’ house is a HUGE challenge for me. My mom keeps so much yummy BAD food in and I can never help it but to dig in and enjoy all the snacks she keeps out and around.  Not today! This may be my smallest Saturday points value in a LONG time!

I enjoyed a great visit with a friend and her husband and family tonight (Hi Tara!!).  It’s always great to come home and visit with friends I’ve had since I was about 7 years old. 

I must get some rest.  I will take pictures of my food tomorrow. I PROMISE!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Poultry Lover

While I don’t eat pork or beef (no political statement here… my grandpa is actually a beef farmer… I just don’t enjoy it), I do LOVE poultry.  Give me chicken and eggs any day of the week. Turkey too, but it’s second to chicken. 

Friday was spent only working in the AM (hooray for Friday afternoons OFF.. thank you lieu time!), then enjoying an hour workout (30min cardio, 30min circuit) before doing some grocery shopping and heading home to make dinner.  Enter poultry.

We’ve heard of meat lovers pizzas. We’ve heard of veggie lovers pizza.  I decided to make my own POULTRY LOVERS PIZZA!

I started with the whole wheat blue menu pizza crust (6pts), topped it up with some tomato sauce and BBQ sauce. Put on 10 slices of turkey pepperoni (1) and a little bit of goat cheese (1).  In a frying pan I cooked up some chicken sausage, turkey bacon and red onion in a little margarine (5), I threw it on the pizza and then added 1/3c shredded skim mozzarella (2) before cooking it in the oven until the cheese was bubbling.  The whole pizza was 15pts and SO GOOD. The mixture of the BBQ sauce and goat cheese with all the poultry was so freaking good.  I only ended up eating 3/4 of it last night. It was filling!




I’m hoping to come back tonight to post about my day today… It’s involving a lot of running around… which I must get doing. I’m a few hours behind schedule right now!

Here’s a sneak peek at today’s food so far (I went a little FRUIT crazy grocery shopping yesterday. I have an abundance of Ontario strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries in my fridge. I am in heaven!!)…


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Am I a Girl?

First things first…

DOWN 0.5lbs today

Next… I got myself to the gym tonight!  I decided against step for now.  I was afraid (knowing me) I would find it too difficult and never go back.  I’m going to stick to the recommended “newbie” classes for at least a couple of weeks.  Instead, I ended up doing 60min of cardio (on the elliptical) and 20min of the circuit that Goodlife has set up.

I left the gym feeling great… except for the fact that I was sweating like a PIG! I remember a lady at my old job saying to me once “girls don’t sweat, they glisten”.  Heck. I am definitely no girl then!

Some of today’s food looked like this…

Breakfast was a WW sandwich thin (1), 1/2tbsp PB (1), jam (1)


Snack was blueberries (1)


Lunch was a salad with 1/4c chick peas (1), 1/2c ff cottage cheese (1), 3tbsp light Italian dressing (0)… and a few black beans, corn, capers, red onions, cucumbers and grape tomatoes


It was followed by my fibre 1 cookies n’ cream yogurt concoction (same as yesterday), total was (3pts) today




Does it look yummy?  Believe me… it tastes good and is filling!


There MAY have also been some snacks from a ‘congratulations’ party at work today… I had a couple of squares and a couple of mini chocolate chip cookies (the 1 bite kind, literally) – estimate (6pts MAX)

Dinner was my favourite Thursday treat (12)…


And… a chocolate bar that I ate during today’s Days of Our Lives and didn’t take a picture of (6)

Happy Friday to all! I took tomorrow afternoon off… the plan is to hit the gym and then come home and quite possibly make some homemade pizza which I am calling “poultry lovers pizza”… stay tuned for photos (unless we change our minds and grab subway or something for dinner!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquakes, tornadoes… and FRIZZY HAIR

Sorry… no photos of this frizz head.  BUT, I can tell you I resemble THIS today:


Of course, everyone around here managed to STOP talking about the upcoming G20 today in light of the GROUND SHAKING!  I felt it at work, only didn’t realize what it was. We have a train that goes by our office and I just assumed that’s what it was.  My family felt it north east of the city… and low and behold, that same family now has a TORNADO warning tonight.  What is mother Earth trying to tell us today?

Today was a planned rest day from the gym. In light of the weather, I was glad it was!  I’m going to the gym tomorrow and can’t decide if I’ll do my own thing or if I’ll go to BodyStep.  Has anyone else tried it?  Should I wait until I’m not a novice to attempt the class?  Zumba killed me yesterday (although, I’m not sore today! Hooray!).

Today started out with a PB/naner wrap (5)… it was my last banana for now so I have no CLUE what I’ll have for breakfast tomorrow!


Snack was a bit of mango and blueberry (1)


Lunch was a salad with chicken breast (3), spinach (0), grape tomatoes (0), cucumber (0), red onion (0), capers (0), 1/8c black beans (0), 1/8c corn (0), 1/2c ff cottage cheese (1) and 3tbsp FF Italian dressing (0).  DELICIOUS!


Afternoon snack has quickly become a favourite for me.  1/2c ff vanilla yogurt (1), 1/2c fibre 1 (1), 1/2tbsp oreo crumbs (1). It’s sweet and filling and the fibre 1 gives it bulk to fill you up more.  I will try it with vanilla Greek yogurt at some point.


Dinner was originally going to be eggs, but I felt like cereal when I got home. I had fibre 1 (2) and PB panda cereal stuff (2) and 1/2c almond breeze (0)


I also ended up having 3 pieces of the new natural deli meat (turkey breast!) and some cream cheese (2).

That’s it! The kitchen is closed (except when I return to do dishes)!

Wish me luck at weigh in tomorrow!  And PLEASE give me input about BodyStep!  Happy Thursday.  Be safe in this crazy weather my fellow Earthlings!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What are Plans?

This is going to be quick. I’m so tired!  Today has been a long one. I think my plans changed about 5 times between last night and this afternoon.  I’ll spare you the details.

The good news?  I found myself leaving work on time and with some time to kill… so what did I do?  I decided (on a whim) to go to the gym!  My very first group class – ZUMBA!  It was fun but exhausting. I was the big fat fool by the end of the class who was just moving her hips, waving her arms in the air, and lifting her feet off the ground… just hoping to keep moving and not caring if I looked like an idiot! I have been exhausted ever since! It was great! I’ll be going back to that class for sure.

I have a headache and I’m tired so I’m going to just leave you with photos of food from the last couple of days!  Sadly… in no particular order!

Vanilla yogurt, fibre 1 and oreo crumbs




cottage cheese, blueberries, fibre 1 and honey:

DSCN6731 DSCN6734

Pasta, black beans, corn, red onions and salsa:DSCN6735 DSCN6736


DSCN6737 DSCN6739

Veggies, lentils and chick peas:


 DSCN6745 DSCN6746 DSCN6747

PB/banana wrap:

DSCN6749 DSCN6750

More berries!


Salad with avocado, black beans, corn, cottage cheese and Italian dressing. Loved it!

DSCN6755 DSCN6757

Dinner post Zumba… steamed chicken breast and veggies


Here’s a photo of me with coconut oil on my hair. Does anyone else use coconut oil or EVOO… or anything else… to deep condition your hair in the summer?  My hairdresser informed me on Saturday that some of the ends of my hair was dry… I must rectify the situation!


Also… my beautiful nephew is THREE YEARS OLD today! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I met him at only 1hr old… I was in love instantaneously.


Happy hump day!