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Monday, May 11, 2009

Craptacular Monday

What a freaking day.

I was far too cocky earlier. My day started out with finding out our office had a flood. No power. No work. Supervisor said we might have to go work elsewhere, but she really didn't think it made sense. I offered to just take a sick day... fast forward a couple of hours, after I think I've got the day off... Nope, have to go to Markham to the corporoate office where a make shift office has been set up. SUCKS. BUT, only have to work 4-8. THEN I get a text from a coworker... power back on in Whitby, I might have to go out to Whitby from 4-8 (during rush hour?)... THEN my supervisor calls... nope, still in Markham... and in fact she wants me to try to come in early. Can you see me rushing???

I was so pissy about work I totally didn't go on the treadmill. No jog. The good news is I did get a jog in on Friday and Saturday... so, my 2 days off will be yesterday and today. Back to jogging tomorrow morning and walking on lunches tomorrow. I still have hopes for this week's weigh in... I haven't lost my motivation!

Here's today's nutritional information...
breakfast: 1/2c skim milk coffee (1)
Lunch: 2 flatouts (2), 1/2c low fat refried beans (1), cheese (2), lettuce and salsa (0), fruit bites (2)
Snacks: motivate bar (4), wasabi peas (2)
Dinner: larabar (4), roasted soy beans (2)
Total: 20
Water: 2L... not good. Trying for more, but don't know how easily i will be able to get to a washroom at work tonight!

I may be back later... if not, tomorrow is a new day with the BL finale!!! GO MIKE!!! I have voted... have you?

**I am back to add that work wasn't great... it was a rather pissy day, I will spare you the political issues. I stopped to get some groceries on the way home. I went to Longo's... spent mega bucks at their salad bar. Lunch for tomorrow is taken care of (healthy, colourful, fun). A guy in the parking lot was stuck and needed money for gas. I gave him $10. I'm such a sucker. I got home and was starving... I had 2 pieces of shrimp and some kalamata olives... hunger satisfied. Now I watch the next 20min of of the hills and go to bed. Have I mentioned I can't wait for BL tomorrow night? We have to work in Markham again tomorrow. Such a pain. I already can't wait for tomorrow at 5pm!!**

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Hey Jen!
That really sucks that you thought maybe you'd get a day off today and didn't! And then for it to be so confusing as to where you were going...what a show!!
Looks like you're recovering well from your splurge. I too, had multiple moments of weakness over the weekend. We'll just put it behind us and move on, right!?