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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Lord

The weekend is over. I have 1 more day off. Where have I been? Where has the time gone? My days have NOT transpired the way I had hoped. Pigeons on my balcony, 2 nests, 2 babies... balcony is a mess... I chose to ignore it. An owl appeared Friday, took 1 baby. 2nd baby left abandoned. Owl returned Saturday, 2nd baby had died. Early AM trip to Walmart to get the essentials to clean up one hell of a mess on the balcony. NO relaxing time. No treadmill. LOT'S of food (healthier food, but TONS of it).

Owl on my balcony(through a dirty window):
Road trip today. Departure at 6:30. No wait at the border. Shopped for food and cheaper clothes (avoided the outlet mall though). 45min wait to come back across the border at 4pm. Stop in Hamilton on the way home. Home since 7pm. Non-stop eating.

I'll cut to the chase. I bought some new clothes... smaller size than I planned on. They fit... which means to me they feel tight. Still lot's of work to do, but I'll be able to wear these clothes for a bit longer since they are a tighter fit now. Bought 2 pairs of capris, pair of dressier jeans, 3 dressier tops, exercise pants, t-shirt, hoodie, underwear, bra, sunglasses. Bought groceries... but nothing unhealthy (almost)... You know what? just check out the million photos I took of my purchases (grocery that is). Sorry, they will be out of order, but I need to get to bed so I don't care if they follow any order!

(flatouts to last me a while!):

Okay... so here's one of the high lights of my day, stopping in Hamilton to see Simon!
Finally... here's my new shades!

Back to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Which... will need to include a LONG run (which is okay, I have fun drink to stay hydrated!). Also, I apologize for any typos... I am exhausted!!

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