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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's a beautiful day

well, the day is off to the right start. not only did anaheim win, but i'm staying on track!

there's really not much to report today... except what i've eaten so far (dinner isn't planned yet, so not sure what i'm having!).

breakfast = oatmeal (2)

snack = 1c cereal (1), 1/2 c cherries (0)

lunch = salad with 2 tbsp light feta (1), tuna (1), 2 c. fruit salad (2)

snack in PM = carrots and hummus (2)

dinner = unsure! any suggestions? I thought about eggs (I have to finish my eggs and egg whites i think).

I hope everyone has a great afternoon!

I'm BACK - adding my dinner here.

i decided to have eggs... i had 2 left to finish in the fridge... so dinner was 2 scrambled eggs (4) and 2 pieces of WW toast (1)

I was going to have a snack this evening but it's already 8:30 and I thought i'd try not eating after 8pm this week... we'll see if I cave... I'll keep you updated!

Also, on my lunch today I decided to go for a walk in a little park behind my office... it was quite nice and I have vowed to myself to do it Tues-Thurs while the weather permits (Fridays might be my day to still do errands on lunch).

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