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Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Monday

So, today is a new type of Monday... a 'summer' Monday. You see, our office moves to 'summer' hours this week. Normally we are open until 8pm Mon-Thurs, so my evening is normally Mondays (work 1-8)... which means Monday mornings off. During the summer we are only open late Tues and Thurs. So, I only work late 2 Tuesdays in August... and have to work Monday mornings. It's been nice to have Monday evening at home... but the alarm going off early on a Monday was rough. Also... it would appear I have volunteered to work new hours. I will now be working 8:30 to 4:30 instead of 9-5 (except on the days I work late)... It will be nice to take off half hour early. It may be a challenge to get out of the house a half hour early in the morning... but I'm going to practice this week!

So... I've managed a bit of activity today. A jog in the AM, the walk at lunch, took the stairs when I got home (think I will do that each day), and did the 'core rhythms' workout this evening (FUN... but I think I look like a complete a$$ doing it!).

Food could have been better...
Breakfast: 2pc ww toast (1), apple butter from walden farms (0), 1/2c banana yogurt (2)
Snack: berries (1)
Lunch: salad w/ cheese (2), tuna (1), EVOO/balsamic drsg (2), yogurt (1)
Snack: Larabar - pecan pie (4)
Dinner: chicken breast (3), steamed veggies (0)... strawberry chocolate meringues (3) - OOPS
Total: 20
Water: 4L

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sensational Sunday

So, I need to get to bed shortly... I don't get Monday mornings off for the summer. Bummer. I managed to get enough done today. Grocery shopping, washing floors, jogging, watching TV, taking out garbage and recycling, baking strawberry and chocolate meringues, making lunches for the next 2 days and washing up dishes. I think I am all set to face Monday.

I bought a swimsuit today at superstore (Joe Fresh). 1 bottom and 2 tops. I tried them on. I did not like what I saw. I have serious work to do before Vegas. I think I will still buy another 1 piece swimsuit too.

I did buy myself a little treat at the grocery store today...It's yummy!

Here's what I ate today (please don't judge!)
Breakfast: 2pc rye toast (2), 1/4c ff cottage cheese (1), 1tbsp white choc PB (2), berries (1)
Lunch: popcorn (3), licorice (6)
Snack: more popcorn (3), meringues (1)
Dinner: chicken breast and broccoli steamed (3)
Total: 22
Water: 3.5L

On to tomorrow... happy Monday! At least I get Wednesday off... nice break in the middle of the week!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hello Licorice, my love!

I am in love with this licorice. Now, my challenge remains... do not eat it all!!!

Today started with some sleeping in, some being lazy, some cleaning the balcony, some cleaning inside... followed by a girls' day complete with a 1hr massage, a pedicure... followed by a little shopping (including some candy/snacks at walmart)... then off to the food court to grab some dinner and home to watch a couple of chick flicks (shopaholic and bride wars - great movies!).

So... What did I buy? 2 kinds of licorice (black and strawberry), Baked old dutch chips (salt and vinegar)... and cadbury thins. I originally had the box of 6 thins bars in my hand... but decided i didn't need to eat 6 chocolate bars. I put it back and bought 3 individual ones. I have only eaten one. I have not even opened my baked chips. I ate popcorn instead. I have not eaten the entire bags of licorice!

Here's what I did eat today (no real meals, all jumbled together)...
Mr. sub footlong turkey (9), licorice (6), cadbury thin (2), popcorn (3)
Total: 20
Drink: indulged in 1 diet coke... 3L water.

Tomorrow's plan? Grocery shopping, washing floors I didn't get washed today, JOGGING and relaxing! Sounds like a great day to me!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The results are in

Down 2.0lbs. It's better than a kick in the butt. I really wanted to be down at least 2.4 to lose the rest of the 6lbs I put on 2 weeks ago.

Oh to next week.. when I will lose that 0.4lbs and more! Next week I will find myself at my lowest weight since joining weight watchers. Then the race is on. My ticker must reach its goal before August 13th weigh in... because we leave the following Sunday for Vegas... where I intend on wearing a swimsuit in public for perhaps the first time in about 17 years (not counting times at the lake in front of my family of course).

I think I'm going to bed early tonight. It's HOT in my place. My a/c broke last year, i didn't really miss it much so I didn't buy a new one for this year... we'll see if I can save money and hold out!!

Because I can...

Today is the day. I refuse to speculate on anything regarding tonight's possible results... but I will tell you I was rather disappointed in the scale this morning. Geez... Thursdays of all days? Thanks, scale! I'm flying solo tonight... but that's okay. Late appointments for Alex means more money for US!!

I will be back later with results. I have managed a jog and will be going for a mall walk at lunch (thanks to the rain!).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Hot Hump Day!

In that name of all that is tradition and superstition, I start today's post with...Today started out with a nice jog, had a nice HOT (VERY hot) walk sandwiched in the middle and finished off with some relaxation on the couch. I'm getting rather good at being lazy... One day I'll work activity into my evenings as well.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: 2pc pumpernickel rye (2), PB2 (1)
Post jog: protein shake (3)
Lunch: taco salad w/ veggies and cheese (2) and salsa (0)... followed by Source Dessert Selections yogurt (1)
Snack: Larabar - apple pie (3)
Dinner: 1c ff cottage cheese (4), tomato and cucumber (0)... 1/2c banana yogurt (2)
Total: 18
Water: oh yes... we stay hydrated on these hot days with 5L of water (crystal light)

The scale has been my friend so far... but last week it was my friend until I woke up Thursday and had me UP. So... I really am skeptical to have any confidence. I really would like to lose at least 2.4lbs (then I'll have the 6lbs gone from my 'grandma grieving' week). Ahhh, I miss my grandma tonight. I hate when I actually sit and realize she is gone. I don't know why... but I really never thought this day would ever be here. She was too much a part of my life. Such is the grieving process.

And so, I end with a message for tomorrow... GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday down... 3 to go!

So, another day down... another day closer to GIRLS' DAY on Saturday! A day of massage, pedicure, dinner and chick flicks. Ahhh... heaven. My friend and I used to do these all the time when we lived together... then they became less after we moved out... and now became even less since we see each other at work every day (and life is busy!).

So, again... I am running later than I like. I should be in bed now. I will be there in less than 10min, as soon as I am done this post (can't neglect my blog and the 0 readers I have!!). I feel lazy today. Why? All because I did no exercise tonight. I managed a full hour jog this morning... managed a HOT walk at lunch... and even had to run up 15 flights of stairs when I forgot something this morning... but all because I didn't workout tonight, I feel lazy. Hopefully tomorrow night I will find motivation.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: 1c kashi from the US, 1pt less than the Cdn version (3), 3/4c cinnamon puffins (1), 1/2c skim milk (1)
Snack: 8 strawberries (0)
Lunch: the usual salad w/ cheese, 1/4c chick peas and my EVOO balsamic drsg (5), yogurt (1)
Snack: Luna bar - nutz over chocolate (3)
Dinner: tuna cakes with full tin of tuna (3), egg white (0), cornmeal (1)... 2 walnut halves w/ 1tbsp of chocolate chips for the sweet tooth after dinner (?4)
Total: 22
Water: 4L

Happy Hump Day!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

1 down, 4 to go!

Well, this is going to be quick... bed is calling me.

Today I managed a 1hr jog and some cleaning before heading to work.

Here's today's menu...
Breakfast: 1c kashi go lean (4), 2/3c cinnamon puffins (1), 1c skim milk (2)
Lunch: 2pc pumpernickel rye (2), 1/2c ff cottage cheese (2), strawberries and blueberries (1), 1/2c PC banana yogurt w/ howaru (2)
Snack: peanut butter larabar - YUM! (4)
Dinner: salad w/ veggies (0), 1/4c chick peas (1), 30g light monteray jack (2), balsamic vinegar w/ garlic and mustard (0)... yogurt (1)
Total: 22
Water: Hmmm... I lost track! I think 5L today!!!

Time for bed. I am going to dream of unhealthy food from the weekend (which I would love to continue eating)... but I need to lose the rest of that grieving weight already!!

I hope Tara is having fun with her nephews. I am totally jealous!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh boy

What have I done? I will show you my weekend food via photo summary (photos are representative of my food. Not actual photos of my food. I had no time to take photos. Was too busy stuffing my face).It's crunch time for Thursday's weigh in. Back to healthy eating and exercise!

On a happier note... congratulations to Tara on becoming an Auntie for the 2nd time!!! Enjoy that baby T and his big bro, P. We know how quickly they grow up!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Happy Friday!

The day started out with me skipping a morning jog (didn't feel 100% still), but at least I got a walk at lunch into my day. It's something.

There isn't much to report unfortunately... so, I guess I'll move on to what I've eaten!

Breakfast: 1c kashi (4), 1c skim milk (2)
Snack: almonds (2)
Lunch: flatout bread (1), 1/4c refried beans (0), 1/4c ff cottage cheese (1) w/ veggies (0)... 1/2c grapes (1), yogurt (1)
Snack: Luna bar (3)
Dinner: Not sure... something quick and cheap... and of course, HEALTHY, from the food court at Fairview mall!

This weekend will, of course, be busy... I will try to update though!!

Happy Friday (again!)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oscar McGrouchy


I was down 3.4lbs

I should be happy with that. Sadly, I am not. I wanted to lose all 6lbs from last week. I thought I could do it. Well... it's another challenge for next week.

I'm not feeling the greatest. The past 2 days have been filled with cramps, nausea and many sinus headaches. I seriously think the rain messes with me the older I get. Feeling like crap the past 2 days, compiled with my mediocre results at weigh in... makes for a grouchy Jen. The good news is it hasn't gotten me down... I still jogged (again today) and went for my lunch walk (again today - albeit in the mall... but, at least a walk was had). Tonight I have enjoyed a sub and some chocolate frozen yogurt.

I'm not letting it get me down... bathing suit in Vegas after all... I would like my ticker to reach that goal before then. Let's keep up our efforts!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Because I like tradition...I like Wednesdays. Almost as much as Thursdays... which I like almost as much as Fridays! Wednesdays can be tough because I try to eat less in hopes of a better 'scale experience' the next day... and then I'm usually hungry by now (tonight is no exception) and watching Iron Chef America never helps (so, to rectify this issue tonight I am watching 'So You Think You Can Dance'... which, from now on when I blog... I shall refer to as 'SYTYCD'). Tonight I am craving grease. I would LOVE pizza and nachos right now!Hopefully this starving feeling (whether it be real or psychological) will all be worth it tomorrow. To be honest, so far the scale is at least DOWN this week... I just don't know if I can lose all 6lbs that I gained last week (aka "grandma weight"... and grandma would tell me right now NOT to use her as an excuse!!).

So, the good news is I managed a 45min jog today... despite having cramps and taking a 10min break to wait for advil to take effect. I still did a walk at lunch too (the 5K of course)... tonight's plans for 5 more hours of exercise did, of course, NOT happen. Relaxation was MUCH more appealing.

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast: rye toast (2), 1/4c cottage cheese (1)
Post jog: protein shake (3)
Lunch: taco salad with cheese (2) and 1/4c chick peas (1), 1/2c grapes (1), yogurt (1)
Snack: cherry pie larabar (4)
Dinner: mexican layered dish with 1/2c low fat refried beans w/ green chilis (1), 1/2c ff cottage cheese (2), salsa (0)... 1 walnut half with 3 chocolate chips for dessert (?1)
Total: 20

Now... to get in my last chance jog and walk tomorrow... and cross my fingers

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Well, I gave in

I gave in... not to food. I gave in to a vacation. I have spent years managing to NOT spend the money. This year, I have been convinced to go ahead and go away for a few days. I have to say, I am looking forward to it. We'll be going to Las Vegas for 5 nights in August. We'll be staying here:The Paris Las Vegas.

So... my focus now is to get bathing suit ready!! Oh... and maybe remember to actually buy a swimsuit before we go!

That being said... I'm happy to report it was back to both the jog and the lunch time walk today.

So, here's what I ate...
Breakfast: 2pc WW toast (1), 1 egg (2)
Post jog: protein shake (3)
Lunch: taco salad with lettuce, tomato, peppers, a few black beans, some corn (0), 1/2c chick peas (2), 30g light cheddar (2), salsa (0)... 7 strawberries (0), grapes and blueberries (1), yogurt (1), flatout - to put some taco salad in (1)
Snack: Larabar - banana bread (4)
Dinner: chicken breast (3), broccoli (0), cinnamon roll - oops (3)
Total: 23
Water: 5L!!

Here's dinner...On to hump day. No more cinnamon rolls. Last ditch efforts to lose all 6lbs I gained last week... or maybe more. Here's hoping for a miracle. Why is it so easy to gain 6lbs in a week... but to lose that much is unheard of??

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well hello!!!

Yes, I have been somewhat absent in the past week and a half. I've been doing okay the last few days... less tears and back to more smiling. I was extremely busy this past weekend (Raven's birthday at Chuck E Cheese, out to see the movie UP in 3D, dinner out, sleep, Sunday in Niagara Falls for Kristen's ride to conquer cancer, then back to Hamilton for dinner... then home and to bed). Today it was back to routine and work. The good news is that I did manage nice, longer jogs on Saturday and today. Today was *almost* back to perfect eating.

First... to bring a smile to everyone else's face:
Now... what did I eat today?
Breakfast: 2 pieces of light rye toast (2), kraft natural PB, 1tbsp (2), 7 strawberries (0), 1/2c grapes (1)
Lunch: 1 flatout (1), 1/4c low fat refried beans (0), 1/4c ff cottage cheese (1), lettuce (0), 1/2c PC Avantage banana yogurt w/ Howaru (2)
Snack: Larabar - peanut butter (4)
Dinner: salad with light cheese (2), 1/2c chick peas (2), EVOO/balsamic/garlic/hot sauce dressing (2), yogurt (2)
Treat from a lovely coworker: some cinnamon roll (?3)
Total: 24

My coworker baked a recipe I had given her and she tried it on the weekend and insisted I have some while they were fresh... I had to oblige and figured it's better to have it today rather than any day closer to weigh in. The rest is safely in the fridge for after weigh in!

Some food photos... because I enjoy them: (today's fruit) (Saturday's morning berries)
(Today's yummy toast)
(Does it make you want peanut butter?)

And to end the day on a lovely note... this is what I was looking at while we drove home from Hamilton last night. It was much prettier in person.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, I was up 6lbs. 6lbs in one week? I guess I did a great job using food to grieve the loss of grandma. There's no sense in dwelling on it, these things happen. On to next week... and BACK to getting exercise in!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to life...

Well, I am back. It's been a rough few days (as you can imagine)... but I am back.

Care for a recap? Friday I left in the morning and went to my parents' house. I managed to eat healthy. Saturday was a day of denial (about losing grandma)... I indulged in ice cream... plus a lot of other 'healthy' food. Sunday was the visitation. I was sick in the morning, then had the 2 visitations in the afternoon/evening. I ate lot's, including chocolate square things, beer, shots... and more ice cream and a butter tart. Monday involved grandma's funeral, sandwiches and many desserts. By Monday night I had a bowl of ice cream (heavenly hash) with chocolate covered peanuts on top and declared it was the last unhealthy thing I would eat. Yesterday involved some shopping, some relaxing, some laundry and coming back home. I ate healthy only, but did go over my points. Today involved NOT returning to work, mopping around and crying... until Alex got me out for the afternoon (out to lunch and then grocery shopping).

Here's what I ate today...
breakfast: 1c kashi (4), 2/3c smart bran (1)... NO milk because I didn't realize I was out (0)
Lunch: whole wheat wrap with chicken, hummus and veggies (5)
Dinner: luna bar (3), almonds (2)
Snack: luna bar (3)
Total: 18

No activity at all since Thursday. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. Today has involved much random crying and I feel physically exhausted now. I will see how I feel in the morning and may not return to work yet. A massage may be in order tomorrow.

I will be up tomorrow, that's a fact. Fortunately, my grandparent has reminded me of the 'big pictre'... (yet again!).

Friday, June 05, 2009

June 5, 2009 = sad day

Grandma Pearl passed away some time around 1am. It's a sad day. My heart aches, I miss her... I have missed her for years now though... she just hasn't been herself for the last couple of years. I'm sure she was greeted by grandpa Leo... reunited after 23 1/2 years apart. Grandma was what grandmas are made of and I will always be so grateful for all of the time I had with her. Every minute was cherished... truly.

This upcoming week is about to prove to be challenging with my exercise/nutrition. I will do it though.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

What a day!

I woke up crabby today because I just knew I would be up at WW tonight. I get to work and get a message from my mom that my grandma was being taken to the hospital by ambulance. Grandma is almost 82 years old and her mental health has been deteriorating the last while... the bottom line is she had a heart attack, but appears to be alert and stable now. It's scary because she's got a "DNR" order, but it's for the best... and hopefully we won't have to worry about that order just yet. Suddenly my grandma was able to remind me not to sweat the small stuff and remember the big picture. Who cares if I'm up 1 week... I'm still being healthy overall.

So anyway... I managed to stay the same again this week. On to next week. I WILL LOSE!!!

Happy Friday. I will update anything with grandma... any prayers and positive thoughts are much appreciated. The good news is that she has the BEST respiratory therapist looking after her!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hump day... Blah Hum Bug

I will be up tomorrow. Right now, I don't effin' care.

Good luck still goes out to Tara and I. I haven't pigged out this week on bad food... but lack of exercise and eating too much overall is just the ticket to a gain tomorrow. I'll give it the old Biggest Loser last chance workout try tomorrow, but I'm predicting a gain of 2 or 3 pounds. I deserve every ounce of it.

I'm not as crabby as I sound... just telling it like it is tonight!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dare to dream...

I want to look like this. My name is also Jennifer... can't I look like her? Sometimes I think about how much work I still have to do if I want to look even remotely like her... such a long road ahead of me. It's okay. I like a challenge.

Today didn't go as planned. That's what happens when you forget to actually turn ON your alarm clock. So, no jog. Managed a walk at lunch. Was going to jog this evening, but I didn't. I'm having some gastro issues tonight. For some reason I don't even feel guilty about my lack of exercise this week. It happens sometimes. I still care, I still want to lose weight... I'm still going to reach goal.

So, here's what I ate today (which is less in order to do damage control between now and Thursday!)
Breakfast: 1c kashi honey cereal (4), 1/3c smart bran (0), 1/2c skim milk
Snack: strawberries (1)
Lunch: taco salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black beans, corn (0), cheese (2), avocado (2), salsa (0)... and yogurt (1)
Snack: edamame (1), chocolate peppermint luna bar (3)
Dinner: cucumber and tomato with 1 whole cup of ff cottage cheese (4)
Total: 18
Water: 3.5L

Dinner photos. I used to eat this all the time but had totally forgotten about it. Ahh, comfort food.
Off to enjoy quality couch/tv time and figure out how long I should wait before I break out the pepto!Happy hump day. Make it a good one. Do something to make you feel proud (quoting the Biggest Loser theme song... It's Tuesday... I miss Bob!)

Monday, June 01, 2009

I am making my bed...

I didn't even want to blog today... I am ashamed of how lazy I've been. My day hasn't shaped up the way I had hoped. It started with having to wait around to find out when the pigeon netting guy could come screen in my balcony for me... I didn't want to get on the treadmill and have him knock at the door. He left at dinner time. I had a headache, took a nap... and am just lazy. Today's accomplishments were nothing more than putting away more groceries from yesterday (read: finding room for everything)... doing dishes, making smoothie popsicles (made my protein smoothie and put it into popsicle moulds, they are currently in the freezer). I now sit and watch the Bachelorette and will try to get to bed early.

I will work harder the next few days and attempt a recovery before weigh in... but the last 4 days I have been 'making my bed' and by Thursday I will have to lie in it. It's okay though.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: 1c kashi honey almond (4), 1c milk (2)
Snack: almonds (1)
Lunch: 2 flatouts (2), 1/2c cottage cheese (2), avocado (1), lettuce and tomato (0)
Snack: Luna bar - iced oatmeal raisin one... yummy! (3)
lazy ass dinner: almonds (6), strawberries (1), popcorn (1)
Total: 23
Water: 4L (tried cran-grape, cran-lemonade, berry lemonade - LOVE them all! Wish I had bought more!)

On to tomorrow... it's a new day full of healthy choices, less points (and calories)... and trying to win over the scale!