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Friday, December 31, 2010

Cold Turkey for 2011

First things first,



Today is the first day of 2010.  I have decided my ultimate goal for 2011 is health and happiness.  Achieving this means weight loss through eating healthy and exercise.  The gym will be my friend. Calorie counting will be my habit.  One year from now I hope to be welcoming in 2012 at my goal weight and having the time of my life.

I have decided the best way to take the first step to optimal health is to quit bad food cold turkey.  Starting tomorrow, it’s nothing but healthy food and moderation for me.  More fruits, vegetables and lean protein.  Much more water again… and perhaps some lemon water, tea, coffee and crystal light.  The odd diet pop for a treat (instead of chocolate?).

I look forward to returning to regular blogging and sharing my journey with you.  I would consider myself successful each day if I feel proud of my actions and provide some inspiration to all of you.

I wish you nothing but the best for 2011 and success in all you do!

I leave you with a photo of my Christmas Eve miracle.  My niece, Ivy was born on my favourite day of the year (December 24th).  Born at 29 weeks and weighing 2lbs 9oz.  She’s perfect in every way and doing well. She’s up to 2lbs 11oz now.  Simon is going to be such a great big brother to her! I wish I could say I’ve met her… but they live in Chicago. My parents are there to help out, but I won’t get to see her until I go down in a few weeks or so. Even then, she’s in the NICU and aunts aren’t actually welcome.  One day I will meet her, hold her, hug her and kiss her… and share photos of her!


Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Here!

My favourite day of the year is here! It's a little sucky this year since my sis & her family can't make it home... But we will make the most of it. The show must go on.

We went to see some Christmas lights last night. I took some crappy iPhone photos... You get the point!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy holidays

Merry, merry!

Once again I've disappeared! I will be back in the New Year to resume blogging and losing weight! I will be coming back to my old blog. I just couldn't figure out wordpress enough to enjoy it. I will be counting calories & actually going to the gym which I already paid for until October 2011!

Happy Christmas to all!!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Starting over, yet again...

Hello all!

Well, it's been a while hasn't it? I have finally moved into my house and am looking for a fresh start with my weight loss. This is including starting a new blog. I've had this blog for many years now... but I feel like it's time for a fresh start with a clean slate.

Please come join me at

I hope to see you there (a post is going up tonight)!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Momentary lapse in sanity

I have come to realize that my previous goal of losing 30lbs before I turn 30 (in a month now) was a bit crazy.

Losing weight has fallen to the “weighside” (shall we say?) to the upcoming move.

Eating healthy has fallen to the “weighside” of just eating up whatever food I have in my kitchen

Going to the gym has fallen to the “weighside” of running the many house errands and/or coming home to pack and/or REST.

Weekend workouts have fallen to the “weightside” of working at my 2nd job and making extra money to SHOP for the house.

All of this will change.  We get the keys to the house on October 15th.  Life will be a bit chaotic until we get settled and moved in.  As of November 4th (the day after my birthday) I will establish my new regime from the new house.  I will now be cooking for 2 and working out regularly. Blogging will resume (hopefully daily) after that. 

I’m ashamed to admit I have gained almost ALL of the weight I had lost over the years.  My pants don’t fit.  I need my fat clothes back.  I feel like crap about it.  BUT, I won’t let it bring me down. 

I have plans.  Big plans.

I plan to switch from counting points to counting calories… at least giving it a try at first.

I plan to actually complete the couch to 5K finally.

I plan to do yoga in the mornings.

I plan to do 1 or 2 classes a week at the gym.

I plan to feel comfortable in my own skin again.

I plan to fit into my clothes again.

Life happens… and while it’s no excuse to get off track, I can’t let it stop me from getting back on track.

I do hope you’ll continue to follow me and my journey after the move!  Watch for regular posts as of November 1st.  The first post will be devoted to pictures of the new house (and maybe a peek into the fridge… to keep it food oriented!).

Happy Fall everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

PB & Furniture

I don’t know where yesterday went. I was exhausted and went to bed by 9pm!

Today I slept in and packed a crap lunch.  The only picture I have is my toasted pita and PB that I ate for breakfast at work…



Lunch was a flatout wrap with 2 slices of tomato, old cheddar and lettuce. It was really good! I also ate a half a Larabar and some almonds.  Dinner was cheese. Yes… cheese. It’s literally all I wanted.  Bizarre.  I have channa made up for tomorrow and my plan tonight is to cook up some brown rice to keep on hand for the next few days.  I’m still managing to eat up stuff without grocery shopping!

Tonight was spent doing more furniture shopping.  I thought to take a picture of our bedroom set!  We ended up going back to the same place to get our dining room table… so, here’s some photos of our bedroom set and our dining room table (although the chairs we ordered are not the same)

DSCN7450 DSCN7453 DSCN7452

That is our exact bed set… king size and same mattress and all!  I fell in love with the mattress when I laid on it in the store. I can’t wait to have awesome nights of sleep in it!

And the dining room… (this is the table without the leaf… the leaf is hidden under the table until we want to use it).


That’s all for today.  We have all of our furniture purchased!  Next is to figure out our duvet cover. I can’t find anything I love!

Tomorrow is my weigh in. I don’t have high hopes. The gym has been non-existent right now (but that will change next week).  I have had a crazy appetite this week with sweet and greasy cravings. I’m not giving in to them… but I feel like I have eaten more overall.  We’ll see what tomorrow holds!!

Happy Thursday!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labour Day

Well, well… welcome fall!

First things first. I was UP 0.9lbs this week.  Oops.  Appetite is back!  At least it wasn’t even a full pound I was up.

Life has been somewhat busy lately.  Since buying a house (and passing the home inspection with flying colours, by the way!)… we have begun the task of getting life organized for the big “merge” (as I like to call it).  From the home inspection, to figuring out if/what movers to use, to buying all new furniture ($$!!) to giving notice at my building (and finding out they will be showing my place at any given time for the next 2 months), to PACKING.  It’s busy.


I don’t like living in chaos… but I feel better about the big move (on October 28, 29 or 30th – undecided) knowing I’m doing a little bit at a time.   I have so much alcohol that I’m throwing out… it’s really old and gross.


I managed to remember to take photos of my dinner!  I’m trying to eat things up in the kitchen now… because it will take a while.  Once I accomplish the goal, I will just buy enough food (frozen dinners?) to get by.

Breakfast was toast with macadamia nut butter.  Lunch was popcorn (while watching a marathon of “For Rent” on TV), dinner was some Annie’s with some tuna, edamame and cottage cheese (if you haven’t tried adding cottage cheese to Annie’s – you really should!), then added some shredded light cheddar on top




It feels like a fall night when I can once again burn candles (without dying of added heat in the room).  I’m also burning up any/all candles around this place… less things to move, right?  Then I can head to Bath & Body Works to buy new stock for the house!


This week is shaping up to be a little less busy and more evenings at home while I make calls to organize phone/satellite/internet/movers… and pack a bit more (and throw CRAP out!).

Happy fall to everyone… and happy back to school/work for those of you who had the summer off!

(Have I mentioned I have already started my meal planning for when I have to start regularly cooking for 2 instead of 1?  I like to feel prepared and organized…)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I am a couple of days late posting this… but I weighed in this week and I was DOWN 3.3lbs!

In other news… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  After 10 years of living in apartment buildings (6 in this one), I will now be calling a house my own (along with Alex).  It all happened pretty quick.  We looked at 7 houses (over 2 days), but went with the very first house we went through.  Closing date is October 15th… we will do minimal work and likely move in around the 28th (Disclaimer: all of this is pending a home inspection on Tuesday).  I will wait and post pictures of the interior after we move in.  We are very much in love with the house AND the neighbourhood (a little city just east of Toronto).  I can’t wait to cook and bake in my new kitchen (which overlooks a family room with a fireplace, high ceilings and skylights!).

I’m so excited, I can’t even sleep.  I’m on cloud 9 all the time. It feels so good to pick a house together and start out at our first home together… knowing it’s the one we both love and want to be in.  Next… we will be buying ALL new furniture (living room, dining room, family room and master bedroom).  All of this will be rewarded the first night in my new home while I take a bath in my master ensuite corner jacuzzi soaker tub.  I can feel the jets melting away my tension already…

I have discovered a wonderful diet.  It’s the ‘I’m buying a house and am too excited to eat or sleep’ diet.  My appetite has disappeared totally this week.  Once I’m sitting with food in front of me (usually at dinner) I can eat it… but otherwise, I’m not hungry.  I hope the sleep returns to normal… I won’t mind if I lose a LITTLE of my far too healthy appetite!

I have no photos for you.  I have to head out of town… but I wanted to be sure to update you on the events of my life.  I have no idea what my schedule looks like… but as always, will try to blog more regularly!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ah, Life…

Sometimes life happens.  I am not immune to this.  Life seems to have gotten busy, for no specific reason.  This is always a busy time of year for me with birthdays, anniversaries…. and anything else that can be thrown at me!

My new resolution is to blog when I can for now, but come fall (read: SEPTEMBER), I hope to be back to blogging every day.  Perhaps I’ll have something interesting going on to blog about!  One can dream…

The GOOD news in all of this is that I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time for mindless eating!  Last week I didn’t post my weigh in… but I stayed the same.  That doesn’t help for my goal of 33lbs by 32yrs of age on November 3rd!  I’m back to the gym (when I can… again, that thing called life sometimes throws a wrench in my plans), I’m counting points, and I have high hopes for this week (crap… did I just jinx myself?).  I’m still working of my goal of daily early morning yoga.  I will get there!

I’m just going to share with you some of the food I’ve been eating lately… you want pictures, right?

Salads… I’ve been a little (dare I say) bored with my salads lately, so I’ve bought a couple of salads at the grocery store to inspire me. 

DSCN7360 DSCN7361 DSCN7377

I’ve also enjoyed some Ontario Peaches…


And my old fave, cottage cheese on a Weight Watcher thin (with a side of 1/2c grapes)…


Finally… some food I bought in Chicago while visiting my sister and her fam…

Lot’s of different bars to try.  My favourite protein bar (so far) has been the Kashi GoLean ROLL!

DSCN7364DSCN7370 DSCN7365 DSCN7359

I’ve also got to say… while I don’t eat many frozen dinners.  This one is THE BEST.  I usually love the Sante Fe Rice & beans (you can get in Canada).  I tried this one that I got in Michigan.  Holy CRAP.  It is too freaking good.  It’s got a nice kick to it and the cheese sauce is divine!!

DSCN7346 DSCN7347


More bars…

DSCN7337 DSCN7376

DSCN7380 DSCN7381

A Smart Ones breakfast.  It was alright. I’m not sad I can’t buy it in Canada though.DSCN7384 DSCN7383

Well, I’m off to have my wheatgrass & POM shot, have my warm lemon water, make breakfast and lunch, do dishes and get myself ready for work.  Perhaps I’ll get to the gym today after work. Perhaps I’ll blog tonight.  Perhaps life will happen and all plans will change.  Who knows!

I will establish a new routine at some point. I miss the blog world.  I feel disconnected from all of you!

If anyone cares to share their favourite salad (as in, lettuce) that is practical for packing for lunch… I am all ears! 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Light Bulb

I had a couple of epiphanies today.

1. Your hips/stomach/thighs are not immune to calories consumed while driving in the car. No matter how fast your car goes… you can’t out run those calories in the dust. Points count at all times. Including while driving.

2. Eating less means saving more money! I realized I have eaten less this week and have more groceries in my fridge still. Lose weight and save money. Works for me!

Today’s plan was Shred or Yoga in the AM since I wasn’t working until noon. My knee (rather, behind my knee) has been killing lately. It hurts when it’s bent, hurts when it’s stretched out, wakes me up in the night & is just all around a pain in the knee. I think it’s spasming or something. I keep having moments where I can feel a muscle throbbing and I get pain shooting down my leg. I think I need a massage. I concluded today should be a yoga day. But alas… no yoga. A fire alarm evacuated me from my building for a while instead. When I could come back in… I had to hurry and get ready for work.

Here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast: WW tortilla (1), banana (2), PB (2), teeny sprinkle of coconut (0)



Breakfast was actually preceded by a POM/wheatgrass shot (0) & warm lemon water (0)… lemon water looks like dirty dish water!


Lunch was 2 flatout wraps (2), some tuna (1) – with mustard & relish, cheese (2), baby spinach & tomato… all cooked on the Foreman.



The afternoon/evening at work included popcorn (3) & water… so I could save points for a turkey sub for a late dinner (12).

I must remember to drink lemon water each day. It’s doing a great job “cleansing” me!!

Happy Friday!

We have a loss!


Down 3.0lbs my friends!

A great start to my 32lb loss. Actually, I'm going for 33lbs. When we were growing up my mom would sometimes put an extra candle on our cake "for good luck". I'm going for an extra pound for good luck. So, 33lbs by 32yrs on November 3rd.

I remembered to take pictures of my food so far today (but, I'm saving points for a late dinner tonight with some Big Brother drama... buh bye Rachel). I'll be back to post during my guilty pleasure... Jersey Shore!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where to Start?

Hello!  Remember me?


I’ve been many places since you last saw me.  First, I was here:


CHICAGO!  Why was I there?  To see family… including my favourite little guy in the whole world:


(You see me hiding behind him?  I got FAAAAAAT!)

Chicago trip included some really NOT healthy food.  First, we had Mexican (I had shrimp tacos, chicken & cheese chimichangas, rice & black beans… Alex had the same but also had a chicken enchilada)



I also HAD to try THIS while I was there…


I had 2 pieces.  Deep dish pizza… I love you. I am a thin crust girl at heart, but this was a little taste of heaven as well.  I think it’s a good thing I cannot get you in Toronto.

The trip included plenty of cuddles and playing on the “farm yard” with my nephew (this boy is ALL ABOUT tractors!!).


Haha.  He’s a clown.

When we returned from Chicago I spent 1 day by myself (Chicklet and my parrot were at my parents’ house while I was away)… I had a facial and massage (heaven).  Afterwards I went to my parents’ house to stay there for a week while THEY went to Chicago to see the above cutie (their one and only grandchild). 

Before we got back, we made a stop at a grocery store around the corner from my sister’s house in Illinois



I only grabbed a few things there.  Overall, I was really disappointed I couldn’t find the new Larabar flavours ANYWHERE!!

So, now I’m back and working on getting back on track.  I returned to the gym today for the first time in almost 3 weeks!  I just did 30min of cardio. I didn’t want to go at all, but was really glad once I was there.

I have to get back into the habit of taking pictures of all of my food… I did grab one picture today!



Oh… and another one.  MINI LARABARS from the States!


So… I’m ashamed to admit I’ve gained a HELLUVA lot of weight in the past year.  My scale reached an all time high after vacation. 

New goals:

1. Gym 5 days a week

2. Track every day (hello iPhone app!)

3. Yoga in the AM (before work)

4. Finally try the 30 day shred (when do I fit it in though??)


I’m going to play around with my points.  I did much better over a year ago when I ate a few points less than I was supposed to a few days a week.

Here’s what I ate today…

BF: banana (2), pb (2)

Snack: strawberries (2)

Lunch: salad with 1/4c chick peas (1), 1/2c ff cottage cheese (1), bunch o’ veggies (0), 3tbsp ff italian dressing (0)… Source Exotik yogurt (1), apple wedges with cinnamon (1)

Snack: green grapes (1), mini Larabar (2)

Dinner: flatout wrap (1), 2 wedges laughing cow cheese (2), light marble cheese (2), protein bar (3) – yes, random dinner.  Didn’t know what I wanted!!

Tomorrow is weigh in.  I’m starting fresh and counting last week (week back from vacation) as my first weigh in.  I turn 32 years old in November.  I plan to lose 32lbs by then!

Wish me luck!!