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Saturday, June 16, 2007

C'est la vie

well, i was up AGAIN this week... i could blame it on my irresponsible eating weekend last weekend (but it was WELL worth it, right Tara!?)... or I could blame it on my damn bloating. BUTTTT... i will blame it on my overall lack of effort.

Luckily I DID get on the treadmill a few times.... and so far this week I'm back at it... hopefully I can at least maintain this week (historically i'm up the week before AND the week OF my period. too much info? sorry!)!!!

No baby news... Maybe it will happen on father's day... wouldn't that be nice? fathers day is also only 2 days before my parents 31st wedding anniversary... man, how am i supposed to top michele's gift to my parents this year? damn... i'm out of luck!!!

i'm starting to love red bull (sugar free).... i honestly find that when I drink it - i run faster and longer on the treadmill. the problem is it's freaking $3.50 to buy it!!! i got a few at shoppers today (20X the points day)... but i'm seriously considering treating myself to case of it and seeing if that helps my energy and treadmill efforts for a while.... i'll consider it over the weekend.

i'm heading home for father's day... only time will tell if we're celebrating in pontypool or in hamilton!!

happy weekend to all of you!!!!

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