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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ode to a great weekend

Let’s play a little catch up since I last left you.

I got a new iPhone!  It feels GREAT to have one again. They sold me a brand new one for just over $200. Lesson learned. New iPhone does not go NEAR the toilet or sink.

I decided to pay the 99c and bought a WW app (not an official WW app – you can only get that in the US).  It’s been helping me wonderfully.  Usually I gain a little weight over the weekend but this weekend I have gone DOWN a little.

My cousin (who was a WW leader for a few years but recently quit) and I are going to weigh in together on Thursdays (well, she lives over 2hrs away so we are going to call each other and report our weights).

It’s been a great weekend despite having to work at the other job yesterday.  I DID finally send off my info to my employer to get me my Goodlife membership!  Now… I wait.  I won’t get it until after June 5th (that’s when they cash the cheques).

Here’s some food photos from Friday



Dinner on Friday was Greek food (ordered in).

Yesterday’s food…

Breakfast was a WW thin (1), 2 egg whites (0), some blue menu ketchup (0) and a bowl of berries (2)DSCN6342DSCN6344

And because I was lazy before work… lunch was a fun yogurt I bought (3), another WW thins (1), PB 92) and jam (1)


The yogurt was really yummy… it could very easily be made at home. Vanilla yogurt with a little crushed oreo.  I plan on making it one day!

Dinner was some brown rice (2), channa (2), a veggie salad with cheese (2) and Renee’s Wellness Tuscan dressing (0), followed by pineapple Chobani (3) – pineapple Chobani ROCKSDSCN6356DSCN6357DSCN6358

A snack at work (and shared) was PB filled pretzelsDSCN6359  

And, for fun… here’s some orange nail polish I bought yesterday. I love Nicole by O.P.I.  I have several colours of this brand now and have been changing my toe colour every nightDSCN6347        


On to today…

After sleeping in, enjoying the sun shining through my windows, having a long CALGON bath (hello, I have decided Calgon bubbles FAR out last any other bubbles I’ve ever used! No matter how expensive!)… I had breakfast: WW thin (1) with some jam on half and honey on the other (1 total), followed by some watermelon (1), blackberries and blueberries (1)

DSCN6361 DSCN6365

Lunch was at Jack Astor’s. I had a chicken sandwich (guessing 8) with a baked potato and salsa (4)

Dinner was a WW pita (1) with some pizza sauce (0), red onions and capers (0) and cheese (3 total – after pizza and salad), along with spinach/veggie salad (0) with the rest of the cheese (already accounted for) and Renee’s Tuscan dressing (0)

DSCN6368 DSCN6369 DSCN6370DSCN6372  DSCN6373

I realized I didn’t get much protein with dinner so dessert was a protein oat bar thingy – the fruit ones I made earlier last week


I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Winner winner, protein dinner!

So, a while ago I won some Prairie Naturals Protein Powder from Lynn.  Well, it arrived last week!!  After some issues to iron out with the delivery company, I was overjoyed when it showed up!!


It smells so sweet. I wanted to put a spoon in and eat the powder (but I didn’t).  Alex thought it smelled like strawberries and cream… and I have to totally agree.

The first thing I made was an egg white/protein powder/crofter’s concoction.  It was dessert. It was good.


Then this week I made a berry smoothie with it. 


I conclude, based on the aforementioned consumption of this protein powder, that I really like it!

Here’s some food highlights from yesterday

First, we have my Chobani. I was so excited to try my very first one.  at $2.99 a pop I savoured it.  I usually keep my food in my own insulated bag at my desk at work, but I wanted this to stay cold so I also labelled it carefully before putting it in the communal fridge at work. I was taking NO chances.

DSCN6321 DSCN6327

Mmmmm, it was good. Loved the tiny pieces of pomegranate in it.



Yesterday also involved other food…





Today I wasn’t so hungry and only had more berries for food during the day.  Tonight was too hot to cook so I stopped for some dinner at the grocery store:


Then I had a protein bar I made with the raspberry strawberry protein powder… I added oats, honey, protein powder, water and a bunch of dried berries… let it set and had this tonight:


So good.

Well, maybe I’ll update you on how my weight loss is going since leaving weight watchers.  It’s not really.  I’m basically maintaining.  I have had zero exercise… for various (and lame) reasons.  I keep telling myself I’ll pick up again when I get my gym membership (which I have to wait for June to get… our employer only does enrolments once a month).  I really shouldn’t wait.  Sooooo… this weekend the plan is to get activity in on Sunday. I am working on Saturday, so being realistic I know I won’t get exercise in before work.  I’m not throwing in the towel! I am just working on NOT seeing this as a WW vacation… I need to keep up my efforts!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What’s new?

Today we ventured to McEwan for some shopping.  We originally went to browse, then decided we would buy a dessert… then browsed the store.


DSCN6309DSCN6312  DSCN6310 DSCN6311

Maybe other people knew we could get these in Canada? I didn’t know!  I was so happy to find them!  I haven’t eaten any yet.  One is going in to the lunch tomorrow.  They weren’t cheap either!


I also came across some of these….




and we bought some different water…


We bought 2 desserts and split them.  We got a blondie and a brownie (just like us… we’re the [sort of] blondie and the brownie!)


Brownie on the left, blondie on the right

The brownie eating the blondie…


The blondie eating the brownie…


( good thing I have a big mouth)

We also took the pup out for a nice, long walk today in a couple of parks


She’s funny. She’s always on alert for people, dogs, birds, squirrels… She wants to say hello to everyone. I think the runt thinks she owns the park.

And for fun… I leave you with a couple of food pics from last week that went undocumented

DSCN6274 DSCN6276

(ahhh my iPhone. I think I will be having to buy another one. it sucks… but I am paying for a data plan for another 3 years… I must replace the broken iPhone and utilize the data plan I am paying for)


Slow cooker BBQ chicken.

Okay, time for bed.  I’ll be back tomorrow to show you the fun mail that arrived on Friday!