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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hooray Long Weekend!!

Woohoo! Happy long weekend! Now, I am working 3:30 to 11:30 tomorrow night, but I still have Sunday AND Monday off. I'm happy!!

Today started without a jog. However, while on my walk at lunch I did jog part of the way (including up the long hill at the end. I felt that in my legs and butt later!!).

We're watching "Zack and Miri make a porno" now... so this is short.

Here's what I've eaten...
breakfast: rye toast and cheese (4)
Snack: blueberries... LOVING them right now (1)
Lunch: 1c pasta w/ salsa (3), cheese (1), fruit twist (1), almonds (2)
Snack: popcorn (3)
Dinner: lasagna casserole (6), banana soft serve w/ blueberries (4)
Total: 25

I have a photo of my banana soft serve, I'll upload it later. I'm so happy a girl at work loaned me her food processor until I get one. FINALLY I could do with the frozen banana what I have been trying to do!

Tonight's plan is to NOT eat anything else!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's cut to the chase

I wasn't up 4.2lbs. I managed to do some damage control today I guess. I was only up 2.6lbs.

I have had my sub and a pita pizza...

I am now going to write out (on real paper, not the computer) a plan of attack and rules for this week.

I am determined.

I will do as well as possible the next 2 weeks... for, it is the sunday after that (2 weeks from now) that we leave for Vegas!

I may come back to post my rules and expectations for this week... if not, you'll see them tomorrow or on the weekend. I'm staying in town this weekend and working Saturday. I know that will help me stay on track!


I am most definitely up today without any shred of doubt... my scale has me up 4.2lbs from last Thursday. WHAT!?!? Wow, I guess I indulged too much last weekend and have slacked too much in my activity. Who knew one measley week could make such a difference!

I tried to jog this morning... 20min into it I was sick! I think my vitamins made me nauseated today for some reason.

I'll be back with official results later... but right now I just look forward to getting WI over with, having my sub... and planning out my strategies for success next week!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy hump day!

Let's cut to the chase. I got up and jogged today! 45min before work! I also still got in my lunch time walk (outside! the rain held off... and it was muggy and I think I sweated a full bucket!). Tonight I did the challenge (sort of!!). I'm back to routine... too bad tomorrow is weigh in. It's okay, I'm already working on next week's awesome results and won't fret about tomorrow. I am thinking of still getting on my mini stepper to get a bit more cardio in tonight. Although, I'm tired now!

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: live organic bar thingy a girl at work gave me to try (4), smoothie (3)
Snack: berries (2)
Lunch: wasn't feeling the edamame salad I took, so I had a larabar (4), and yogurt (1)
Snack: fruit bites (2)
Dinner: 2 veggie burger patties (4), cream cheese (2), veggies (0), cocoa almonds (2)
Total: 24
Water: 4L... possibly 1 more!

Oh... the challenge? Looked like this...
20 wall push ups, 25 squats... repeat
50 bicycle crunches, 30 reverse crunches... repeat (no lunges)
15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat... repeat
Plank: none!
Total time... I think it was under 10min... but I actually didn't time myself! I also added in some thigh master and some standing rowing things. I bought a portable rowing simulator thingy years ago (basically straps that attach to your feet and then you pull on elastic bands with handles to simulate rowing... I used it standing up). Now maybe the stepper? We'll see.

Good luck tomorrow... I'll be up for sure, but... it's okay. I'm finally feeling back to myself at least!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You know what I need?

Another day, another dollar (or so). With that dollar I could buy myself a kick in the butt!

Again today I felt exhausted. I think I've figured out why... some 'early' girly issues on top of still needing to recover from last weekend.

Bottom line? I couldn't get out of bed today. I think I'm royally screwed for weigh in this week... unless I can pull off a miracle (despite okay food choices the last couple of days, the scale hasn't moved downward since the weekend). Tonight's plan was a treadmill jog, the 10min challenge, baking cupcakes and making a birthday card for a birthday party at work tomorrow (and making dinner, making lunch and doing dishes somewhere in there). What have I done? Baked and made the card. Dishes and lunch are next on my list, then bed. Tomorrow's new plan? Jog, go to work, walk on lunch, come home and do another jog, then the challenge. At least I don't have to do running around tomorrow nor do I have to do baking or make a card tomorrow after work.

My food was okay today...
Breakfast: shake without protein but with amazing grass (2), 1pc light rye bread w/ cream cheese (2)
Snack: cherries, blueberries and strawberries (2)
Lunch: taco salad with lettuce, black beans, corn, red onion, cheese (2), avocado (4) and salsa (0), yogurt (1), 1/2c mexican pasta salad (2)
Snack: veggies (0), larabar (4)
Dinner: 2 veggie burgers (4), cream cheese (2), ketchup (0), mustard (0), veggies (0)
Total: 25
Water: 3L

Happy hump day. Let's hope I find a bit more motivation. Well.... not so much motivation, I still have my eye on the prize. I need ENERGY! Hmmm... maybe I should pull out a red bull and make myself jump up and drink it in the morning for old times sake!!!

You know...

"Sometimes it can be about me. Don't worry.... you're still the fairest of the land, you'll still be at the center of attention... but sometimes things can be about me too."

I heard that saying today... I was totally feeling it! Loved it!! Had to share. My one reader can empathize totally!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hellooooo... la la la!

Good golly Miss Molly. I am so sleepy. Care for a recap of where I've been?

Friday - work, home... quality alone time with alex (read: some quality food network tv watching!). No challenge. We were in bed and I was JUST about asleep and I (loudly) declared "CRAP! I FORGOT TO DO THE CHALLENGE TODAY!". Oops.

Saturday - up early, packing, out the door to Pontypool, helping get ready there, then mom, dad, alex and I were out the door to head to the lake. Enjoyable day up at the lake with the family (on what would have been grandma's 82nd birthday). Rainy day, but that didn't stop us from splashing around in the lake and having an awesome time with everyone (including Simon and my cousin's 2yr old son, Seamus). Finally had enough of the rain around 5 or 6pm and headed back to Pontypool. Enjoyed a visit with mom, dad, alex, michele, jacob and Simon. Then us 4 girls left grandma and grandpa to put Simon to bed and we headed to Oshawa to meet Kristen and Kurt for Kristen's birthday party. I knew I was just about at my points total, so once we were there I offered to be the DD. Alex headed from there back home to TO... I drove Simon's drunken parents back to Pontypool at 3am. ONE of them had to have me stop on hwy 35 so they could puke. That person shall remain nameless. It was a busy, tiring day.

Sunday - laundry, etc in Pontypool... then headed out around 6:30pm. Got stuck in huge traffic due to a very determined suicidal person on a 401 overpass. Finally got home, unpacked.... and went right to bed. Slept from 10pm right through until 7am. No jog. No jog or exercise since Thursday in fact.

On Saturday Alex and Wyatt and I did venture out in the paddle boat... at least that was some exercise, right? Today involved a lunch walk... and no challenge tonight... although, I did buy a little portable stepper machine tonight after work, so I tried that out. Jury's still out on whether or not I'll keep it.

This weekend I indulged in some pie, ice cream and peanut m&m's. I have to do damage control this week I'm afraid.

Here's how today's food looked
Breakfast: shake without protein powder, but with chocolate amazing grass (3)
Snack: berries (2)
Lunch: salad with cheese (2), turkey breast (1), EVOO/balsamic drsg (2), yogurt (1), berries (1)
Snack: raw veggies (0)
Dinner: turkey breast (1), sliced avocado (2), salsa (0), mozzarella cheese (2)... melted and then 2tbsp light sour cream added on top (1).... odd, I know. Dessert was too many granola bars! (6)
Total: 24
Water: 4L

Now I'm off to quickly make lunch while watching the finale of the Bachelorette... and hopefully get to bed by 10pm (which is in 17min BTW).

Happy Tuesday. Here's hoping I get my butt on the treadmill and doing the challenge tomorrow night!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's the name of the game?

The scale has me up today. I am at a loss. I'm eating more (which really, is healthier)... I'm eating healthy... 5 or 6 days a week I'm exercising 2-3 times... BUT, I'm not exercising TOO much... I don't know what to do next!! I'll be back with the 'official' results later... but I'm not looking forward to it. I'm discouraged and I want pizza. On Breakfast Television they were eating different pizzas to decide the best one in the GTA. I want pizza. I LOVE it. Alas, I'm not throwing in the towel... will keep fighting the food fight... and simply crave pizza. Hopefully by tonight I want my subway.

(Back to add... when I typed I'd "keep fighting the food fight", I actually meant to type 'good fight'... or 'big fight'... only when I read it back did I see my VERY Freudian slip!! funny me!).

**UPDATE** Went to WW... I stayed the same. Better than a gain, but still frustrating. I will keep pushing through this week and keep up my efforts. I think I might try yoga a couple of times again this week and see if that helps... I do like my Biggest Loser yoga DVD. Now I'm off to enjoy my subway, diet coke... and maybe some popcorn!

**Update deux** I am feeling good. I will switch things up a teeny bit this week... don't know if I can actually get to trying any hot yoga... but I'll do what I can at home. I also have to say... I have a great boyfriend. I don't know how he does it, but he always does seem to know exactly what to say to make me feel better (sometimes he knows how to drive me crazy... as much as I drive him crazy... but that's okay!)... I'm heading to bed feeling optimistic about the future weight loss in store for me!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Debbie Downer... no more!

Well, there may have been a theme in my posts lately. To be honest, I have been feeling down. I think it's a combination of needing a vacation and just still missing my grandma. I am happy, don't get me wrong... just feeling down at times. I also have not been feeling AS motivated lately. I'm making an effort... still trying to eat healthy and get enough activity in, I still want the final product... I guess some days I am just more enthusiastic about it than others. Today was particularly hard. I woke up with ZERO motivation but I'm happy to report I did still get on that treadmill. The bad news? I only lasted 20min. I was just feeling so tired and blah... I couldn't do it. I did enjoy a nice walk at lunch... but then came home feeling very tired and NOT wanting to exercise. So... the good news? I just forced myself to do the challenge and it seemed make me feel better. Anyway... that's the recap of my day.

The challenge? Looked like this...
15 push ups, 30 squats... repeat
30 bicycle crunches, 30 reverses, 20 lunges... repeat
15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat... repeat
plank: 0sec... oops, okay, so I just couldn't muster up the energy for it tonight.
Total time: 10min (or a little less... didn't time it to the second tonight).

My food today...
Breakfast: toast (2), PB2 (1), fruit (2)
Snack: green smoothie w/ some chocolate amazing grass (3)
Lunch: edamame salad (2), flatout (1) w/ cheese (2), hummus (1), lettuce (0), yogurt (1),
Snack: granola bar (2), avocado (2) w/ crackers (2)
Dinner: veggies (0) w/ veggie ground chicken (2) & shrimp (1)
Total: 24 on the dot!
Water: 4L... possibly 1 more before bed (exercising made me thirsty!)

Happy Thursday... good luck to me. I have no predictions yet... stay tuned!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Holy HUNGRY Hannah

I have a headache and I'm tired. I feel ready for vacation. This what happens when you take only one week in the summer... but, I will keep my eyes on that one cherished week in August (26 days to go according to the ticker above!).

My day started with a rather great jog. I managed to increase my 6:30am speed (I have increased my speed in the afternoons, but never my early morning jog). My legs were feeling it later in the day. I loved it. I also pulled off my lunch time walk (but cut out about 0.5 or 1km due to having to desperately use the washroom!). I came home exhausted and have since had a headache develop. I am done for today.

Here's what I ate...
Breakfast: kashi (3), milk (1), fruit (1)
Snack: smoothie (3)
Lunch: salad w/ yves ground chicken (2), cheese (2), EVOO/balsamic/frank's/garlic dressing (2), yogurt (1)
Snack: spicy roasted chick peas (2), granola bar (2)
Dinner: veggies w/ tofu (2), 2 granola bars (4), 2 date balls (2)
Total: 27 - wow, hello to eating more! I don't know why I was so hungry after my big stir fry dinner tonight... but I was!!
Water: 4L

Tara made me think of jello. There's always room for it. What's your favourite flavour? Mine has got to always be strawberry. I love others, but if I had to pick... my ultimate favourite would be strawberry.

It's funny, at the BBQ on Saturday we were all eating dinner and the conversation turned to what people would request as their last dinner (if on death row)... everyone was saying things like steak and lobster... real gourmet foods. We get to me and I decide I'm not high class... I said since there would be no repercussions, I would go for greasy food... pizza, fries, spicy chicken burger... mmmmm.

Happy hump day tomorrow! I am off to make lunch for tomorrow and enjoy Hell's Kitchen. I haven't watched it in a few seasons, but I'm loving it so far tonight!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Holy Healthy Hannah!

Sometimes a girl just needs a day off. Today was one of those days for me. I am wishing I would have taken more than one little vacation week this summer... but I will use up my vacation in the fall or at Christmas. In any case, I couldn't get myself out of bed this morning and decided a sick day was in order. I got out of bed by 8am and lounged around until later in the morning when I enjoyed a full 1hr jog. I did do the challenge today too. I thought I might do it twice to make up for the lack of one this weekend, but I didn't. Tomorrow will be make up day! I didn't do any baking today, but found a fruit and nut granola recipe (from that I'd like to make and I did make some spicy roasted chick peas... very yummy and apparently similar to an 'Indian trail mix'. I took leftover chick peas, put a bit of EVOO, some spicy mrs. dash and chili powder on them (and tossed it all)... roasted at 400F for 30min. Very good!

The challenge was the exact same as Friday, the plank was 55sec. Total time was 10min 9sec.

I ate ONLY healthy food today. It felt pretty good!
Breakfast: toast (2), cream cheese (2), fruit bowl (1)
Snack: green smoothie with 1/2tbsp chocolate vega (3)
Lunch: quinoa (1), edamame (1), yves ground chicken (1), veggies (0)
Snack: 2 homemade granola bars (6), spicy roasted chick peas (2)
Dinner: veggies (0) w/ tofu marinated in balsamic vinegar, frank's hot sauce and garlic (2), cottage cheese and strawberry cup (2)
Total: 23 - oops, I thought I had 24pts today. Oh well, close enough.


one of the granola bars - gooey and yummy! 2pts each.
Protein shake w/ frozen fruit, spinach, yogurt, hulled hemp seed, 1/2scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/2tbsp chocolate vega. Pretty darn good!
Lunch... quinoa, veggies, edamame, yves ground chicken
I'm not going vegetarian (despite the last 2 days' menus). Just thought I'd try some meat alternatives! Now, I am off to finish dishes, make tomorrow's lunches (guess I will return to work tomorrow) and finish watching the bachelorette before calling it a NIGHT!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Holy crap what a busy weekend. I'll tell you up front - I didn't do the challenge. Now, I'll recap the weekend. Saturday: 9am hair colour appt, then back home to have breakfast, have a jog, then off to hair appt #2 (cut), then back home to clean up, do a pedicure, then head out to a BBQ with alex's colleagues. 1 chicken breast, 1 baked potato, small spoonful of ceasar salad, small piece of brushetta, 3 beers and TWO shots of sambuca later... I didn't get home until after 2am, but had a fun time (I love hearing stories about how alex is at work, and it's fun to see everyone all surprised to see him in jeans, they only see him in suits). Hey, at least I enjoyed a 45min jog yesterday!

Today meant getting up at 8am and stopping at the bank, then shoppers to drop off a prescription, then grocery shopping, then back to shoppers to pick up the prescription, then home to put away groceries and have some breakfast. After eating I headed back out to Cayne's to see about a red kitchenaid food processor. No luck. Went to Ambrosia to get some stuff for healthy baking, then went to Fairview mall to see about a food process. Went to the Bay and Sears but NO LUCK! Came home to start baking. Didn't have oats. Headed BACK out to get some oats. Came home and baked TWO kinds of healthy 'bars' and my own frozen yogurt. Got the bars done and cut up, put the dishes in the sink and ran the water. Water was too hot. Came to the couch... fell asleep for about an hour. Got up, ate some healthy bars and decided to eat dinner, then do the dishes. I am exhausted. No jog, no 10min challenge. Tomorrow will be better. I think I will actually fine tune my planned out menus and call it a day.

I took a photo of dinner tonight (a stir fry with edamame, mixed veggies, quinoa and yves veggie ground chicken), but blogger won't let me upload photos!

On to tomorrow... I feel like I have indulged a lot this weekend. I will still eat my points this week and not restrict as much as I was... but it might not be pretty come Thursday!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Happy first day of eating more points! So far, so good. I don't feel like I've eaten a LOT more (which is good).

Today was a day off of jogging... then there was no lunch time walk due to rain. I did complete the 10min challenge tonight... Here's how it looked;
1: 15 triceps, 25 squats... repeat
2: 30 bicycles, 30 reverses, 20 jumping lunges... repeat
3: 15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat... repeat
Finale: 55sec plank (Still struggle with this!!)
Total time? 10min 20sec!

What have I eaten today to fill these extra points?
Breakfast: 2pc light rye (2), light organic meadow cottage cheese (1), organic jam (1)
Snack: shake (3)
Lunch: flatout (1), 1/4c refried beans (0), 2tbsp hummus (1), lettuce (0)... salad with cheese (2), avocado (2), veggies and salsa (0), yogurt (1)
Snack: Larabar (4)
Total so far: 18
Now I'm off for an evening with Alex... not exactly sure what we're doing but between his dumbass client and my car getting hit in the parking lot at work... we are going OUT (he says the budget is out the window for tonight. Okay!).... btw, my car had paint on it and is dented... i got the paint off and the dent isn't really SO noticeable, just frustrating!

Happy weekend!! I'm OFF from all jobs! Tomorrow I have a hair colour appt in the morning and cut in the afternoon! Tomorrow may be a day off of jogging yet again. It's okay though.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good luck... not

I'm not optimistic about tonight... but a little luck never hurts, does it? At least if I'm up... I know it's not from lack of effort this week. 4 days of exercising 3x/day... and 1 day of exercising 2 times. I tried!

**Update** I was up 2 whole pounds. NUTS! On to next week and my plan to actually eat more. Seems crazy... eat more to lose weight... but I know science tells us we do need to eat ENOUGH. My goal is now going to be to eat 24 HEALTHY points a day. I am going to buy a food processor this weekend to help in that journey. The food processor is going to be bought with money my grandma left me... I know she'll be happy that I use a little of the money on something I can use for baking. She really was proud of the baker I became. Okay... on to next week. I have eaten my subway... half a larabar... and I have set out some salt and vinegar baked old dutch chips for big brother. I thought I would be solo tonight... but it turns out my better half was able to get rid of his client early and he joined me!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lazy Lucy

Lazy: "averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent."

Why is it I feel lazy as soon as I spend any time on the couch watching TV? I have jogged, walked AND done the 10min challenge today... but because I've been sitting on the couch for 2hrs now (30min of which was eating dinner), I feel like I haven't made full use of my time. I think it's because I watch all the Biggest Loser contestants talk about all the times they could be working out rather than sitting on the couch... it makes me feel like I should be exercising.

In any case... happy hump day! We've made it through yet another!Today consisted of my morning jog, my lunch time walk and the ten minute challenge after work. Today's challenge looked a little like this...
1: 15 push ups, 25 squats, 12 push ups, 25 squats
2: 30 bicycles, 30 reverses, 20 jumping lunges... repeat
3: 15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat... repeat
Finale: 55sec plank
Total time: 11min! I shaved off a minute... I'm getting there!

Here's what today's food looked like...
Breakfast: berries (1), ww bagel (2), egg (2)
Snack: green smoothie in my new blender which worked well! (3)
Lunch: edamame salad (1), yogurt (1)
Snack: cocoa almonds (2)
Dinner: shrimp n' veggie stir fry (1), banana ice cream (2)
Snack: banana (2) w/ PB (2)
Total: 19
Water: 4L (maybe one more!)

So, the scale is not my friend this week. Hard to say where it will be at tomorrow, but it's safe to say I'm not looking at that 6lb loss this week (if a loss at all... thank you TOM!). A colleague (who is at her goal, but would like to lose a bit more before her WEDDING!) and I have decided to issue our own 'healthy' challenge for this weekend... we aren't going to indulge at all. I think trying not to use any flex points will definitely help for WI next week. When I look at last weekend's eats... I shouldn't have indulged in baked lays on Saturday and shouldn't have eaten so much popcorn on Sunday... and shouldn't have even had that spoon of icing and cake batter. I know I could have done a lot worse, but they were things I didn't need. I'm going to attempt to be strict this weekend... despite going to a BBQ with Alex's friends on Saturday!

In any case... tomorrow's the day. Is it bad that I already can't WAIT for my subway? I think I am addicted.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who's up for a challenge?

So, today my blender bit the big one. I had everything in there to make my delicious smoothie... it wouldn't work. The good news is that I ran out after work to buy a new one. It's just a single serve blender... and will serve smoothie puposes. I'll see if my lovely blender can get fixed or if a new one will be added to my birthday/christmas wish list. Here's my new addition... I have used it tonight and I think it will suffice!

Today started out with a jog, but there was no lunch walk (I was on a blender mission!). Tonight I did my make up day for the 10min challenge! How did it go?
10 push ups, 25 squats, repeat
30 bicycles, 30 reverses, 20 lunges, repeat (yes, 30! I needed to pick it up in order to start feeling it in my abs again)
15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat, repeat
Finale: 55sec plank
Total time? 10min and 30sec!

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: berries (1)
Snack: no smoothie... boohoo. Luna bar (3)
Lunch: salad w/ tuna and cheese (3), EVOO balsamic (2), yogurt (1)
Snack: banana bread larabar (4)
Dinner: seafood stir fry again! I craved it after last night! (3), banana soft serve (3)
Total: 20
Water: 4L

Now... Time to go watch some good quality TV

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Word of the day is... WATER!

The scale was NOT my friend today. Lack of exercise yesterday perhaps? Too much sodium with all that popcorn? The frosting and cake batter? My period? Who knows... but regardless I am trying to help the issue with overloading on... WATER! (AAAHHH!!)The day started off with me jumping out of bed and getting in a nice 45min jog. The day was sandwiched with a lunch time walk... followed by the ten minute challenge after work.
Challenge you say? Yes... I did. Here's the details:
Circ 1: 15 push ups, 25 squats. Repeat
Circ 2: 26 bicycles, 26 reverses, 20 lunges. Repeat
Circ 3: 15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat. Repeat
Grand Finale: 60sec plank
Total time: 12min (still working on 10 minutes. I'm SLOW!)
Oh... I also did tricep exercises at work (I actually carry a resistance band thingy on me. Sad, I know. I've done tricep exercises each day at work for over a week now). I'm now doing thigh master exercises and chest press (via thigh master) exercises during Bachelorette on TV. Next will be making tomorrow's lunch, doing dishes... and going to BED!

Here's today's food choices
Breakfast: strawberries and blueberries (1)
Snack: green monster (3)
Lunch: 1/2c quinoa (2), chick peas (1), cheese (2), salsa and veggies (0), yogurt (1)
Snack: Larabar - cocoa coconut (4)
Dinner: stir fry with veggies (0), shrimp (2) and lobster meat (1)... followed by banana ice cream (3)
Total: 20
Water: 4L

Couple of photos from today...
Breakfast Berries

Seafood stirfry dinner
I'm actually stressing right now. My top of the line and lovely kitchenaid blender appears to be struggling. The plastic 'teeth' things on the base are wearing down (I just noticed it tonight). Hopefully they don't wear down any more... and hopefully I have a long life with the blender. Luckily, it is only a blender and can be replaced if necessary... I just wonder if I have my warranty (although, Alex did buy it for me like 5 years ago).

Hmmm... I wonder how Tara is doing!!! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday of Ups and Downs

The day started off with great intentions. Grocery shopping, getting cakes in the oven... That's about all that got done. The cake is done, iced and decorated. That is about all the energy I found. Tonight I went to jog and do the TEN MINUTE CHALLENGE. Didn't happen. I feel slightly nauseated for some reason. I'm wondering if it's because I did eat some cake batter and icing (literally not even a spoonful of each... I was happy with that!).

I have a back up plan already. Not joggin is okay. My goal is always 5 days of the week... So, Friday and today were my days off. The challenge? I will throw another one in on Tuesday!

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: ww toast (1), cottage cheese (2), strawberries (1)
Lunch: flatout (1), avocado (2), cheese (2), refried beans (0), veggies (0), sour cream (1)
Rest of the day... popcorn (6 - oh yes, you see that correct), snacking while baking (4?)
Total: 20
Water: 3L

the cake done today (for a baby shower at work tomorrow)... Lunch today... toasted open fajita thingyafter the veggies/avocado/cheese/refried beans was all toasted in the broiler I added some sour cream and lettuce... it was very yummy! Snack the other day... banana sliced in half with pb in the middle
Friday snack to hold me over for dinner... toast with cream cheese and jam
Ahhh... Thursday's sub. I already can't wait. Check out the pickles!
I have every intention of making this a great week. Who is with me?
I also would love to lose 6lbs this week. Who thinks I can do it?? HAHAHA!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Liberation... from Shin Splint Nation!

I feel great! For perhaps the first time EVER I feel no pain while jogging. I've always had some shin issues... I've not hid this fact. Some days are worse than others, but I never seem to be able to push myself to go faster because the pain gets worse. I try to push through it, but it always ends up in me having to rest, elevate my legs, and resume at a much slower pace. I always wanted to go faster but figured... as long as I've got my heart rate up, this will have to suffice. I have even tried jogging on my lunch... but jogging on hard concrete is only worse. This seems to have changed. Thursday was a revolutionary day. I jogged my entire lunch hour and had ZERO pain. I have no idea how. Yesterday was a day off from jogging... but today was back at it. I decided to push myself faster on the treadmill. NO PAIN. I managed to go an entire 1.0mph faster and the only pain I felt was in my lungs. I am so happy!! I've always enjoyed jogging and want to be a runner... but never seemed capable. I don't know what has happened, but I'm wondering if I've somehow developed my shin/calf muscles or something. I have no clue and I'm going to HOPE and PRAY that it lasts.

So, last night Alex and I decided we were hungry at 10:30 (darn you 'diners, drive ins and dives' on Food network!). We decided to head to pita pit (healthier late night meal, no?). I had a chicken breast pita!!!

Today has been some lounging, some jogging... and now I'll get ready for work. When I get home tonight my sweetheart will be here watching UFC. I ordered him the live fight he wants to see on PPV. He's excited to watch it... I'm happy that he's happy! Plus, I'll get to come home to him.... that's always nice!

Here's what I've eaten today...
Breakfast: 1c kashi golean (3), 2/3c puffins (1), 1c skim milk (2)
Snack: banana (2) w/ 1/2tbsp peanut butter (1)
Lunch... about to figure that out
Dinner (packed): veggies (0) w/ chicken breast (3), yogurt (1), kashi dark chocolate cherry granola bar (2)

I have been thinking about the 10min challenge Tara and I are doing. I'm thinking rather than every other day... I will do it Mon-Wed-Fri and 1 day on the weekend. Tues and Thurs are trickier in my schedule and I want to make sure I get the job done!! Tara... what do you think about that?

Enjoy your Saturday... and wish me luck that my SickKids shift doesn't suck!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Holy moly I am hungry today. I swear, all I want to do is eat. I think the days I don't bring a HUGE honking salad to work... I am more hungry later!

Let's recap my day, shall we? It started with a restless sleep last night, followed by some sleeping in (today was a planned day 'off' from jogging anyway). Work is slow (no lunch walk today... leaving work early today instead)... but I had some surprise visitors! First mom and dad stopped in with Simon (they went to Hamilton to get him and keep him for the weekend to babysit)... then Stacey stopped in. This girl has a GREAT life, I swear. She is off to a fund raising cruise in Fenelon tonight... with an 80's theme!! She went to get her hair cut today and the guy CRIMPED her hair for her for tonight! Plus, she has a really cool 80's outfit to wear tonight. She's going to look awesome!

Alex and I have decided to treat ourselves to some of his gift cards tonight, so we are going to Montana's for dinner. I already have my meal planned. I am actually craving a salad! I guess because I didn't have one for lunch today, I want it tonight.

Here's what I've eaten today...
Breakfast: ww toast (1), strawberry cottage cheese (2)
Snack: fruit bites (2)
Lunch: quinoa (2), cheese (2), chick peas (1), salsa (0), yogurt (1)
Snack: Larabar - banana bread (4)
Dinner (planned): strawberry mandarin salad at Montana's (3)... add chicken? (3?)... and fat free raspberry vinegrette ?

We'll see how it goes... in the mean time, I'm OFF!

**Back to update**
Went to Montana's for dinner. I had the strawberry mandarin salad (3) w/ approx 1 tbsp ff raspberry vinaigrette (1), added grilled chicken breast, about 2oz (2) and some feta cheese (2). When I got home from work I was STARVING... so I had 1pc of light pumpernickel bread (1) w/ 1 tbsp organic meadow light cream cheese (1) - have to say, this cream cheese is AWESOME! Healthy... no additives... and so creamy! I also had a little blue menu strawberry jam on it (0). Daily point total = 25.

Now... I did manage to complete the challenge today too!! I made Alex wait a few extra minutes for me while I made sure to get it done today!
Circuit one: 8 push ups, 20 squats... repeat
2: 26 bicycle crunches, 26 reverse crunches, 20 lunges... repeat
3: 15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat... repeat
finale: 60sec plank!
Total time: TEN MINUTES! I worked up a sweat, but it's amazing how quick you can move when your hungry man is waiting to go eat dinner!!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The results are in

Down 1.0lb!
I always want more... but this is my 'bloated' week, so I should be happy with any loss! I will admit though... I have been thinking about my food in the last few weeks (aside from the terrible week a month ago). I think I am starting to slack on my whole 'only healthy food' thing. It was supposed to only be Thursdays I eat anything unhealthy... it's stretching into weekends now. I'm going to try NOT eating anything unhealthy (except tonight) this weekend and see how it helps next week. This weekends 'treats' will be restricted to larabars/balls and popcorn. This could be very challenging though... given I have to make/decorate a baby shower cake this weekend!! It'll be worth it though!

Hello, lover...

Ahhh. Unhealthy food. I tried a small bag of these at Subway a few months ago. You could ONLY find them at Subway and only in the small bags. Imagine my surprise when I came across them at Walmart yesterday. Of course, I had to buy a bag. I had them in my hand and asked myself 'what am I doing? I vowed to only eat healthy foods'... then I remembered Thursdays ARE my cheat night, when I do eat unhealthy foods. However... I have decided to save these chips and let Alex eat them on Saturday while he graces my couch to watch the UFC fight (while I work hard and bring home the bacon).

Now... good luck for tonight. I think at this point I should expect to stay the same... don't know that I can pull off a lost... won't be surprised with a slight gain or staying the same. I'll try to get in my 'last chance walk' today at lunch... and got in a 45min jog this morning... but last week would be tough to beat (given my total lack of appetite the day before weigh in last week). blah. I just want that ticker to get to its goal already... and feel like I'm doing what I can (although I am sure I could work out HARDER)... maybe it's time to kick myself a little more.

3:30pm... back to add that I went out for my walk at lunch, but decided to turn it into a jog!! For the first time EVER my shins didn't bother me one teeny bit jogging on pavement. Praise the jogging lord!! I managed 5K in 35min (40min if you count the 5min I stopped to talk to the best many from Stacey and Colin's wedding. Haven't seen him in 9 years but ran into him on the side of the road where he was digging up an old well. Crazy! Stacey and Colin are still friends with him and his wife... but I haven't seen them since the wedding!). Hopefully my last ditch effort pays off... I sweated up a STORM.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


THAT is my final thought for the day.

Happy Hump Day

Actually, this is not a true representation of how I'm feeling today. I got less sleep last night (6.5hrs) than I did Monday night (7.5hrs), yet today was much easier to wake up and get going. I bounced out of bed and enjoyed a 45min jog before work. No walk at lunch today. It was raining and I didn't feel like walking in the rain or the mall... so, off to Walmart I went to buy some stuff for Vegas. When I got home it was time for the ten minute challenge!!

Here's how it looked today:
10 push ups, 20 squats; repeat
26 bicycle crunches, 26 reverse crunches, 20 lunges; repeat
15 chair tricep dips, 60sec wall squat; repeat
finale: 55sec plank
Total time: 11min!
I shaved a minute off and did a few more crunches today! I still have serious work to do on my abs though!!

Now, here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: banana (2) w/ PB (2), pumpernickel toast (2)
Snack: green monster (3)
Lunch: edamame salad (1), yogurt (1), avocado (2)
Snack: cocoa almonds (2)
Dinner: veggies (0), chicken (1), laraballs (2)
Total: 18
Water: 4L

Now... I won't be making any predictions about tomorrow. Food has been pretty good this week... exercise is pretty good... unfortunately this is my 'bloated' week, which means the scale is NOT safe. Hmph. (note to self: think positive, think positive...). I finish off with a classic...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Day of Rest?

I don't know what it is. I got lot's of sleep last night... but today I could barely get moving. I'm just really tired. This happens during my PMS week usually, so I shouldn't be surprised. I think I've worked pretty hard the last few days and I may give myself the day off from activity (except my 1hr walk at lunch). I feel like I could go to bed already... so, I might just enjoy a night of relaxing and kick it harder tomorrow (last chance workout, hello!). Maybe after some rest I'll feel like doing something (DVD or jog) at 7ish... but likely not.

Here's what I ate today...
breakfast: ww toast (1), PB2 (1)
Snack: shake - minus protein (2)
Lunch: salad w/ tuna and cheese (3), EVOO/balsamic dressing (2), 1c fruit salad (1)
Snack: luna bar - chocolate peppermint (3)
Dinner: chicken breast (4), veggies (0), daraballs (4)
Total: 21
Water: 4L

Yeah... I'm resting tonight, except perhaps some thigh master!

Happy Hump day!

Monday, July 06, 2009

I have NO ABS

Ten minute challenge day! I have realized I have ZERO abs... crunches are the death of me. The good news is that it makes me want to do more and actually GET some abs!

Check in for the challenge:
Circuit 1: 10 push ups, 20 squats, 10 push ups, 20 squats (at least I did more push ups today)
Circuit 2: 26 bicycle crunches, 25 reverse crunches, 20 lunges, 26 bicycle crunches, 24 reverse crunches, 20 lunges (I was dying by the end of the 2nd reverse crunches. I also changed the lunges to jumping lunches a la Biggest Loser Cardio workout. Don't know why I prefer them)
Circuit 3: 15 chair tricep dips, 60sec wall squat, 15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat
Finale: 30sec plank (yep, down from the other day... like I said, abs were killing me!)
Total time: 12min again (working on getting that down)
I have also done 300 reps on thigh master and 300 reps of using thigh master for chest presses. I attempted to do more cardio tonight via the Core Rhythms DVD... but I got lost. Got 15min in though. I'll try it again another day but go back to the first DVD where it teaches you the steps. I did get a 45min jog this morning. I did not get a walk in. I totally forgot I had said I'd go out to lunch with one of our admin ladies. We went for sushi. YUMMY!!!!

Well, speaking of food... here's what I ate today:
Breakfast: 1c kashi golean (3), 1/3c puffins (0), 1/2c skim milk (1)
Snack: green monster (3)
Lunch: 12 small pieces of sushi (6), miso soup (1)
Snack: banana bread larabar (4)
Dinner: arctic gardens thai veggies (0), chicken breast (3)... with 1tbsp jack daniels bbq sauce
Total: 21
Water: 4L

Today's only food photo... dinner

I already have tomorrow's lunch made and the dishes done. All that's left is to relax and watch the Bachelorette and retire to bed at a decent time!

Tara... how exactly do you make your green monster? I keep looking at the Amazing Grass stuff (plus, I want their plastic bottle!). Any idea how it's different than the Greens+ we can get here?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ahhh, I love Sundays off

Well, what a busy day... but I loved it. I accomplished almost everything on my list.

The day started out with...Ten minute trainer! I did the abs and the cardio. This was followed by working the thigh master (300X) and using the resistance band to work my triceps (3mins) and the thigh master for chest exercises (200X).

Next, I made some more "Daraballs" (this is what I have decided to call them... they are dates/larabars/balls.

I made cashew cookie, cherry pie, peanut butter cookie and chocolate peanut butter.

I managed to get some cleaning done (I think I actully do LOVE washing the floors. I don't know why I love clean floors so much) AND some relaxing tv time on the couch.

This evening was capped off with a nice 45min jog and preparing lunch for the next 2 days. Tomorrow has to start a bit earlier because my new work hours start (8:30 to 4:30).

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: egg (2), ww toast (1)
Snack: green protein shake (3)
Lunch: flatout wrap (1), 1/4c ff refried beans (0), cheese (2), lettuce (0), salsa (0), daraballs (4)
Dinner: Salad w/ cheese (2), avocado (2), salsa (0), daraballs (2)
Total: 19
Water: 3L

Some photos from today...
Tonight's salad
Today's lunch
And... since I didn't get around to it before... some photos from the last few days..
Friday night's BBQ chicken pizza
Edamame salad (from Wednesday - so good and have put it into this week's menu!)
Canada Day salad!! (heavy on the red)
Now I'm off to bed. I'm still sore from the challenge yesterday... wonder how I'll feel tomorrow. Can't wait to do more of the 10min challenge tomorrow night!!