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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another day... without the treadmill.

Okay, to give credit where it's due... I did make the EFFORT to get on the treadmill this morning. I don't know what it was, but I woke up at 6am ready to go! The problem? My treadmill isn't getting any better... it's getting worse. It sounds like an old creaky mattress now. I had to stop jogging before the neighbours complain about me. I bit the bullet today and called the treadmill fix-it man. It'll cost $115 but they figure they'll be able to fix it. They fixed the motor for me a year or so ago and I know they're good. The good news in it all is Alex is helping me fund the treadmill repairs. I did actually think about jogging outside. The problem is that no matter when it is (before or after work) it would now be in the dark and I'm not entirely comfortable jogging by myself in the dark around here. I'm sure it would be fine... but I'm also sure I'd hear about it from my mom and alex later (they would disapprove no doubt).

I did vow to do the biggest loser workout tonight... but that didn't happen. I'm just too exhausted after work. I think sitting at a desk all day makes me feel MORE tired sometimes.

I managed to stick to my new rule today. No carbs after 4pm and no eating after 7pm. We'll see how long that kick lasts (precautionary addendum: this rule does not apply on Thursday or Fridays and sometimes Saturdays and Sundays! haha!).

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast: slim fast shake in 1c skim milk (4)
Lunch: salad with 2oz chicken breast (2), skim milk mozzarella (2), veggies (0), 3 tbsp ff italian (0)... 7 strawberries (1)... source exotik yogurt (1)
Dinner concoction: 4oz chicken breast (4), tomato (0), red and yellow peppers (0), part skim mozzarella (2), 2 egg whites (0)... SF jello made with 3 sliced strawberries (0), 1/2c source dessert selections lemon meringue yogurt (2)
Total points: 18 (less today since I ate too many yesterday)
Water: 1.5L (going to get 1L more in tonight!)

So, my dinner started out with just throwing some chicken, tomato and peppers in the frying pan with some PAM... once that was cooked up I decided to do like the Chinese often do and add egg (but decided 2 egg whites was much healthier) and then some cheese (because cheese makes everything better).

Here's a photo before the egg and cheese:

And here's one post egg and cheese:

And just for fun... my SF black cherry jello (from the states) with sliced strawberries:

happy hump day to all!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The good (and the bad. Why must there be bad?)

Today started out well (aside from having to go to a funeral visitation... my poor friend lost her grandmother on Friday. Breaks my heart. I remember so vividly that time of hell for my family and I just hate seeing people I care about going through it. It sucks).

I don't mean for this post to be a downer. Let's stay focused on what this blog is about... FOOD... oh rather, WEIGHT LOSS!!

I didn't get on the treadmill today. I vow, tomorrow I will. Even if it's just for a half an hour to get back into the swing... I have GOT to get under control. I need to be back in routine and STRONG because christmas will be here before we know it (see that countdown above?? Only 87 days away!).

Yesterday I tried something I found at shoppers. It's called the slimquick energy something or other and MAN it gave me energy. In fact, it gave me the jitters... but I was raring to go all day. I may try the 2nd one (they come in a package of 2) tomorrow being my first day back at the treadmill... I'll need all the boost I can get.

Today I tried the sweet and sour chicken smart ones... LOVED IT! I also learned smart ones now has a canadian website at - you can find out all of the products in canada and what's new!

Okay, so here's what i ate today (brace yourself, the end is scary).
Breakfast: egg beaters (1) with 2 egg whites (0), ff cheese slice (1), whole red grapefruit (2)
Lunch: sweet and sour chicken smart ones (4), ocean's tuna chili flavour (2), nectarine (1)
Snack offered by a coworker: small hello dolly square (maybe 4?)
Dinner: salad with 2oz chicken breast (2), 30g light old cheddar (2), 3tbsp ff italian (0), veggies and lettuce (0), apple (1)
THEN... i broke open the new chocolate bars I had stashed in my desk. BAD JEN.
HS Snack: 4 singles chocolate bars (8)
Total Points: 28
Water: 2L (going to drink 1 more before bed)

I'm off to watch Jon and Kate plus 8 and then THE HILLS... then off to bed.

Happy Monday. It's GREAT to be back to posting!!

PS - See my ticker? I have updated it to reflect my weight gain over the last little while. Quite depressing. I'm going to update it now to reflect a new goal that I will aim to achieve by Christmas!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home again, home again.. jiggidy jig

Okay, first off... my camera is MIA. Actually, it's not missing. It's broken. Not broken really.. just feeling under the weather. Luckily it's under warranty and it's been sent back to Nikon to be fixed. It's just the spring that's broke where the memory card sits... no biggie, however now I am without camera for at least 6 weeks!!! At least I'll get it back in plenty of time for Christmas (and hopefully wedding #3!).

Tara... I'm not sure when you return... but WELCOME BACK!! I didn't even bother posting while you were gone because I knew I didn't have a reader (unless Alex happened to tune in).

Now my dear Mrs... I shall update you on what you've missed.

First and foremost - BATH AND BODY WORKS IS NOW OPEN AT YORKDALE! I have been... everything is the same as the US! The soaps are 3 for $12 instead of 3 for $10. Wallflowers and refills are 2 for $20. I have soooo much soap already so I just got a couple for my mom and sister (warm vanilla) AND I got kitchen lemon!! They look the exact same except for the french on the label along with the english.

Now, there are a few new food items I have found whilst you were away.

Pringles stix (pizza, honey, vanilla and wheat flavours - 2pts each and yummy!)

Second... new singles chocolate bars in the flavours of caramel aero and after eight!

And... there's 7 new smart ones dinners! Unfortunately about 6 of them are all chicken or turkey... BUT there is a tuna au gratin one that I have tried and LOVED (if you like a tuna casserole dish you may like it). BUT there's also a new smart ones dessert... the strawberry shortcake one!!

Now, after the weddings (and eating a LOT and not going to WW or near a scale for THREE WEEKS) I was up 6lbs last week... this week I was down 1lb. Now it's time to get BACK to the downwards spiral I had once before.

Today was spent running errands and cleaning and putting together a pantry. In all the bustle I actually didn't really eat.

I will go back to recording my intake here (hopefully) tomorrow... if not, then tuesday!!

Welcome back newlyweds!

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's been a whirlwind, but I'm back!

I survived being in 2 weddings 2 weekends in a row. The fun is over and it's back to reality... Which also means back to the old routine of losing weight. The good news is that I ate like a crazy fat woman all weekend but am only up 1lb from Thursday. HOWEVER, I had been up a few pounds from my last weigh in... so, this week will be spent trying to recover.

I think at some point over the past couple of months I realized I wasn't going to be at the weight I wanted to for the weddings and I gave up. Now I feel like I'm back to just doing it for me... without the pressure of a time line. I did have every intention of getting on the treadmill today (had the running gear on and all)... but kept unpacking and organizing and cleaning and the morning escaped me. At least my place has some sort of order back to it (it has been lacking this for a good few weeks now it seems). An organized house means feeling more relaxed and ready to tackle weight watchers.

Here's how today went:
Breakfast - slimfast shake (2) in 1c skim milk (2)
lunch - smart ones spicy szechuan frozen dinner (3)
PM snack - apple (1)
Dinner - salad with tuna (2) and allegro cheese (1) and ff italian 3tbsp (0), blood orange (1), nectarine (1)
HS snack - 15 baked tostito scoops (2), salsa (0), cake batter (2?)
Total points = 17 (should be more, but I'm still trying to recover from the weekend)
Water = 3L

Now, some photos of Alex and I at the weddings:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm still here

I didn't go weigh in last week and I'm not going this week...

I'll be back in full force next week and back to being on my way to goal weight!!