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Friday, May 22, 2009

Diet Coke is the Anti Sleep

What a day. Last night I had half a diet coke. Next thing you know, I couldn't sleep. By 4:30 I hadn't slept at all and was ill... I decided to take a SECOND dose of gravol and call in sick to work. I knew at that point I wouldn't function well enough to go. I thought I'd take gravol, get a good sleep and then get stuff done. I woke up totally groggy and felt like crap all day. I've gone between lying on the couch and lying in bed (and sleeping). No jog. No errands... nothing but relaxing. I still don't feel the greatest... I'm not sick, just blah. I have my appetite back and I'm not nauseous and am still going to Montana's for dinner (courtesy of more gift cards... more free dinners!).

Here's what I've eaten today...
Breakfast: 1c kashi (4), 1/2c milk (1), watermelon (1)
Lunch: 1/2c sun dried tomato quinoa (2), 4 turkey n' veggie meatballs (2), wasabi peas (2)
Snack: popcorn (3), blackberries and grapes (1)
Total so far: 16
Dinner will likely be vegetarian fajitas and I might dip into flex points. I think it will be okay... tomorrow I will be on my feet ALL day washing cars for Kristen's charity car wash... that should burn enough calories to make up for today... I hope.

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