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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hello Licorice, my love!

I am in love with this licorice. Now, my challenge remains... do not eat it all!!!

Today started with some sleeping in, some being lazy, some cleaning the balcony, some cleaning inside... followed by a girls' day complete with a 1hr massage, a pedicure... followed by a little shopping (including some candy/snacks at walmart)... then off to the food court to grab some dinner and home to watch a couple of chick flicks (shopaholic and bride wars - great movies!).

So... What did I buy? 2 kinds of licorice (black and strawberry), Baked old dutch chips (salt and vinegar)... and cadbury thins. I originally had the box of 6 thins bars in my hand... but decided i didn't need to eat 6 chocolate bars. I put it back and bought 3 individual ones. I have only eaten one. I have not even opened my baked chips. I ate popcorn instead. I have not eaten the entire bags of licorice!

Here's what I did eat today (no real meals, all jumbled together)...
Mr. sub footlong turkey (9), licorice (6), cadbury thin (2), popcorn (3)
Total: 20
Drink: indulged in 1 diet coke... 3L water.

Tomorrow's plan? Grocery shopping, washing floors I didn't get washed today, JOGGING and relaxing! Sounds like a great day to me!

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