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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's TUNA time!

So, my most recent obsession is tuna. I'm lovin' it. So, it started with my love for the cloverleaf flavoured tunas... i enjoyed the garlic and hot pepper, the tomato and onion, and the spicy thai. Well, then TARA (yes, YOU Tara!) introduced me to the ocean's spicy thai tuna - only 2 points instead of 4 for the tin. BUT then my favourite has become the garlic and hot pepper... not sure why, I just love that flavour. SOOOO then I was at Costco with my mom on my VACATION (I had to use a week and a day before the end of March or I would have lost it, so I took March break off). I decided to buy the 6 pack of Ocean's chunk tuna. It's about the same cost as buying tuna individually at Loblaws... the no name tuna. But I decided to treat myself to the expensive tuna. Let me tell you - I'm NEVER going back. Ocean's tuna is the BEST! It's so light (in colour) and yummy! Soooo... what I do is divide the container in half into 2 tupperware containers and I add some tobasco sauce, some garlic, and some tex mex. HOLY YUMMY! And it smells soooo good! I've had so many people comment at work on how good my lunch smells!

Here was my lunch yesterday:

* my tuna recipe (1 pt)

*a salad containing: lettuce, grape tomato, cucumber, a few chick peas, a few black olives, sliced egg and feta cheese. I also used the spritz salad dressing (hellman's balsamic flavour one).

*unsweetened applesauce

It was the best freaking lunch ever! That salad and the tuna on the side - so good!!!

Dinner was also yummy yesterday. I had 1 cup of WW pasta, took 1 pt worth of the canned chicken breast (blue menu kind) and grape tomatoes... i added some cottage cheese and garlic and some EVOO and cooked it a bit longer to melt the cottage cheese. It works like a creamy cheese sauce once the cottage cheese melts... it was so good!

Oh dear, it's 10pm and i'm hungry... but I'm trying the whole 'don't eat past 8pm' thing... except on Friday and Saturdays.

Working an extra shift at sickkids this weekend... yay! good for the bank account... I'm working Saturday evening which is fine. I had no plans and Alex is going to the leafs game (without me) anyway.

Almost time for the Real World:Denver!! Must scoot!!

Here's me on the weekend with my hair and make up done for going out Saturday. I just got my hair cut, but then a MAC make up artist offered to do my make up for FREE! It was awesome!

at the beginning of the night:

At the end of the night

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I've returned!

Well, it certainly has been a while since I posted! A few weeks ago I didn't make it to my weigh-in, thanks to the HUGE snow storm that we all remember very well (especially if we were DRIVING in it!). but the following week i was down 3.8lbs - officially losing my christmas weight! (yay - only took 2 months, but at least it's GONE!). Note to self: next year, don't go so crazy over the holidays thinking it will be easy to lose the weight I gain!

I had a week off from work and went home to Pontypool... which can be a challenge sometimes... so luckily I was only up 0.4lbs this week... now i just need to make sure I lose that (and more) this coming week, which might be difficult because for some reason i'm very tired the last couple of days... i had a THREE hour nap yesterday and still slept 10hrs last night!

I'm still trying to stick to some core principles... limiting my carbs (haven't had pasta in WEEKS and have had very little bread)... i went shopping yesterday and bought fresh chicken breasts... which i baked in the oven with some cajun seasoning and have in the fridge ready to put on salads... i've also taken to the new hellman's salad spritzers... 10 spritzs just nicely coats a salad and is 15 calories (0 POINTS!!).

today's plan... had cheerios and milk and a grapefruit for breakfast... lunch will be salad and maybe tuna... and dinner is undecided at this point! I'm open to suggestions from anyone!!

Alex is off giving a talk to seniors today... teaching them about wills... hopefully he scores some new clients!!

Happy day after st patrick's day, everyone!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Still on Core?

i can't even tell you if i'm really doing core anymore! i know last week i was only down 0.2lbs - very disheartening! my leader said i should just keep up the exercise because it will eventually pay off. it better!

i decided to stick with core principals mostly... but without totally doing core (i still count all my points is the only difference i suppose). i haven't had any bread still or any pasta even... EXCEPT on the weekend. if i gain this week, it's my own fault for how i behate on the weekend. i went home for saturday and sunday for my mom and michele's birthdays, and we also had a family gathering up in Fenelon at my aunt Faye's. alex even made it to that one! not only did he come - but he liked the country! he liked aunt faye's being out in the middle of nowhere. he even took part in roasting weenies on the fire and loved that! i think i have a country boy at heart there.

Raven on the weekend:

anyway, back to my eating on the weekend... i did okay at aunt faye's. i didn't eat any of the yummy looking doritos on the coffee table right in front of me... nor did i eat any of the cheesies! for dinner i ate some of my mom's chickin chili (because i know the points for it), some ceasar salad (without the heavy dressing... the dressing didn't seem to be too thick or heavy), 2 chicken hot dogs (without the buns), AND i ate a bun... a big old white bun fresh from the bakery. then after that - i ate a piece of cake. it was a small one, but i ate it. all in all... i could have done much worse.

then comes sunday... ever have those days where you're just hungry ALL flippin' day? that was me on sunday... i munched on food all day long and THEN ate dinner on top of that... i had leftover chicken chili and had some of my mom's macaroni dish (cooked macaroni with canned tomatoes and cheese melted on top -mmmmm comfort food from childhood). after dinner i had officially eaten all of my daily points. THEN comes dessert... i had made the biggest cake for mom and michele for their birthday... butter pecan cake with a caramel filling and thick buttercream icing... it looked so good. at first when michele was cutting the cake i told her to only cut me a small piece... then when i saw everyone else's pieces being cut, i gave in and had a huge piece with them... the biggest piece of cake i've probably ever eaten! but it was so good.

the cake:

so, if i gain tonight... that is why. wish me luck everyone!!!