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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Liberation... from Shin Splint Nation!

I feel great! For perhaps the first time EVER I feel no pain while jogging. I've always had some shin issues... I've not hid this fact. Some days are worse than others, but I never seem to be able to push myself to go faster because the pain gets worse. I try to push through it, but it always ends up in me having to rest, elevate my legs, and resume at a much slower pace. I always wanted to go faster but figured... as long as I've got my heart rate up, this will have to suffice. I have even tried jogging on my lunch... but jogging on hard concrete is only worse. This seems to have changed. Thursday was a revolutionary day. I jogged my entire lunch hour and had ZERO pain. I have no idea how. Yesterday was a day off from jogging... but today was back at it. I decided to push myself faster on the treadmill. NO PAIN. I managed to go an entire 1.0mph faster and the only pain I felt was in my lungs. I am so happy!! I've always enjoyed jogging and want to be a runner... but never seemed capable. I don't know what has happened, but I'm wondering if I've somehow developed my shin/calf muscles or something. I have no clue and I'm going to HOPE and PRAY that it lasts.

So, last night Alex and I decided we were hungry at 10:30 (darn you 'diners, drive ins and dives' on Food network!). We decided to head to pita pit (healthier late night meal, no?). I had a chicken breast pita!!!

Today has been some lounging, some jogging... and now I'll get ready for work. When I get home tonight my sweetheart will be here watching UFC. I ordered him the live fight he wants to see on PPV. He's excited to watch it... I'm happy that he's happy! Plus, I'll get to come home to him.... that's always nice!

Here's what I've eaten today...
Breakfast: 1c kashi golean (3), 2/3c puffins (1), 1c skim milk (2)
Snack: banana (2) w/ 1/2tbsp peanut butter (1)
Lunch... about to figure that out
Dinner (packed): veggies (0) w/ chicken breast (3), yogurt (1), kashi dark chocolate cherry granola bar (2)

I have been thinking about the 10min challenge Tara and I are doing. I'm thinking rather than every other day... I will do it Mon-Wed-Fri and 1 day on the weekend. Tues and Thurs are trickier in my schedule and I want to make sure I get the job done!! Tara... what do you think about that?

Enjoy your Saturday... and wish me luck that my SickKids shift doesn't suck!!

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