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Sunday, January 02, 2011

What I ate

Today is really a post dedicated to what I ate… because I remembered to take photos (finally)!

Breakfast was an egg sandwich with a side apple.  The egg sandwich had 2 pieces of Country Harvest Prairie Bran bread, 1 Omega 3 (blue menu) egg, 30g light old cheddar, 1/2tbsp light Hellmann’s and about 1tsp blue menu ketchup.  I sliced up a golden delicious apple on the side.


Lunch was leftover (thin crust) Domino’s


So good. I really could eat pizza every single day.  Along with Subway of course.

I had an afternoon snack of seasoned seaweed and warm lemon water. And 4 Hershey kisses that escaped the camera.


Dinner was a veggie stir fry done in some EVOO & a little teriyaki sauce, some long grain wild rice and some baked coconut shrimp


(to make the shrimp I dipped some shrimp in flour, salt & cayenne pepper, then in egg white, then in coconut… then baked it!)

I made some chocolate banana parfait things for dessert. I really only sliced banana and layered it with the new Jello mousse that I found in my local Superstore.  I made Alex’s with 1 1/2 bananas and 2 mousses. I made mine with 1/2 banana and 1 mousse.


My boy… he LOVES anything with chocolate and banana.

Overall, still managed to stay within my calorie range today.  The only exercise I’ve had for the past 2 days is MAD cleaning around the house.  The gym returns to my life Tuesday! I may even be a little excited!

I leave you with a couple of photos… the first is Chicklet and my mom’s dog, Bella (Chicklet is on the right).  This is the last time my parents came to our house, a week before Christmas (a few hours later my mom fell on my front step and landed herself at the hospital… and at the same time my sister found herself in the hospital in Chicago in early labour with my niece, Ivy… the same day that marked the 25th anniversary of my maternal grandfather’s passing. Crazy.)


And, a shot of our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve before we packed up the presents to take to our families.


I know I said I’d post the orange pineapple fluff recipe today, but I need to make a new batch and take photos!  It was a hit for sure yesterday though, my cousin texted me first thing this morning wanting to know the ingredients because her husband and kids wanted her to make it today for them!

Happy Monday!  I am very fortunate to be on vacation tomorrow (our office used tomorrow as the New Years Day stat) and am going for a body wrap for the first time ever!  I’ll let you know tomorrow night how it was… I can’t wait to try it!  Have you ever had one?  How are you doing with getting back on track after the holidays?

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