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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last post

It’s my last post of the fist decade of the new millenium.

I look forward to the next decade with you all!! I have a lot in store for 2010… both weight-wise and otherwise… please stay tuned!

I wish you all a safe and happy new year. May the very best day of 2009 be the worst day of 2010. 

I have personally named the upcoming year: “2010: the year for Jen”!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting ready…

So, Christmas is done for another year and now we are faced with New Years.  I have been thinking about my Resolutions for this upcoming year.  I will do a post for them later.

Today was not AS great a food day. I had a few more treats than yesterday.

I went shopping with my mom and youngest sister in Peterborough. It was a successful trip!  Well… except that my mother came down sick (and has since been to the clinic to find out she has Shingles… again!).

We started at Costco. I got a HUGE bag of Cheddar Pop Chips! I also got a 12pk of Annie's Mac n' Cheese (white cheddar)


Normally I walk right past the Larabars because the flavours aren’t my favourite. Well, today I noticed they CHANGED the flavours!  So, I got a box which has 4 apple, 4 key lime and 4 PEANUT BUTTER!  I don’t care for Key Lime so I gave them to my mom.  After Costco we went to the Bulk Barn and I got Xanthan gum & guar gum to try adding to smoothies.  We then headed to a local health food legend store, Joanne's (my grandma used to be friends with the original Joanne).  I just got a few more Larabars there. I wanted to browse but my mom was feeling sick so we had to get going.

I did buy a new book at Costco…  the Eat Clean Diet Recharged.  I was a bit more strict last winter/spring with eating ‘clean’ (not totally, but about 6 days a week I did).  I can’t be as strict as she would like, but I definitely plan on getting back at it by the New Year.

That’s about all from here. My camera battery died and I forgot the charger at my apartment… so there are no food photos until at least tomorrow night.

I leave you with a thought for while you’re thinking of your New Years Resolution. This is how Wikipedia defines the Resolution:

A New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year's Day and remain until fulfilled or abandoned. More socio-centric examples include resolutions to donate to the poor more often, to become more assertive, or to become more economically or environmentally responsible.

Please let me know when you know what yours will be… I am curious!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu

I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye -- Goodbye!

Today I said GOODBYE to the junk food. I have eaten a heck of a lot over the past 3 days… plus some.  Now, I haven’t stuck to my plan that I posted December 1st. I just didn’t care. I wanted to relax, enjoy the holidays… and enjoy some treats. Now, the good news is that normally I end up not getting back on track until I get back to my place (and I am still at my parents’ house until Tuesday). Today I vowed NOT to eat anything unhealthy. I almost did just that.  I decided not to count points, but to go ahead and eat when I wanted, but make it healthy. Here’s the break down

Breakfast: oatmeal pancake with banana and applesauce on top

Lunch: leftover blue menu pasta (about 1.5c) and fruitbites

Snack: meringues (about 10 at the most), apple, cheddar cheese – probably too much, and a kiwi

Dinner: I threw a bunch of stuff in the frying pan… hasbrowns, chicken breast, cream of mushroom soup, peas and some cheese

Dessert was about 1/2c PC buttertart ice cream (portion controlled full fat dairy… I can justify it)

Later tonight (while watching ‘UP’): broke into the basket Alex sent my parents… had a piece of caramel popcorn with icing drizzled on it. I stopped at one piece (which was about 5 kernels of corn).

There.  That is what I ate.  Oh… I also started out the day with a wheatgrass shot. It was nasty!

Tomorrow my mom and I are heading out to do some shopping. We are hitting up Costco and a health food store. I’m quite excited!

Oh… also, I can’t forget to show you a couple of WONDERFUL things I got for Christmas!

And to replace my broken one that Alex gave me 6 years ago…

Are you ready for 2010?  I have to work New Years Eve (day) and New Years Day. Historically my shift gets cancelled because so many patients go home for the holidays… I won’t know until that day though. I’m HOPING for a quiet evening in with a sushi platter and a special someone… but time (and work) will dictate that!

I hope you keep reading throughout 2010… there should be some exciting things happening to me!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It’s my favourite time of the year (as it is for many people). I can’t believe we just finished up our Christmas Eve party. It was great!

To be honest, I was worried. I wanted to keep the occasion happy… but I knew people would be missing my wonderful Grandma. Well… everyone enjoyed themselves. Everyone appeared happy. No tears shed. Perfect. I think we can miss my grandma Pearl but still focus on the happiness of the season.

So, now I WAIT for the morning. I am at my parents’ house and even though I can’t sleep, I have to stay in my room until 7am (Yes, they still need to give me this rule). I am hoping Simon wakes me up earlier tomorrow.

Sweet – I get 1 channel in my room and ‘A Christmas Story’ just came on. Way to go CHEX TV in Peterborough!!!!

Anyway… diet? Out the window. Can’t worry about it. Going to enjoy the holidays. You will see me back in full swing for the new year… if not before!!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Stop right now, thank you very much.  I need somebody to wire my jaw shut.

Seriously, what am I doing?  I know… I am on vacation and DON’T CARE.  I know I will care come Monday when the holidays are really over.

Somebody make me care for the next 4 days, please?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nobody said this would be easy

I have been on vacation for 4 days now. I have realized this is going to be a difficult and LONG vacation for my diet.

Note to self: REVIEW THIS POST... PLEASE!!

In an effort to keep good on my plan promise to myself… I am blogging.

Confessions of the day

  1. I haven’t tracked what I’ve been eating since yesterday. I didn’t go to Weight Watchers and I don’t have trackers. Solution? Find something else to write in!
  2. I ate too many baked goods today. Self, please refer to the plan of attack post from December 1st. Stick with it. I know whereof I speak.
  3. I barely drank water today. Tomorrow I will drink at least 3L
  4. I had no activity the past 2 days. I will TRY tomorrow morning to do the Biggest Loser Cardio Max… it’s going to be difficult though because my mom needs me to help get ready for the big family gathering. I can surely take 30min to myself first thing in the morning
  5. I ate Chinese food for dinner (dad treated, felt like I couldn’t refuse – we were eating together, at the table, as a family). My mom did make her own rice/veggie medley and Blue Menu spring rolls – I tried to eat those. I only ate 1 chicken ball, 1 battered shrimp and 1 piece of lemon chicken. I also ate chicken chow mein… and then my mom’s rice (which WAS white)
  6. I have the sweetest nephew ever

So… I know what I did wrong and I will rectify it.

It was so great to have my sister, BIL and nephew here this afternoon (they are sleeping over for my dad’s family’s Christmas gathering here tomorrow).  He says to me “Aunt Jen… it’s CHRISTMAS TIME! YAAAAAYYYY” and yells and does a little jig. I want him to love Christmas like I do. I want him to get excited by it… so, I encouraged the yelling. I didn’t care if we interrupted others’ conversations… we yelled about Christmas time and screamed at the top of our lungs for a few minutes. I want him to have fun with me… despite the fact that I am an adult!

So, perhaps tomorrow I will try and take FOOD PHOTOS. Today I didn’t.  I did take other photos though…


Christmas time!


Simon checking out the tree


My middle sister… aka “Simon’s mommy” at the tree


Simon’s mommy reads him a story (he eats a cookie)


Grandpa and Simon listen to the animated Santa who tells a story

Happy last weekend before Christmas! I can’t believe it’s almost here… It’s going to fly by too quickly now. Enjoy your Sunday. End the day without any regrets. That is my plan!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Change in Plans…

Today started out with good intentions. I planned on an early jog, a run to Walmart and Superstore before hitting up Fairview Mall to finish up shopping.  I ended up being lazier than I would like to admit and while I DID get a jog in… I didn’t have time to get to Walmart and the mall if I wanted to get home in time to see the Olympic torch go by.

So, we had a jog… followed by the mall… and home in time to see the Torch!! It turns out it was former Olympian Brian Stemmle who was getting the torch right in front of me!  Photos?




It was a rush! If you haven’t seen it… I’m sorry!  I may even wake up early enough to see it come back up by here tomorrow morning at 8 on its way up to Newmarket/Aurora/Keswick area.  It’s going to go right past my superstore… and I now have to go there and to Walmart in the morning!

So… I didn’t end up making it to Weight Watchers tonight because of ‘torch hype’ (it was going to job#2… it was a big deal… and it ran late. I wanted to see it on TV… ended up missing weigh in).  Now, I know I was up 2lbs from last week (or so my scale said in the morning).  Fear not… I have 3 full weeks to make up for it.

Today I invested in Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.  I am hoping to give it a try over the holidays, but give it a real test come January!

Tonight included my typical subway and a small bag of Mike & Ike’s given to me by my supervisor in a Christmas goody bag.

Happy Friday!  One week from right now I will be partying it up at Aunt Faye’s Christmas Eve Party.  The weather forecast has taken a turn for the worst and they are calling for 10+cm of snow… so I am praying hard now for NO SNOW and Alex will be able to join us!! Please pray with me!!!

Where did Wednesday go?

Yesterday escaped me. I spent the day in the kitchen basically.  I have much preparing to do for Christmas!!!

The good news is that I did manage to take some food photos. The bad news is no jog yesterday. I am going through a slump.  It’s actually not that I don’t want to jog, it’s that I feel like I have too many other things to do and I don’t have time.  Hopefully after Sunday I’ll feel like I have a bit more time. I really want to succeed over the the holidays… but now that I am on vacation part of me doesn’t care.

Here’s food from yesterday

Pumpkin pie oats for breakfast



Lunch was 1c brown rice/quinoa mixture with salsa, black beans and corn and 30g skim milk mozzarella (it was delicious)



Dinner was delicious as well… taco salad with avocado! I didn’t take a photo because it looked exactly like one I posted on Monday.

I got a really nice Christmas card in the mail though (no offense to anyone…. but this one takes the cake for this year!!)


Also… the fruits of some of my baking labour yesterday included some of these:



I managed to bake 4 flavours of meringues and a few other things… but there’s still MUCH to do!  Today is devoted to shopping (hello, can’t bake before I weigh in!!! I’ll sample too much!). Tonight will include some baking. Tomorrow will be baking my A$$ off!!!  cookies, chocolates, fudge, bars… and a few other things to remain a top secret mission to protect their originality :)

I’ll be back later to post my results. They won’t be so hot… but it’s okay. I’m not going to stress… this is the holidays and I plan to make up for my laziness.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bear with me

I AM ON VACATION!!!  I am officially off until January 4th!  (well, unless you count job #2… but I choose not to today).

I ran around and did a lot of shopping after work. I didn’t feel like blogging tonight. I just realized, however, that I want to SUCCEED this holiday season… and blogging (and being accountable to YOU, faithful reader) is part of the recipe for success.

Today started out with some pumpkin pie oats (2), then a granny smith (1)

Lunch was at Montana's with the girls from my dept at work.  I didn’t take photos… but luckily I had the same thing I’ve had before. Pretty food!


Chicken breast (4) on a little whole wheat bun (2) with some veggies and guacamole (2) on it.  Also, baked potato (3) with salsa on the side (0)

Dinner was popcorn (3)… I know… boring. I wasn’t sure what to have and didn’t want to eat much!  NOW, if I’m going to succeed I must be honest… I ate a little chocolate that was given to me today with a Christmas card (2 at the most) and a candy cane (1)… plus there was an afternoon snack of a Larabar (4)

Total: 24

Happy Hump Day to all!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Operation: Eat ‘em up Jen!

So, with the holiday season here I spend considerably less time at my place.  I’m at my parents’ place for many days here and there… so, I’ve decided to save some coin and eat up things I have here (with the exception of buying some fruit). This way, I can buy all of the needed baking ingredients without it being an added expense!

Meals have consisted of a lot of rice, beans and corn!!!

Breakfast yesterday was an oatmeal pancake with oats, egg whites, pureed pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and some stevia… with a tbsp of real maple syrup on top


Dinner (which was taken to job #2 yesterday) was brown rice, tomato, black beans & corn


Before I count points with you… here’s today’s food photos. We have lunch:


Does it look at all familiar?  Here’s a closer look:


Yep… same as yesterday pretty much!

Dinner (at work) was a taco salad


You can’t see what’s in it… but it’s romaine, red onion, black beans, corn, light cheddar, edamame… and AVOCADO. I have decided avocado is my favourite addition to taco salad (ahead of chicken or Yves Mexican veggie ground round).  I added salsa tonight at work.  It was so freakin’ good.  You know my test of a most delicious meal?  When I take the last bite… I get SAD!! I don’t want it to end!!!

So, here’s the points for today (because I’ve been neglectful wit tracking and writing points on here. That is changing as of TODAY… holidays are here and there’s no room for slacking).

Breakfast: 2pc weight watcher toast (1), 30g light cheddar (2), granny smith apple (1)

Lunch: 1c brown rice (4), salsa (0), black beans and corn (1)

Snack: another granny smith (1)

Dinner: salad with avocado (2), 30g light cheddar (2), black beans and corn (0), edamame (1), red onion (0) and a PB&J Larabar (5), candy cane (1)

Total: 21

Water: 3L

I wish I could say I jogged today. I had every intention of it but with working all weekend I used my morning to start cleaning and organizing… and no jog.  I am a wee bit lazy lately.  This will change!  Today was an ‘off’ day though because my grandpa’s barn burned down in the night.  It’s one of those big old wooden barns with hay up in the top level…. it’s been a difficult year for him. I feel bad for him.  BUT, he is definitely the strongest person I know, so he will survive!!!

Good news… tomorrow is the last day of work (at job #1 at least) until January 4th!!!  It’s my last day of work period until New Years Eve. I can’t wait!

One more thing… for my faithful reader who asked… I got the stash tea at a health food store near me, but I know they sell Stash teas at Bulk Barn… perhaps check out the one at the mall and maybe they’ll have it. If not… we will go get some when you come visit me!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh so tired!

Well, 1 shift down… 1 to go. Tomorrow is my last shift at the hospital until after Christmas. Yay!  It was an exhausting one. I worked with the most psychotic girl I have seen in a LONG time. It was rather amusing to see her re enact the infamous ‘When Harry Met Sally’ deli scene!

This morning escaped me… I got baking and doing other things and didn’t jog. Hopefully tomorrow… but right now I feel like I could sleep until noon!!!

Here’s some food from today


That’s a weight watcher bagel with a slice of tomato, a little avocado and some light cheddar

DSCN4032 Raspberry lemonade!


That would be leftover whole wheat macaroni (about 1/2c) with some cheese sauce

DSCN4041 Popcorn!

And some peppermint meringues freshly baked…


That’s about all for tonight!  Oh… except to show you how Chicklet is getting excited for Christmas!


She was playing with her Christmas friends today!

Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My cup of tea!

I had the most wonderful and festive cup of tea tonight, I had to share.

It started with some Decaf Creme Caramel Stash tea

I let it steep for about 7min (I forgot about it!) then I added a splash of milk, a half a spoonful of stevia… and the piece de resistance… DaVinci Egg Nog Syrup

It was divine!  Such a nice, sweet taste of caramel and egg nog!! Of course, what made it better was my new FAVOURITE mug ever!


Can you believe 2 weeks from now Christmas will be over? I can’t think about it or I get bummed out!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Friday

I’ll be honest. I’m trying to make it a happy Friday. I’m not overly excited to be working at job #2 all weekend… BUT, I have goals to reach (financially) and a 2nd job is required (for now!).  I will just go, do my job… and look forward to the pay I will receive on Christmas Eve!!

No jog today… some baking… mostly relaxing!

Breakfast was a Weight Watcher bagel (2) with light cheddar (2) and a slice of tomato


Snack was just some tasting of diet coke chocolate cake (2)

Lunch was leftover ww pasta (3), a little avocado (1) and more light cheddar (2). All heated up together in the microwave

DSCN4026 DSCN4029 mmm colour!

Can you tell from the photos just how much the SUN was shining in through my living room window today? How nice to feel heat from sun!

Dinner is my addiction… SUBWAY! It will look something like this (12):

DSCN3999 DSCN4000

Tomorrow morning will be spent JOGGING with a Christmas movie (unsure which one yet!) then getting ready for work. I will try to use work time to plan meals for the week… and grocery shop accordingly Sunday morning. When I get home tomorrow night I will have a visitor here watching the UFC 107 on PPV (I’ll give you 1 guess who that visitor will be!)

Happy Friday!!  Happy weekend!  Especially to those who may be spending it with their adorable nephews!

My love of Larabars

It started almost a year ago. I decided counting Points wasn’t enough. I was facing a really challenging time and took a vow to only eat healthy. I knew with all of the stress going on I could very easily eat crap and ignore the points attached.  I figured if I made a rule that I could only eat natural foods that weren’t processed or full of preservatives, it would only help me fuel my body properly.  I believe that’s what helped kick start my weight loss again all spring.

My mom and I were shopping at Costco one day and I came across a case of Larabars.  I looked at the ingredients of the 3 flavours in the box (cashew cookie, key lime and cocoa coconut). I couldn’t believe the ingredients… basically fruit, nuts and dates. I was sold! I introduced a few other people to them as well and everyone fell in love. Eventually I started finding all of the other flavours in grocery stores.

Fast forward to the summer when the new flavours came out. I was desperate to try them. I searched for them everywhere (within a reasonable driving distance).

Low and behold, Jess (who represents Larabar Canada) came across my blog and the rest is history.

Yesterday I arrived home to find a bag on my doorknob. My first thought was that someone had sent a really elaborate Christmas Card. I was wrong! It was a package from Jess with samples of the new flavours!! I was soooo happy!!!!!

I immediately grabbed the Peanut Butter and Jelly to eat as my snack after Weigh In.  I LOVED IT! The reviews I’ve read are true. It tastes like a cross between cherry pie and peanut butter.  The thing is, it’s the perfect amount of sweetness and tartness. Now, this one is 5pts (as opposed to most other flavours which are only 4pts), but well worth it. I think it’s the perfect amount of points for an afternoon snack to hold me over until I eat a lighter dinner!

Here’s the bag that was waiting for me at my door:


Inside there were 4 PB&J bars and 2 Tropical Fruit Tart bars (How generous of Jess to send me that many!!)



[please grant me a sentimental moment.. don’t read on if you don’t care to be exposed to my rambling!]

I know it sounds like a commercial for Larabar… but it’s not. I mean, only a very few amount of people actually read my blog.  I am being totally serious when I declare my love for the bars. Maybe I just have such a fond memory of them because they were a treat I was able to eat during the stressful times last winter. They made me happy during all of the stress of my Poppa Jim being in the hospital, having numerous brain surgeries for the bleeding on his brain, air lifted between 3 different hospitals (between 2 countries), then spending the spring in rehab… and finally going home and proving everyone wrong… that an 80yr old can undergo such trauma to his brain and still live independently (yep, my Poppa Jim is back to living on his farm and surviving on his own… with some help from family of course).  I even got my grandma to try one at one point… I’m glad she got to give them a try before she passed away in June. I remember I took her a sub and a Larabar… she loved them.

So… In summary… Larabars got me through a difficult time. I am glad to have found them!! Treats are a necessarily “evil” for me… It’s good to have one that isn’t evil!