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Friday, June 22, 2007


He's here!!!

Simon Ray Ruff (2nd middle name yet to be determined)... anyone who reads this blog has likely already seen all the photos... and i'm exhausted after the long day... so i may put photos up later if at all!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Muttling along...

It's a waiting game now. It's surreal... we all know Michele and Jacob's baby is coming.. but it's taking forever in these last stages... I just wonder where I'll be and what I'll be doing when I get the call she's in labour... and how long it will take me to get to Hamilton. And I wonder if Alex will be able to join me then or if he'll be at work... I'm not a very patient person at times!

Today is weigh-in and I think I'm up... Not for lack of trying though!

I'll keep you all updated (on my weight loss/gain, and the baby!).

Only 1 more week of work before 2 weeks vacation!! yay!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

3 for 3!

well, i made it onto the treadmill all 3 days that i wanted to this week (plus saturday, so 4 days in total)... next week hopefully i'll get it up to 5 days (depends on if i'm in hamilton or not).

today's menu was basically the same as yesterday's up until dinner... then tonight i wanted breakfast for dinner so i had 2 pieces of pumpernickel bread (that dimplemeyer's kind or whatever it's called) and had it toasted with light PB and a tbsp of sugar free jam... then i also had a bowl of cereal and milk... and for dessert i just had yogurt (still living the exotiks flavours).

tonight i'm exhausted and don't know why... i think this waiting for the baby is exhausting for everyone... we keep hearing it's going to happen any moment now - and then nothing. poor michele is probably sick of people calling and checking on her... i'm trying to just leave her alone until i hear something.

i don't have anything exciting at all to report besides my treadmill success!

weigh-in is tomorrow... guess we'll see if it paid off. this is typically a week when i'm up in my weight (thank you GOD for making girls' weight fluctuate as much as our hormones!).

wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Product!

Source yogurt (which is only 1pt per individual container, and is CORE) has come out with a new pkg of flavours... EXOTIC! i bought some on my lunch (the rest are in the fridge here at work to take home) and i've eaten one. it was a pina colada type flavour (but named something like coconut and pineapple)... it was YUMMY!!!

Just thought I'd update

Nobody can COMPLAIN about my lack of updates, can they!?! (this means YOU... ALEX!).

Yay me!

Well, my biggest challenge to date (or one of the many) has been getting on the treadmill on Tuesdays... this is likely because I sleep in Saturday, sunday, and monday... Tuesday is my first day of having to wake up extra early and it's just too hard to get up and get running.... well folks, today i DID IT!!

I watched Breakfast television while i did it and they had a guest on talking about his restaurant... the lettuce eatery... they make all these custom salads. they did a few on the show and looked so good, it made me want to eat nothing but salads for the rest of my life!! i checked out the website but it doesn't have photos... doesn't do the salads justice. if you want to see for yourself just google the lettuce eatery. of course, they only have locations downtown (ugh!).

here's today's menu

breakfast - oatmeal with flaxseed, cinnamon, some splenda, grape nuts, and blueberries

snack - 3/4 cup multigrain LIFE cereal

- salad with 1pt cheese, chick peas, some chicken breast, tomatoes, cucumber, and a few pitted kalamata olives
- a container of fruit (watermelon, strawberry, kiwi, raspberries, and blueberries)
- garlic and hot pepper tuna (my homemade version)

PM snack - carrots

Dinner - yet to be decided. I think it will involve a chicken breast (maybe on a salad), some peas.... and not sure what else. i'll have to think of something though because i have to try to eat all my points today!

Have a great one!

Monday, June 18, 2007


I haven't posted photos in a while... so, you've probably already seen these but I'll post them here anyway!

Dad and his girls on father's day;Lucy, all nicely washed and WAXED (dad even helped me on father's day!);Chipmunk - chicklet's new nemesis. she's obsessed with chasing them at home. I call the saga "chicklet and the chipmunks" (although she thinks they're all squirrels). In max's absence Chicklet is carrying on the tradition of chasing away the squirrels.Michele - 1 week before her due date and ready to pop!
Jacob's first unofficial father's day;
Michele and Jacob on the swing that dad built. For those of you who don't recognize from photos - this is the arbour dad built them for their wedding...

No news yet!

the focus of my life right now has shifted from my weight to waiting to get the call already that Michele is in labour! as you can tell... there has been NOTHING yet!

so, this weekend i was gearing up for a challenge... as typically going home to mom and dad's IS a challenge. i can't seem to resist all the temptations in the candy cupboard or in the pantry there. BUT guess what! this weekend i DID! i ran on the treadmill before going home on saturday AND stayed in my points. yesterday i did use flex points but only for a piece of ice cream cake... so it could be worse i think.

today i am already about to get on the treadmill (then go to work. ugh. i want a day off... i know, i know... i just had a couple of days off AND i have 2 weeks off in a couple of weeks... BUT i want a day to laze around my apartment and be by myself... all of my days off this weekend involved running around and doing stuff... and in a couple of weeks i'm sure i'll be busy every day. if i'm not going to hamilton i know i'll be expected to go to pontypool to visit!). i digress...

i'm already going on the treadmill today and appear to have loads of energy for it thanks to my new best friend:

i didn't make any new food discoveries this weekend... maybe i should make that my goal this week. try something new and point friendly! although frankly all i want lately is fruits, vegetables, and tuna (besides my burning sweet craving that is!!!). i guess my body is gearing up for the fruit and vegetable season that we all like to refer to as SUMMER!!

have a great week everyone!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

C'est la vie

well, i was up AGAIN this week... i could blame it on my irresponsible eating weekend last weekend (but it was WELL worth it, right Tara!?)... or I could blame it on my damn bloating. BUTTTT... i will blame it on my overall lack of effort.

Luckily I DID get on the treadmill a few times.... and so far this week I'm back at it... hopefully I can at least maintain this week (historically i'm up the week before AND the week OF my period. too much info? sorry!)!!!

No baby news... Maybe it will happen on father's day... wouldn't that be nice? fathers day is also only 2 days before my parents 31st wedding anniversary... man, how am i supposed to top michele's gift to my parents this year? damn... i'm out of luck!!!

i'm starting to love red bull (sugar free).... i honestly find that when I drink it - i run faster and longer on the treadmill. the problem is it's freaking $3.50 to buy it!!! i got a few at shoppers today (20X the points day)... but i'm seriously considering treating myself to case of it and seeing if that helps my energy and treadmill efforts for a while.... i'll consider it over the weekend.

i'm heading home for father's day... only time will tell if we're celebrating in pontypool or in hamilton!!

happy weekend to all of you!!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Truth be told...

... i was up 0.2lbs last night. Geez! I have no idea what happened. I know I didn't feel great when i went there... like I was full of food or something (though i wasn't). who knows... now to forget that weigh-in and focus on next week.

This week (as in this weigh-in week) will be all about getting myself back into the treadmill routine - HARDCORE!

Alex and I aren't seeing each other tonight... he has a late meeting for work and by the time he gets home who knows what time it will be... maybe he'll come over.. but i'm working at SickKids tomorrow morning at 7:30... so our plan is to go out tomorrow evening (i'm hoping to see that new movie "knocked up"!).

Well, I think I'm going to leave work early today... so I'll sign off for now!! happy weekend!!