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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clean & Lean

It’s day #3 of eating clean.  I’m finally getting a chance to blog!

Life has been a little hectic the last few days between work and things to do after work.  I’m eating clean for the most part.  I’m starting each day with a smoothie.  Usually with 1/2 frozen banana, frozen cherries, protein powder, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, amazing grass & unsweetened almond breeze.  Sometimes with a splash of honey to sweeten it up.


I made tuna salad and had it over the last couple of days.  Not so clean when you add olive oil mayo and relish to it.  Baby steps.



Some Greek Liberte for snack… and some fruit




Ontario peaches with some cottage cheese under there…


Oops… maybe the Liberte Greek isn’t as great as I thought. It has some sugar in it!


Tonight’s dinner was lasagna… whole wheat noodles, chicken & veggies tomato sauce (veggies from Momma India’s own garden), ricotta and spinach cheese mixture.  Voila




I sprinkled a little nutritional yeast on the top too!


Pretty yummy


I have to meal plan for next week to keep it as clean as possible.  I know I’ll fall off the wagon a bit on weekends.  If last Friday’s dinner is any indication…


Frozen McCain


My sweet tooth was satisfied this week by mixing some natural PB with some honey and having pita chips with it.


I’ve now stocked up on unsweetened apple butter too… so unsweetened apple butter and natural peanut butter will be good for any upcoming cravings.

As for activity… I managed a 5K walk a couple of days ago and a bike ride first thing this morning.  I won’t be doing anything tomorrow morning or at lunch, so after work will be my only chance.  Good thing dinner for tomorrow is taken care of (leftovers!)

Monday, August 08, 2011


I’m back from vacation.  It was great.  The one thing that suffered… was my waistline (and ass, hips, chins, etc.).

I had scheduled an appointment with a naturopath for 2 days after returning from vacation.  Not smart.

Truth be told, I’m only going to see her because I’m covered through work (through my health insurance).  I had decided… it can’t hurt, right?

It hurt.  I stepped on the scale and literally did start to cry.  What an embarrassment. 

The naturopath has suggested I eat clean.  No chemicals, no preservatives, NO sugar, no sweeteners, no crap.  She wants me to eat carbs only once a day and only allow myself 1/2c of healthy carbs (mostly brown rice or quinoa).

I did eat clean a while ago.  Back in January 2009 my grandpa found himself in the hospital.  Several brain surgeries, a few hospitals, a couple of countries and an air ambulance ride later… I decided counting points wouldn’t be enough during that stressful time.  I decided (on my own) to cut out crap and not be tempted by snacks that I would inevitably find lying around various people’s homes.  It worked for me.  By June 2009 I found myself down 70lbs (in total).  June 5, 2009 my grandma died.  I have been off the wagon ever since.

I’ve decided to go back to eating mostly clean.  I’ll still have moments of eating dinners that I can’t control and I won’t lose sleep over them.  But, my blog is now going to focus on my eating clean journey.  I’m going to reset my weight loss ticker after Friday… which will be my first official weigh in (again). 

I started eating clean on Friday… but wasn’t able to maintain it all weekend.  I need to plan better.  I need to introduce salads as my lunch again.  I need to eat more tuna again.  I need to enjoy raw veggies as a snack again.  Larabars will be my treat… and maybe some banana soft serve as well.

I’ve managed to keep it mostly clean today.  Check out my food diary for specifics!

Here are some of the clean dishes I ate on Friday… salad… my own vinegar salad dressing… and Greek Liberte!



All while watching Nick & Jessica’s Vanessa’s dream wedding.


I’m off to charge my camera and meal plan for this clean journey!