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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Weigh In

I’m sad to report I’m

UP 0.7lbs

For a new total loss of 17.8lbs. Hard to pin point the reason.  Perhaps it’s the bad food I ate at my grandpa’s 81st birthday last weekend.  Perhaps it’s because of all of the medications I’m on for my sinus/ear infections.  Maybe I just haven’t been eating enough the last few days (lack of appetite has meant less than 1000 calories a couple of days).

Regardless, it’s on to next week!

I’m flying out to Chicago on Tuesday to see my sister and her family (and hopefully meet my niece, Ivy!).  I doubt I’ll be blogging or taking any food photos there… but I will still track my calories and hope for a loss next week (I will have to weigh in on Sunday since I don’t get back until Saturday afternoon).  I’m sad to leave my boy and puppy here alone, but they will take care of each other!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have really been MIA the last week and a half or so!  It’s been crazy hectic between car issues, work stuff and being sick.  Today I saw a doctor (went to a walk in clinic) who informed me I have a sinus infection and ear infection.  I’m on a couple of different antibiotics and 2 other medications.  I started them 2 hours ago and no relief yet… constant coughing and plugged ears are the name of this game.  It’s frustrating. I just want to stop coughing and my ears to be unplugged!

In any case… I’m just going to show you my food lately by way of photos.  The last couple of days have been a write off.  I have been lacking an appetite and when I’m finally hungry I only want salty carbs (read doritos/sun chips/pretzels).























Happy hump day!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Weigh In!

I'm DOWN 3.5lbs!!

My new grand total is 18.5lbs. I was hoping to hit 20lbs this week, but I'll reach it next week!

Life has been stressful & hectic this week. I hope to resume blogging this weekend if time permits!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Weigh In!

I'm happy to report I'm

Down 8.3lbs!!!

For a total of 15lbs lost.

If my first time around taught me anything, it's that my first 2 weeks are the big losses and then it slows down. So, I will embrace this loss and hope to keep up the momentum from here on out!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Egg-sighting dinner!

Dinner was crazy exciting tonight.  So crazy, I must start with dinner and work my way backwards with what I ate.

Are you ready for it?

Dinner… was an egg.  Yep, 1 egg.  I wasn’t really feeling like dinner tonight.  Perhaps my afternoon snacking ruined dinner? Perhaps I’m lazy. Perhaps I know tomorrow is weigh in and on some level I’m trying to eat light.  Who knows.  In any case, dinner was an egg.  Not just any egg really… a hard boiled egg with some black pepper and a teeny bit of hot sauce. It was actually really good and hit the spot perfectly. I thought about going back for a 2nd one but it’s kind of late and I tend to get nightmares when I eat later at night.  I want to sleep tonight.  At long last… the egg:



Afternoon snack(S!!) were some cucumbers, clementines… and perhaps 2 Nature Valley sweet and salty bars.  I neglected taking any photos of the sweet and salty bars.


Lunch was some spinach, green onion, & tomatoes, topped with some mustard tuna with a side of clementines (can you tell I’m eating up clementines right now?)



Breakfast was a banana topped with PB.  I love it.


I don’t feel hungry but my brain is telling me I want a chocolate bar. Good thing there is zero chocolate in our house.

Tomorrow is my 2nd weigh in day.  What day do you weigh in? Is there a reason you picked that day?  Do you have a particular food/meal you either always eat or always avoid before weigh in?

Happy weekend!  I do believe we have already decided frozen pizza is on the menu tomorrow night.  With any luck, it will be sushi for dinner on Saturday!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My favourite smoothie cup is no more.  It’s a dishwasher fatality.  My insulated cup has melted.  I’m not a happy camper. We actually have 2 cups here… I guess we will have to do some time share with the only good one left (which technically is the one I bought for Alex).  My poor cup.


Breakfast was a Weight Watchers thin bun with some Greek Liberte and some honey.



Snack was 2 clementines.


Lunch was some baby spinach, green onion and grape tomatoes.  I was finishing up some stuff from the fridge and I decided to take some leftover tuna and mix it with some leftover seafood sauce.  Holy crap.  That was epic.  I will most definitely be having tuna and seafood sauce in the future (note to self: add seafood sauce to grocery list).




My lunch dessert was a very delicious pink lady apple


Afternoon snack was some cucumber slices (no photo!) and more clementine.

Dinner was leftover Mexican Casserole 




When I got home from work today I went outside to shovel the driveway.  Before I knew it, a neighbour came over and offered to help me shovel!  We shovelled the driveway together and I learned he has lived here just over a year and he and his wife are expecting their first baby in 3 weeks.  While we were out shovelling, a lady from 2 doors down drove by and smiled and waved.  I love my street… everyone is so friendly.  I can tell, I’m going to love living here (especially come spring/summer when people are out and about again).  The street is also not a street people use to get to other streets… it’s just a little street in the middle of our neighbourhood and as a result, we don’t get any traffic.  Kids play on the street, adults go for walks and visit each other.  I’m so glad we moved here.  (As long as the angry man from 2 streets over leaves me alone from now on and his wife doesn’t run in to the back of my car again).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow more!

Ugh.  The weather forecast is not appealing to me.  More snow.  All I care about is that the roads get cleared by the time I drive to work in the morning!

Looking back on my weekend… I had some healthy eats (smoothie and lemon water to start my Sunday)



And had some yummy eats (home made Indian food sent over from my boy’s great cook of a mother)


Yesterday ended up being a tad busier than I planned (meaning I worked a few more hours than planned), so the only real meal I ate was dinner (at my desk at work)… I had some leftover chick peas from Momma India and some homemade sushi from a wonderful supervisor at work.  SCORE!



I also had some ‘spicy peas’.  I haven’t had them in FOREVER!  Just peas with some Frank’s… and a little blue menu ketchup (yes, I sometimes eat like a pregnant lady)


I had some healthy snacks yesterday too… they were also pretty!




On to TODAY!

After sleeping in, breakfast was a smoothie (made at home and consumed at my desk at work)


There was a PINK LADY apple for snack (sorry honey crisp, pink lady apples are my favourite)


Lunch was leftover chicken fried rice


I also had half a piece of sweet bread or something that was in the office… anyone have any idea what it is? Like a raisin bread with some sort of fruity/custardy/jelly filling. I have no clue. It was good and satisfied my sweet tooth nicely.


There was no afternoon snack today. I felt crampy and am lacking appetite it would appear (who is this person??).

Dinner was Mexican Casserole 


I didn’t get a good photo of an individual serving… it was still so hot that it fell apart


My Fitness Pal app told me I didn’t eat enough today… so I had a snack after dinner because I don’t want to starve myself and mess with my metabolism!


Mmmmm.  PB naner.

Some good news from today… my premie niece is up to 3lbs.  I am taking a week off work the beginning of February and flying to Chicago to help my sister and brother in law for a week.  I may not get to see my niece in the NICU, but I’ll get to spend the week with my favourite little guy in the whole world!


We got our hands on the first season of Modern Family and we are loving it.  I’m off to watch an episode before calling it a night!  Everyone be safe… no matter where you are or what your weather!