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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bring it

If you’ve been reading my blog you know I attended Weight Watcher meetings for a long time.  I never reached goal. In fact, for the past year I have put weight back on (despite paying to go to meetings).  I realized my issue is now that I am over 30 (gulp), I need more exercise.  I decided to cease going to WW meetings and join the gym instead. I found out I get a sweet discount through one of my employers and am now waiting for my Goodlife membership (it won’t come until after June 5th… they say give it until the 15th to arrive). 

I have also recently purchased (my 3rd) iPhone.  To my dismay we don’t have the Weight Watchers app in Canada… but, I found an app called iWatchr.  I’ve been tracking EVERYTHING on it and am in love.  It did cost 99c and I decided to do the upgrade and spend $1.98 to get the full version to also track my weight.  I recommend it!

I will do my official weigh in tomorrow.  Really, my first official once since leaving the WW meetings. I am feeling quite optimistic!  I’m going to kick the scale’s ass.

Here’s what I ate today..

Breakfast was a WW thin (1), 2 egg whites (0) and blue menu ketchup (0)


Snack was watermelon and blueberries (2)


Lunch was the same as yesterday… a flatout wrap (1), hummus (1), 30g old cheddar (2) and spinach (0)


Followed by almonds (2)


Snack was raspberry Chobani (3) and 1/4c kashi toasted berry (1) – picture is actually from yesterday!!


I came home and totally forgot to take pictures of my odds and ends of a dinner. I finished up some chana (2), had a pita (1) with pizza sauce (0) and mozzarella (2) and threw some plain greek yogurt on top (0)… then I had a ww thin (1) with jam (1) for dessert.  I still wasn’t hungry… or so I thought… and had some BBQ almonds (3).

The kitchen is CLOSED… except to do dishes and drink more water.  I’m up to 4L today. Crazy.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!!  Happy Thursday to all!


Tania said...

hi jen :) was wondering where you found those flat out wraps??

Shrinking Jen said...

Hey Tania! Unfortunately the flatout wraps are from the states... I get them at Wegman's when we drive to Buffalo. They are only 1pt and are HUGE. I love them!