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Monday, October 30, 2006

Back on the TRACK

well, i finally got this sorry butt on the treadmill today... and it felt great. it comes in handy not working until 1pm on mondays... i get to sleep in, go on the treadmill... go to work. on a regular work day i'm tired in the morning and want to sleep... then i'm tired when i get home from work... but i'm going to attempt getting up tomorrow morning to get on the treadmill by 6:30. 90210 is on TV at 6am... so i can watch that while i jog.

i accomplished a fair amount today, i got up and went to the superstore to grab a few things, came home and unpacked and did the dishes, went on the treadmill, showered, had lunch, and made my dinner to take to work... tonight i did the dishes from my dinner and have taken out the garbage... and that's about it!

so here's my menu from today:

breakfast -
*1c cheerios (2)
*1c skim milk (2)
*1 FF brownie (1)

*whole wheat wrap (2)
*2 falafels (2)
*cheese slice (1)
*lettuce (0)
*1 tbsp FF ranch drsg (0)
*1c. broccoli soup (1)

Dinner (at work)-
*lettuce, tomato, cucumber (0)
*1 turkey pepperette (1)
*30g light cheese (2)
*1 tbsp FF red wine vinegar drsg (0)
*2c strawberries, grapes, and apple (2)
*2 FF brownies (2)

Snack after work -
*pepperette (1)
*cucumber marinated in vinegar (0)

and i had 2 litres of crystal light (aka my WATER) today.

hope everyone had a great monday... and happy haunting tomorrow!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Adjusting time

well, we put the clocks back an hour last night... which meant i had an extra hour to accomplish things today. because i don't sleep in anymore... i'm lucky to sleep until 9am on a weekend... oh well, what can you do?

so here's what i did today:
got up
cleaned the bathroom
cleaned the kitchen
vacuumed the floors
washed the floors
did the dishes
wax/polished the floors
went grocery shopping
made dinner - including a very yummy soup
cleaned up from dinner
did the dishes
made 1pt brownies with applesauce
typed up letters for wyatt and raven
cleaned the litter box for my little runt
took out the garbage
and had a couple of movies on while doing things today

and that brings us to now. i still haven't put my laundry away from the other day... i'm getting better at taking out the garbage... now i just have to get better at putting laundry away!

so, i made soup tonight... a recipe my mom gave me. it's amazing. it's a broccoli and cauliflower soup.... tastes like a cream soup and it's only 1 point for a cup of it.. here's how you make it:

1 head broccoli
1 head cauliflower
*cook this in 3 cups of water until the veggies are cooked, then mash them with a potato masher
keep them in the water and add 1 can of FAT FREE evaporated milk
then add 1 can of skim or 1% milk (just use the can from the evaporated milk)
then add 1 pkg cream of broccoli or cream of cauliflower soup mix... then just simmer until you're ready to eat it!

it was quite good....

i'm working on menus for this week, but i'm quite tired so they will have to get finished in the morning since i don't work until 1pm.

i just did a comparison picture of me from the past year... i did one already, but this one is more straight-on i think... who knows, but i did it anyway! enjoy!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

No change is better than a Gain

well, i stayed the same this week at my weigh in... and i did so well this week. i mean, i could always stand to increase my activity... but food wise i did great... hopefully this week i'll see a lose.

i better get my butt in gear because at this rate it's going to take me a lifetime to reach my goal!

we went to the keg last night for alex's birthday... very yummy. i had the creole chicken and instead of mashed potatoes i asked for a baked potato...

today i've had 2 pieces of weight watcher bread with cheez whiz light... and popcorn... i'm lazy today.

but on the bright side:
happy saturday everyone... don't forget to turn back your clocks! and to those of you who have to work night shift tonight... i hope you get paid for that extra hour of work (because i know on 7A we sure didn't!).

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just for Fun

Click on the photo to enlarge it i think. this is the change in my face in 1yr... a little bit of a difference... i thought it was more when i first looked at my older photo... but turns out, it's not a huge change... but a little one at least!

Fun Photo Time

Still on track...

Well, the weekend is almost over and i've stayed on track the whole time!

on friday alex and i ate in... i made homemade egg rolls and made perogies and we made our own salads... so that was good. i've also recently discovered the brown sugar splenda (yay for it!)... and made us a healthy apple dessert thing. a sort of apple-crisp type thing. it was yummy i think.

yesterday dad, mom, grandma, and poppa jim came... with muffin... and dad and alex and i fixed up the balcony. I HAVE AUSEABLE BALCONY AGAIN!! yay!! i ate a sandwich and some pasta salad while they were here... did pretty good, used the ww bread...

last night i went to jess' to watch a couple of movies... only ate some starbursts candies and drank plenty of water... so i think i'm doing fairly well this weekend!

now to just get my activity level up... oh well!

today is rainy and i'm taking the day for myself and being lazy... so far i've cleaned the kitchen and i'm working on the bathroom and i've vacuumed. yeah, i'm being lazy!

i'll do my menus for the week later and post them at some point!

happy sunday!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yay Me!

well, it appears i'm finally back on track. i was down 2.6lbs this week! hooray!!! that makes me very happy !! we had a great time at the leafs game last night... too bad they lost. i've been to 4 leaf games in my life... and this was the first time i've seen them lose. what really sucks is my husband (bryan mccabe) really wasn't on his game last night. i explained to alex what the problem was though... my husband was having a difficult time seeing his wife with her BOYFRIEND in the stands... he just couldn't focus. i'm also not sure that alex likes me having a husband... but he knows how to fix that, and if he really wants to he will! (*hint hint, dear!*)

so, i'm also very excited that my final pkg of crystal light arrived today! yay again! only - i wasn't home to accept it (god damn, if i had just left work early like the girls were telling me to i'd have been here). so UPS is having it delivered to the office tomorrow. here's what it looks like, it's so pretty! (it's raspberry lemonade, can't wait to try it! i've also already ordered and it's arrived - sunrise orange, fruit punch, and lemonade. all on the go crystal light. i've also got raspberry ice... not my favourite, they sent it by mistake. which is why they have now sent the raspberry lemonade i ordered).
i'm off to make the egg rolls i promised alex for dinner tomorrow night. we decided we're staying in for dinner tomorrow to save money... so i'm making egg rolls, perogies with sour cream, and salad with chicken to go on it.

happy friday everyone!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


hello hello, world!

well, forget my menu plans for this week! I forgot I was going to an afternoon meeting at work today - which meant i ate lunch there. and i also forgot that tonight i was meeting my friend, lisa, for dinner. And now tomorrow I won't be eating dinner at home since alex and i just got tickets to THE LEAFS GAME!!! which means i get to see my future husband (should alex decide he does not want to marry me) - BRYAN MCCABE!

so today i did well... here's my summary of what i ate:

  • 1c. multi grain cheerios (2)
  • 1/2c. skim milk (1)
  • apple (1)
  • mixed greens and cucumber (0)
  • raspberry vinigrette, 1tsp approx (2) - i'm guessing it wasn't light
  • 1/4 of a chicken wrap (1)?
  • 1/4 of a chicken sandwich on ww bread (2)? guessing!!!
  • quarter chicken, white, no skin or wing (5)
  • baked potato (3)
  • sour cream (1)

and that's what i've eaten today... pretty good considering i've eaten out twice! now i just need to work on my water intake!

i finally heard from my self-proclaimed mentor at humber college... so we'll try to get something worked out and hopefully i can teach starting in january now!!! YAY!!!

time to go drink water and watch tv... maybe use the thigh master too!

have a good night y'all!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Monday

Well, one good thing about my new job (and there are many good things really) - I have monday mornings off. i work 1-8 on mondays, and it's so nice being able to have a bit longer weekend!

this morning i have done NOTHING but relax... and vacuum and clean the kitchen. i bought a new cleaning product yesterday when alex and i were at walmart (yes, he took me to walmart on a sunday... what a good guy i have!). so here's the cleaner i bought:

you see, i have this thing where i love to clean with bleach products... hate the smell, but at least feel like i'm killing germs...then i usually go over it later with an orange smelling cleaner or windex or something... anyway, so i've been cleaning the bathroom and kitchen (again!) today with it and used it in the water to wash the floors last night too.

so now i'll move on and post the menus i have come up with for the next few days!


breakfast -
2 yves breakfast patties (1)
egg and egg white (2)
snack - 1c. cheerios (2)
1/2 c. skim milk (1)
lunch 0 pt vegetable soup (0)
smart ones frozen dinner (5)
kashi granola bar (2)
nectarine (1)
dinner - salad with cheese (1)
2 tbsp MC FF red wine vinegrette (1)
clover leaf flavoured tuna (4)
apple (1)
snack - popcorn (1)

  • oatmeal (2)
  • apple (1)
  • Salad with cheese (1), and egg (2)
  • 2 tbsp FF red wine vinigrette (1)
  • grapes, 1c (1)
  • kashi granola bar (2)
  • flavoured tuna (2)
  • 0 point vegetable soup (0)
  • baked potato (3)
  • chicken breast (3)
  • BBQ sauce (1)
snack - popcorn (1)


  • oatmeal (2)
  • apple (1)
  • salad with cheese (1), and egg (2)
  • 2tbs ff dressing (1)
  • plum (1)
  • nectarine (1)
  • kashi granola bar (2)

WW frozen dinner (5)

and that completes my menus for now! of course, i'll probably add more for snacks on wednesday, i don't want to starve! but i don't know yet what those snacks will be.

I hope everyone has a happy monday! i'm off to eat lunch and go to work!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm BACK!!!

Hello all my blog-fans! (I think there's 1 of you who may still be a loyal reader... waiting for updates!).

I have been on a little break... i was busy for my sister's wedding and was caught up in the wedding and thanksgiving... but now i'm back on TRACK!

i'll start posting my menus again tomorrow... i'm still sticking to the core basics but am not doing total core.

but anyway... here's the exciting news. I BOUGHT WEIGHT WATCHERS SMART ONES FROZEN DINNERS TODAY! It's true! Today i went to sobey's in pickering and bought the following smart ones foods:

i had the ziti for dinner tonight... it was really good! i love my lean cuisine meals - but smart ones are giving them a run for their money! i didn't have the chocolate cake though... maybe that will be my desperate housewives treat.

i have also taken to liking the cloverleaf single serving flavoured tunas! here's my favourites:

AND just to make everyone's days a little brighter... a couple pictures!