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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

3 for 3!

well, i made it onto the treadmill all 3 days that i wanted to this week (plus saturday, so 4 days in total)... next week hopefully i'll get it up to 5 days (depends on if i'm in hamilton or not).

today's menu was basically the same as yesterday's up until dinner... then tonight i wanted breakfast for dinner so i had 2 pieces of pumpernickel bread (that dimplemeyer's kind or whatever it's called) and had it toasted with light PB and a tbsp of sugar free jam... then i also had a bowl of cereal and milk... and for dessert i just had yogurt (still living the exotiks flavours).

tonight i'm exhausted and don't know why... i think this waiting for the baby is exhausting for everyone... we keep hearing it's going to happen any moment now - and then nothing. poor michele is probably sick of people calling and checking on her... i'm trying to just leave her alone until i hear something.

i don't have anything exciting at all to report besides my treadmill success!

weigh-in is tomorrow... guess we'll see if it paid off. this is typically a week when i'm up in my weight (thank you GOD for making girls' weight fluctuate as much as our hormones!).

wish me luck!!!

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