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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yay Me!

well, it appears i'm finally back on track. i was down 2.6lbs this week! hooray!!! that makes me very happy !! we had a great time at the leafs game last night... too bad they lost. i've been to 4 leaf games in my life... and this was the first time i've seen them lose. what really sucks is my husband (bryan mccabe) really wasn't on his game last night. i explained to alex what the problem was though... my husband was having a difficult time seeing his wife with her BOYFRIEND in the stands... he just couldn't focus. i'm also not sure that alex likes me having a husband... but he knows how to fix that, and if he really wants to he will! (*hint hint, dear!*)

so, i'm also very excited that my final pkg of crystal light arrived today! yay again! only - i wasn't home to accept it (god damn, if i had just left work early like the girls were telling me to i'd have been here). so UPS is having it delivered to the office tomorrow. here's what it looks like, it's so pretty! (it's raspberry lemonade, can't wait to try it! i've also already ordered and it's arrived - sunrise orange, fruit punch, and lemonade. all on the go crystal light. i've also got raspberry ice... not my favourite, they sent it by mistake. which is why they have now sent the raspberry lemonade i ordered).
i'm off to make the egg rolls i promised alex for dinner tomorrow night. we decided we're staying in for dinner tomorrow to save money... so i'm making egg rolls, perogies with sour cream, and salad with chicken to go on it.

happy friday everyone!

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