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Monday, August 31, 2009

One step and one day at a time

The weekend got away from me!! Work Saturday turned into a 12hr shift... then Sunday was running around. Today was back to work. I'm FINALLY back to routine. Today was hard to wake up though and I didn't jog.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast - 1c kashi (4), 1/2c milk (1)
Snack - smoothie (2)
Lunch - salad w/ cheese (2), yves garden burger (2), balsamic EVOO (2), fruit salad (2), yogurt (1)
Snack - homemade hummus (1), kashi crackers (2), PC fruit snack (1)
Dinner - tomatoes (0), stuffed w/ mexican ground round (2), veggies, black beans and corn (0) w/ cheese on top (2).... 2 pc cinnamon toast (2) w/ a bit of yogurt (1) and cinnamon (0)
Total: 27

Wow... I have to say, I rather enjoyed a couple of weeks without counting points and not worrying about what I was eating. It's time to crack down again!! This week will be used to get back into the groove... first with eating and then with exercise! I really have been lacking in motivation and quite frankly, it's time to find it again!

Some photos from today...
First... did anyone else NOT know there was now Smart Ones soup here? A girl at work told me... and sure enough, I saw it at A&P in Whitby today! There are a few flavours... garden vegetable, minestrone, coconut thai curry... and this one;

Tonight's dessert... Tonight's dinner...
Off to bed!! Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello Blogisphere

Well well... I am back from my little trip to Vegas! We got back late Friday (1am Saturday actually) but I have been out of town since Saturday. I'll be back at my place on Friday night... back to work at job #2 on Saturday. I've decided to skip WI today and get back to a fresh start on Saturday. I'm eating pretty healthy... but being out of my place really hinders my activity.

I'll be back on the weekend to report all of my jogging, healthy eating, and losing weight!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

See ya later!

I forgot to post last night... but I was down 1.0lbs this week!

I'm off to Vegas at 5am on Sunday!! Tomorrow will be going to Pontypool to drop off the pup and bird and have dinner (and do a couple of loads of quick laundry)... then back here to try to sleep... then head to the airport by 5am!

See you when I get back... hopefully not weighing a lot more!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where did the evening go??

The evening has totally gotten away from me somehow. Oh well!

I am happy to report I managed a jog this morning... even though I really didn't even plan one (wait... okay, I plan a jog every day, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't). I slept in and figured I didn't have time, but pulled out a half hour jog... I was missing my grandma this morning and started crying at 20min... but kept jogging! (I was watching the episode of friends where their grandma dies... that's why I got sad about my grandma). I also went for a very sweaty walk at lunch (the sun felt great... my heavy pants did NOT. It was HOT today!).

Here's what I ate today...
breakfast: ww toast (1), 1/2tbsp almond butter (1)
snack: protein shake with amazing grass (3)
Lunch: salad w/ tuna (3), EVOO balsamic (2), cheese (2)
Snack: fruit bites (2)
Dinner: rye toast (2), almond butter (2), peanut butter (2)
Total: 20
Water: 4L? I lost track!

I'm not sure I can pull off favourable results tomorrow, but I'll keep you posted! I'm going to get to bed now in order to try for another jog tomorrow. I'm going to try for a walk at lunch again too...

Happy Hump day!

PS - It's really just 3 days until vacation now (basically)! CRAP... TARA, I forget where you said it's $1 drinks... I deleted the email! Can you remind me??

(For the record... I really miss my grandma. Not to sound sad or be a downer, but I miss her. I still can't believe she's really gone. I knew when she left us I would be sad, but I really didn't expect to still feel this sad. I am happy overall... I swear... I am also sad each day when I am in my car all alone and I think about my beloved Grandma... I just had to say it out loud... without anyone having to "listen" to me).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hello? Who is this? Why... I've found the OLD Jen. The one who stuck within her points and exercised. Today was a good day! I enjoyed a great night's sleep, woke up feeling rested... and enjoyed a 1hr jog before work this afternoon! It's amazing what it has done for my mood today!!! Still in "pre vacation mode"... but it can't hurt to have a good "OP" day!

I'm at work... waiting for our casual worker to get off the phone so I can 'check' her referral and we can go home on time (last week we were here late because we both were on the phone with 'talkers').

So, here's what I ate today....
Breakfast: ww toast (1), cottage cheese (2)
Lunch: flatout (1), refried beans 1/4c (0), 1tbsp Wendy and Barb's hummus (0), 1 tbsp light ricotta (0), leaf of lettuce (0)
Snack: green protein shake w/ amazing grass chocolate (3)
Snack again: Larabar, lemon (4)
Dinner: taco salad with yves mexican ground round (2), cheese (2), lettuce, black beans and corn (0)... peach (1), yogurt (1), mixture of hemp seed, chia seeds and ground flax seeds (1)
Total: 18 (yep, lower than I should be... but I have work to do before Thursday!).

I am happy to finally report the scale liked me today. I felt I had done okay on Sunday... and the scale gave me a gift of a 2lb gain on Monday morning... a weight higher than I have seen in MONTHS... Today? It had me down 5.2lbs from yesterday! Thank the Lord!! Hopefully I can keep the momentum up for Thurs (not that I expect to be down 5lbs every morning!! One can only dream!!).

Happy Hump day tomorrow... T minus 4 days until departure day! Will you miss me when I'm not blogging?? haha!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh dear

I've lost motivation... for now. I'm on vacation mode. I don't want to lose control all together... but I don't want to exercise (a. I'm lazy... b. It's BLOODY HOT!).

I still ate when I got home at 11:30 Saturday evening... PB&J sandwich. I was hungry and popcorn... I did really well with eating yesterday... but didn't find the energy to jog. The good news? I pulled out my Biggest Loser cardio max. I am also having a foot issue... the bottom of my foot feels like it's bruised and swollen (I think my flip flops out in the massive rain storm yesterday did not help my feet). This morning when the alarm went off I couldn't find the drive to jog. Tonight... TOO HOT. Do I care? Not this week. The week I get back from vacation will be back to hardcore. This week is an 'off' week...

I may not blog a lot until the week I get back from vacation either... I know, not very motivating! I think I have to admit I've hit a plateau (physical and mental) and a vacation may be what's in order!

Tomorrow I don't work until the afternoon so I actually do plan on having a nice, long jog in the AM!

Happy Monday... 1 week from right now we will be on our 2nd night in Vegas! We came up with a potential game plan for Monday, but now I forget what it was.

I hope everyone is surviving this heat!!!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009 happens.

Up 0.4lbs. Not so bad... I was feeling quite irritable, frustrated, sad, emotional (ask Alex!!... sorry boyfriend). Low and behold, 3 hours later my period arrived (3 days early mind you, but still... it explains my last 2 days of emotional hell. TMI?? sorry!). Maybe this will help with my constant headache for the past week (although I think it's sinuses and finally did a sinus flush).

Soooo... here's some food photos from last weekend still.
Monday's fruit and green smoothie breakfast
Looks gross... veggies, mexican veggie ground round, tomato sauce
more fruit
Banana soft serve. I'm totally addicted.

Day with sushi...

If I have a moment to myself at work tomorrow I'll post again! Onward and upward to next week... time for bed and a morning off from the treadmill!

It can't hurt... can it?

So, if I'm lucky I'll be the same tonight... if not, I'll be up a bit. Scale has me about the same today as last week. Geesh!

I'll be back to update later!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Where has the week gone?

I'll be honest. I just haven't felt like blogging. What's the point? I'm being defeated by my weight. This is PMS week... so, unless I try SUPER hard, I rarely get a loss this week. I am trying to remind myself of that. I have to also be honest... it's time to take a hiatus from making granola bars. They call my name in the evening. I have to get back to my eating habits from a few months ago... NO food past 7pm!!!

Next week's plan? 5 jogs, ab workouts (I think I am done with the challenge!), arm workouts (push ups), 1 granola square a day (if that), no indulging on the weekend, walks at lunch... and feel more confidence again!!!

So, I did pretty well with food on the weekend... except once again I was hungry when I got home from work saturday evening... so, I reached for a PB&J sandwich... I really have to try to NOT eat this weekend when I get home from work (yep, I'm working again this Saturday). Sunday was good, made myself get a jog in... enjoyed too much sushi (another note... next time Alex suggests sushi I should be strong and NOT go to all you can eat. we can go back to our fave place down the street and not over indulge)... after lunch/dinner on Sunday we went to see the movie 'the hangover'... Monday was more being lazy (thanks to a headache and feeling like crap) and making 2 kinds of granola bars. Followed (perhaps) by eating too many of them.

I got a jog in yesterday and today... but I didn't get any lunches and so therefore have missed lunch time walks all week. I planned on jogging tonight... but I just can't ever find the energy in the evening. Tomorrow will definitely be a jog in the AM (a full hour if I can get up early enough!!) followed by a lunch walk (or jog if my shins can handle it)... that's another thing, shin issues have returned!!! what's up with that? I blame lack of exercise the last couple of weeks.

I don't want to sound like a negative nelly... I still have every intention of getting to goal weight this year (yikes... the year is already more than half over!)... I just need to find the groove I found in the winter!!

I'll post my results tomorrow and then get back to posting menus come Friday!! Today was good though... a couple of green smoothies... chocolate amazing grass (LOVE that stuff. Have to watch for when it comes to Canada!), veggies, Yves mexican ground round (LOVE that stuff! it's going on our mexican pizza on Friday!), 2 granola bars, banana, blueberries, peach... that's about it.

Some food photos from the last few days...

Oops. it appears photos aren't working so well tonight. It's been a day from hell at work and I'm exhausted... I think I will call it a day!!!

Good luck tomorrow. I will definitely be happy with a 'stay the same' if I can pull it off!!!!