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Monday, June 01, 2009

I am making my bed...

I didn't even want to blog today... I am ashamed of how lazy I've been. My day hasn't shaped up the way I had hoped. It started with having to wait around to find out when the pigeon netting guy could come screen in my balcony for me... I didn't want to get on the treadmill and have him knock at the door. He left at dinner time. I had a headache, took a nap... and am just lazy. Today's accomplishments were nothing more than putting away more groceries from yesterday (read: finding room for everything)... doing dishes, making smoothie popsicles (made my protein smoothie and put it into popsicle moulds, they are currently in the freezer). I now sit and watch the Bachelorette and will try to get to bed early.

I will work harder the next few days and attempt a recovery before weigh in... but the last 4 days I have been 'making my bed' and by Thursday I will have to lie in it. It's okay though.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: 1c kashi honey almond (4), 1c milk (2)
Snack: almonds (1)
Lunch: 2 flatouts (2), 1/2c cottage cheese (2), avocado (1), lettuce and tomato (0)
Snack: Luna bar - iced oatmeal raisin one... yummy! (3)
lazy ass dinner: almonds (6), strawberries (1), popcorn (1)
Total: 23
Water: 4L (tried cran-grape, cran-lemonade, berry lemonade - LOVE them all! Wish I had bought more!)

On to tomorrow... it's a new day full of healthy choices, less points (and calories)... and trying to win over the scale!

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