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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow more!

Ugh.  The weather forecast is not appealing to me.  More snow.  All I care about is that the roads get cleared by the time I drive to work in the morning!

Looking back on my weekend… I had some healthy eats (smoothie and lemon water to start my Sunday)



And had some yummy eats (home made Indian food sent over from my boy’s great cook of a mother)


Yesterday ended up being a tad busier than I planned (meaning I worked a few more hours than planned), so the only real meal I ate was dinner (at my desk at work)… I had some leftover chick peas from Momma India and some homemade sushi from a wonderful supervisor at work.  SCORE!



I also had some ‘spicy peas’.  I haven’t had them in FOREVER!  Just peas with some Frank’s… and a little blue menu ketchup (yes, I sometimes eat like a pregnant lady)


I had some healthy snacks yesterday too… they were also pretty!




On to TODAY!

After sleeping in, breakfast was a smoothie (made at home and consumed at my desk at work)


There was a PINK LADY apple for snack (sorry honey crisp, pink lady apples are my favourite)


Lunch was leftover chicken fried rice


I also had half a piece of sweet bread or something that was in the office… anyone have any idea what it is? Like a raisin bread with some sort of fruity/custardy/jelly filling. I have no clue. It was good and satisfied my sweet tooth nicely.


There was no afternoon snack today. I felt crampy and am lacking appetite it would appear (who is this person??).

Dinner was Mexican Casserole 


I didn’t get a good photo of an individual serving… it was still so hot that it fell apart


My Fitness Pal app told me I didn’t eat enough today… so I had a snack after dinner because I don’t want to starve myself and mess with my metabolism!


Mmmmm.  PB naner.

Some good news from today… my premie niece is up to 3lbs.  I am taking a week off work the beginning of February and flying to Chicago to help my sister and brother in law for a week.  I may not get to see my niece in the NICU, but I’ll get to spend the week with my favourite little guy in the whole world!


We got our hands on the first season of Modern Family and we are loving it.  I’m off to watch an episode before calling it a night!  Everyone be safe… no matter where you are or what your weather!

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