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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The day before...

Well, t'is the last day before the big weigh-in. I was up 2 weeks in a row (stupid me!)... but this week i'm hoping for a minus sign beside my weight change.

today was not unlike any other... i went to work, worked, went on facebook (which I hear they're planning on banning from work in the next few weeks - i guess we'll see if it happens!).... ate my lunch, went out for a walk for about a half an hour... then had a meeting ALLLLL afternoon (ugh!).

what did i eat today?

breakfast - oatmeal (2)
AM snack - cereal (1)
lunch - salad with feta (1), tuna (1), a bunch of fruit (2)
PM snack - carrots, red pepper, hummus (2)
Dinner - chicken breast (3), spicy peas (0), peach (1) and cottage cheese (2)
HS snack - I was HUNGRY... but I had the points for it, so it's okay... I ended up having 2 cups of cereal (2) and 1 cup of skim milk (2)

I REALLY REALLY want popcorn with becel spray and white cheddar seasoning... but tomorrow's weigh-in and I should be afraid of water retention.

ALSO - i was THIRSTY today. I ended up downing 3L of water (well... crystal light!)

now... just WHAT are spicy peas, you might ask? my mom thinks i'm crazy and eat like a pregnant lady when I tell her how I like to eat these peas.

Basically, I take the small sweet frozen president's choice peas (they sell them in a bag in the frozen vegetables isle... they have to be the SWEET peas). I put them in a microwavable container and mix in some FRANK'S HOT SAUCE... i cook them for a couple of minutes, then when they are done I put some ketchup in (blue menu ketchup with less calories of course!).... I know it's odd - but if you like peas and you like ketchup like i do - give it a try! the added kick of the frank's hot sauce is great (at least I think so!).

I've decided ONE of the things we're getting Michele and Jacob for the baby (when it arrives... I've made a rule for myself that I won't buy anything more until the baby gets here)... Alex wants to get them a gift certificate for The Children's Place (he did research and found out they're at the mall close to Michele and Jacob. yes folks - I do believe he may secretly be getting excited for this baby's arrival as well). I would like to (as per tradition in the family) get the baby its first winnie the pooh doll... but also get a bumbo seat. all the mom's on the weight loss board I read SWEAR by these seats....

here's a baby who is only just over a month old sitting in her bumbo. basically as soon as they can hold up their head they can sit in the seat... people seem to find them helpful for taking to restaurants or to people's homes...
Michele saw them and thought they looked too hard for a baby to sit in... and I kind of agreed... but when I went to look at one in person at Toys R Us... they're not actually plastic - they're foam! So i think I'll get one for her and give her a gift receipt (or keep it at my place or at mom and dad's!)... and she can decide if she really might like it. i just think they're cute!

Time to go watch "The real world Denver"... ahhh my trash TV before bed - I love my life!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The View from HERE

For anyone who hasn't been to my place... I think I have a pretty nice view from my balcony... don't get me wrong - I can't WAIT to have a yard and NOT a balcony... but for now, this is pretty nice. Here's some photos from a few minutes ago outside;

Chicklet on the balcony;

The view;

And here's a card I made for a coworker's birthday;

It's a beautiful day

well, the day is off to the right start. not only did anaheim win, but i'm staying on track!

there's really not much to report today... except what i've eaten so far (dinner isn't planned yet, so not sure what i'm having!).

breakfast = oatmeal (2)

snack = 1c cereal (1), 1/2 c cherries (0)

lunch = salad with 2 tbsp light feta (1), tuna (1), 2 c. fruit salad (2)

snack in PM = carrots and hummus (2)

dinner = unsure! any suggestions? I thought about eggs (I have to finish my eggs and egg whites i think).

I hope everyone has a great afternoon!

I'm BACK - adding my dinner here.

i decided to have eggs... i had 2 left to finish in the fridge... so dinner was 2 scrambled eggs (4) and 2 pieces of WW toast (1)

I was going to have a snack this evening but it's already 8:30 and I thought i'd try not eating after 8pm this week... we'll see if I cave... I'll keep you updated!

Also, on my lunch today I decided to go for a walk in a little park behind my office... it was quite nice and I have vowed to myself to do it Tues-Thurs while the weather permits (Fridays might be my day to still do errands on lunch).

Monday, May 28, 2007

Back to basics

when you want a child to change their behaviour you breakdown all of their behaviours and choose one to target at a time...

this is what i'm doing with myself this week on my quest to join TARA in being a SKINNY aunt.

This week - i'm perfecting my food choices and eating habits.

NEXT week I will focus on my running and get back on track there... I won't overwhelm myself - I will be realistic and set myself up for SUCCESS!

Today's menu:

breakfast - 1c corn bran cereal (1), 1/2 cup skim milk (1)

lunch - 14 FF fries (2), chicken salad (2), spicy peas (0), 1/2 cup FF cottage cheese (2) and 1/2 peach (0)

Snacks at work - 1/2 cup cherries (0), carrots (0) with 1/4cup WW recipe hummus (2)

Dinner - salad (0) with 2 tbsp light feta (1), 2 cups fruit salad (2), 1/2 tin tuna (1)

I realize I have points left over at the end of the day - but I will likely have a snack when I get home from work.

Hope everyone is having a happy MONDAY!!!

ETA: I've decided on my snack this evening - all bran guardian cereal (i think 1 cup is 1pt), and 1/2 cup skim milk. I do not know WHY but I can't seem to get enough cereal lately... especially the corn bran cereal!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The time has come...

... to say farewell.

no no, not farewell to my blog and my LOYAL readers...

farewell to my BAD HABITS.

since the new year i've been seriously slacking... that slacking has come to an end today. well - tomorrow for sure.

i'm sick of the yo-yo pattern my weight is taking on....

steph is coming over today for a girls' day... but i will try to be very good in my food choices. BUT - tomorrow i shall start referring to myself as SGT JEN. i'm going to be back to the strict person i was when i started WW almost TWO years ago.

I vow to treat every day like i'm being weighed in the next day.

I vow to get myself on the treadmill every morning again (i've been slacking sooo bad in that).

I vow to go back to making sure i MEASURE and WEIGH everything.

I vow to get in all my water, fruits/vegetables, and milk (not so much the oils necessarily).

Think I can do it? I hope so... and you can make me accountable, because lastly...

I vow to get back to posting my menus and exercise on here. Starting TOMORROW.

Also - only a month until I become an AUNT! This baby needs a SKINNY aunt - not a chubby one!!!!