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Monday, May 11, 2009

What Have I Done?

Congratulations to me. Apparently I am still human... and I have cravings!

Yesterday had the potential to be a stellar day... watching my food, maybe biking with Kristen. Well, things did not go according to the hopeful plan. I wanted CHOCOLATE yesterday and it was too windy to go biking.

Michele and I took off to Peterborough to do grocery shopping, then home to make brunch, then down the hwy 115 to take mom to pick out her planter flowers and hanging flowers as her mother's day gift, then out for a 90min walk through the woods with the whole family (note: Simon was walking too. I really didn't burn any calories. When you have a 23 month old walking through the woods - you go slow). I caved and ate things that are BAD for me... I'll get right to it and tell you what I ate...

Breakfast pizza was eaten for brunch AND dinner. It included multigrain crust, egg whites (on mine), turkey bacon, peppers, onions, skim milk mozzarella cheese. I figure it was aboug 14pts when all was said and done. I also had a chocolate bar with Simon and I think I ate most of it so I'm counting 6pts for that. I ALSO had a full cup of ice cream... another 6. Of course, I HAD to snack when I got back to my place at 10pm. I snacked on wasabi peas and some prunes and dates. I think it was about 4pts in total.
What's the damage? 31 I think. And only 2L of water.

The scale is punishing me today. Also, my body is punishing me for eating prunes last night. I'm waiting to feel a bit better before I start a jog...

The great news for today is that I'm not going to work. There was a flood at our office and the place is closed. Ah, the perks of working in an office sometimes. We are supposed to go find another place to work (another office)... but I have asked to just use a sick day if possible. I can use that opportunity to go grocery shopping, do some baking, FINALLY get to the bank... unpack from the weekend, take out recycling... it can be a very accomplished day (or I can just relax... but I won't).

I will be back tonight for my official "Monday" post.

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