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Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy May 2-4!

So... happy holiday! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. I worked yesterday and today (3:30 to 11:30), but time and a half pay today makes it well worth it. Take note though - it's 11pm and I am at home, in my pj's... blogging... and still getting paid! Tonight's shift was awesome. Aside from working with a girl with such a severe eating disorder she has to be in 5 point restraints constantly... She remained in restraints and I got paid to sit and watch TV with her (not only got paid, got paid time and a half!). Come 10:20 I was told to just go home... I have been home for 20min now!!!

So, today consisted of a nice 1hr jog and baking like 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I took some to work to share with the nurses (it was nursing week last week AND it's a holiday today, they deserve baked goods). I wasn't so hungry this morning... I'm not sure why.

Bottom line? I didn't eat much... but here's what I did eat...
Breakfast: 2 dates (1), 2 cookies - oops! (3)
Lunch: quinoa (2), meatballs (2)
Snack: fruit salad (3)
Dinner: taco salad with veggies (0), black beans and corn (0), cheese (2), chicken (3), salsa (0)... edamame (1), yogurt (1)
Total: 18
Water: 3L
I am happy to report I resisted any more cookies once I was at work... and resisted the chocolate cake (with chocolate icing) that a night RN brought in... and tonight I am not eating anything once home. In fact, I must head to bed... 6am comes early and I need sleep!!

Happy short work week!!

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