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Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh dear

I've lost motivation... for now. I'm on vacation mode. I don't want to lose control all together... but I don't want to exercise (a. I'm lazy... b. It's BLOODY HOT!).

I still ate when I got home at 11:30 Saturday evening... PB&J sandwich. I was hungry and popcorn... I did really well with eating yesterday... but didn't find the energy to jog. The good news? I pulled out my Biggest Loser cardio max. I am also having a foot issue... the bottom of my foot feels like it's bruised and swollen (I think my flip flops out in the massive rain storm yesterday did not help my feet). This morning when the alarm went off I couldn't find the drive to jog. Tonight... TOO HOT. Do I care? Not this week. The week I get back from vacation will be back to hardcore. This week is an 'off' week...

I may not blog a lot until the week I get back from vacation either... I know, not very motivating! I think I have to admit I've hit a plateau (physical and mental) and a vacation may be what's in order!

Tomorrow I don't work until the afternoon so I actually do plan on having a nice, long jog in the AM!

Happy Monday... 1 week from right now we will be on our 2nd night in Vegas! We came up with a potential game plan for Monday, but now I forget what it was.

I hope everyone is surviving this heat!!!!

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