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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

I'm surviving the holidays.. but barely! I haven't been keeping track of points or caring what I'm eating... but that will change starting tomorrow. the holidays will be O-V-E-R for me!!

My resolution for 2007? to lose 1-2lbs per week. to get on the treadmill 5 mornings a week. by the summer be running 8K at least periodically (not every day). to be at my goal weight by the time my niece/nephew is born would be great... but i'm not stressing if that doesn't happen. I mean, it's only 25 weeks away... if i can lose 40lbs by then - i'll be good to go!

okay, so everyone has their "before" photo.... i found mine on my mom's computer over the holidays. it's taken about 2 weeks after i joined WW, so i had already lost about 10lbs - but i don't think it makes a difference where this photo is concerned. let me know what you think:


Friday, December 15, 2006

Does this look like ME?

I'm BAAACK... (again!)

helloooo out there

man, i haven't been here in a while. and not for any good reason. i have been struggling with my slower weight loss, but seem to have figured out how to kick it up a notch. i now jog 4K 5 mornings a week (before work). i lost 2.6lbs this week - so it must be helping!

last week i earned 38 activity points... not bad, considering your goal is to get 28 in a week.

i can't believe i've actually reached the point where i ENJOY jogging... don't get me wrong, there are mornings where all i want to do is stay in my warm bed and then just feel too damn tired to jog... but once i get going i enjoy it. and it's getting easier every day!

saturday is the sibley family christmas... something i so look forward to every year... the sign that christmas is HERE!!!

i just can't even wait for christmas this year... i even get the week off between christmas and new years... how lucky am i??

okay, time to go watch more christmas movies and relax.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Well, i'd say i'm doing pretty damn good this week! i've been getting my treadmill in and my sit ups every morning... i've been doing REALLY well with the food and haven't used any flex points... on top of that i haven't given in to any sweet cravings and had any chocolate or anything! in fact, a girl brought me a mini chocolate bar today at work (left over halloween candy i suspect, just those little 2 bite things)... and i secretly gave it to another girl at work while i was feeling strong and before i'd feel weak and cave and eat it... the girls in my office know i'm doing weight watchers... so i asked the one girl to take the chocolate from me before i decided "what the heck" and ate it - and she kindly did so for me! what great coworkers i have!!

so, yesterday i did my 500 sit ups in the morning and went on the treadmill for 35min before work... and today i did my abs in the morning and went on the treadmill tonight! yay me!!!

could someone please figure out a way for me to REMEMBER how GREAT it feels when i get off the treadmill? because there are times at night (especially now that it's dark when i get home from work) when i just feel too tired and lazy to go on the darn thing... but when i get off, i feel so proud of myself and happy... how to remember how great it feels? i've got to invent a 'feeling' machine or something!!

so i bought the all bran guardian cereal.... LOVE IT!!! it's so sweet and yummy... i can't believe it's BRAN!!! 6g of fibre in 1 cup!! go all bran!!!

so, here's today's menu:
*1 cup all bran (2)
*1/2 cup skim milk (1)
*1 tbsp PB light (2)
*2 slices ww toast (1)

*salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber), with chick peas (1), and turkey breast (1)
*2tbsp FF red wine vinegar drsg (1)
*clover leaf flavoured tuna, garlic and hot pepper (2)
*2 tangerines (1)
*4 strawberries (0)

Snack after work:
*1 tsp PB light (1)

*salmon fillet (4)
*1 cup soup (1)

Snack tonight (planned):
*1 cup all bran guardian (2
*1/2 cup skim milk (1)

after much consideration with the flavoured tunas I have decided i have 2 favourites - TOMATO and ONION (tastes good and is only 2 points), and SPICY THAI CHILLI (which is 4 points, but a good treat now and again). the rest are okay... except the sun dried tomato... i do NOT like that one!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tomorrow's grocery List

i did some grocery shopping yesterday... but i have a few more things i have to pick up. one thing i'm DYING to try now is the all bran guardian cereal. it looks and sounds delicious!

I also have to pick up some fat free cottage cheese
so there you have it... the 2 things i'm craving and need to go buy tomorrow! as well as some chick peas and some low fat cheese from reid's dairy. also i think i'd like to buy some of the smart ones frozen dinners again.

okay, enough from me - my bed is calling! goodnight!!

Soup for Me!

so, i'm LOVING the soup recipe i posted a while ago... the brocolli and cauliflower soup. I made it this weekend and alex enjoyed it too.... i'm finding it's super filling without using up points. i realized this weekend how much i can eat without taking up too many points. here's today's menu:

*1c. cheerios (2)
*1/2 c. milk (1)
*2 tangerines (1)

*blue menu wrap (3)
*Sol Veggie pattie (2)
*cheese slice (1)
*1c. soup (1)

*popcorn (3 - YIKES! had the munchies while watching tv!)

*chicken breast (cooked in honey garlic sauce that it had been marinating in all day - YUMMY!)
*soup (1)
*lettuce, tomato, cucumber (0)
*egg white (0)
*1 tbsp ff red wine vinegar drsg (0)
*1 container almond flavoured tofu (2)

*pomegranate (2)

so... there was my totally filling dinner for a grand total of 6 points... seriously, i could hardly move after dinner... in fact, the tofu dessert was more like an hour after i ate dinner.

i've been working on doing 500 sit ups on the exercise ball every day... didn't do it yesterday but did it a couple of days last week (well, decided wed i'd do this morning routine and didn't do it friday or saturday) and did it today. tomorrow will be abs in the morning as well as the treadmill... gotta get this butt whipped in to shape for CHRISTMAS!!!

happy weekend everyone!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Back on the TRACK

well, i finally got this sorry butt on the treadmill today... and it felt great. it comes in handy not working until 1pm on mondays... i get to sleep in, go on the treadmill... go to work. on a regular work day i'm tired in the morning and want to sleep... then i'm tired when i get home from work... but i'm going to attempt getting up tomorrow morning to get on the treadmill by 6:30. 90210 is on TV at 6am... so i can watch that while i jog.

i accomplished a fair amount today, i got up and went to the superstore to grab a few things, came home and unpacked and did the dishes, went on the treadmill, showered, had lunch, and made my dinner to take to work... tonight i did the dishes from my dinner and have taken out the garbage... and that's about it!

so here's my menu from today:

breakfast -
*1c cheerios (2)
*1c skim milk (2)
*1 FF brownie (1)

*whole wheat wrap (2)
*2 falafels (2)
*cheese slice (1)
*lettuce (0)
*1 tbsp FF ranch drsg (0)
*1c. broccoli soup (1)

Dinner (at work)-
*lettuce, tomato, cucumber (0)
*1 turkey pepperette (1)
*30g light cheese (2)
*1 tbsp FF red wine vinegar drsg (0)
*2c strawberries, grapes, and apple (2)
*2 FF brownies (2)

Snack after work -
*pepperette (1)
*cucumber marinated in vinegar (0)

and i had 2 litres of crystal light (aka my WATER) today.

hope everyone had a great monday... and happy haunting tomorrow!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Adjusting time

well, we put the clocks back an hour last night... which meant i had an extra hour to accomplish things today. because i don't sleep in anymore... i'm lucky to sleep until 9am on a weekend... oh well, what can you do?

so here's what i did today:
got up
cleaned the bathroom
cleaned the kitchen
vacuumed the floors
washed the floors
did the dishes
wax/polished the floors
went grocery shopping
made dinner - including a very yummy soup
cleaned up from dinner
did the dishes
made 1pt brownies with applesauce
typed up letters for wyatt and raven
cleaned the litter box for my little runt
took out the garbage
and had a couple of movies on while doing things today

and that brings us to now. i still haven't put my laundry away from the other day... i'm getting better at taking out the garbage... now i just have to get better at putting laundry away!

so, i made soup tonight... a recipe my mom gave me. it's amazing. it's a broccoli and cauliflower soup.... tastes like a cream soup and it's only 1 point for a cup of it.. here's how you make it:

1 head broccoli
1 head cauliflower
*cook this in 3 cups of water until the veggies are cooked, then mash them with a potato masher
keep them in the water and add 1 can of FAT FREE evaporated milk
then add 1 can of skim or 1% milk (just use the can from the evaporated milk)
then add 1 pkg cream of broccoli or cream of cauliflower soup mix... then just simmer until you're ready to eat it!

it was quite good....

i'm working on menus for this week, but i'm quite tired so they will have to get finished in the morning since i don't work until 1pm.

i just did a comparison picture of me from the past year... i did one already, but this one is more straight-on i think... who knows, but i did it anyway! enjoy!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

No change is better than a Gain

well, i stayed the same this week at my weigh in... and i did so well this week. i mean, i could always stand to increase my activity... but food wise i did great... hopefully this week i'll see a lose.

i better get my butt in gear because at this rate it's going to take me a lifetime to reach my goal!

we went to the keg last night for alex's birthday... very yummy. i had the creole chicken and instead of mashed potatoes i asked for a baked potato...

today i've had 2 pieces of weight watcher bread with cheez whiz light... and popcorn... i'm lazy today.

but on the bright side:
happy saturday everyone... don't forget to turn back your clocks! and to those of you who have to work night shift tonight... i hope you get paid for that extra hour of work (because i know on 7A we sure didn't!).

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just for Fun

Click on the photo to enlarge it i think. this is the change in my face in 1yr... a little bit of a difference... i thought it was more when i first looked at my older photo... but turns out, it's not a huge change... but a little one at least!

Fun Photo Time

Still on track...

Well, the weekend is almost over and i've stayed on track the whole time!

on friday alex and i ate in... i made homemade egg rolls and made perogies and we made our own salads... so that was good. i've also recently discovered the brown sugar splenda (yay for it!)... and made us a healthy apple dessert thing. a sort of apple-crisp type thing. it was yummy i think.

yesterday dad, mom, grandma, and poppa jim came... with muffin... and dad and alex and i fixed up the balcony. I HAVE AUSEABLE BALCONY AGAIN!! yay!! i ate a sandwich and some pasta salad while they were here... did pretty good, used the ww bread...

last night i went to jess' to watch a couple of movies... only ate some starbursts candies and drank plenty of water... so i think i'm doing fairly well this weekend!

now to just get my activity level up... oh well!

today is rainy and i'm taking the day for myself and being lazy... so far i've cleaned the kitchen and i'm working on the bathroom and i've vacuumed. yeah, i'm being lazy!

i'll do my menus for the week later and post them at some point!

happy sunday!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yay Me!

well, it appears i'm finally back on track. i was down 2.6lbs this week! hooray!!! that makes me very happy !! we had a great time at the leafs game last night... too bad they lost. i've been to 4 leaf games in my life... and this was the first time i've seen them lose. what really sucks is my husband (bryan mccabe) really wasn't on his game last night. i explained to alex what the problem was though... my husband was having a difficult time seeing his wife with her BOYFRIEND in the stands... he just couldn't focus. i'm also not sure that alex likes me having a husband... but he knows how to fix that, and if he really wants to he will! (*hint hint, dear!*)

so, i'm also very excited that my final pkg of crystal light arrived today! yay again! only - i wasn't home to accept it (god damn, if i had just left work early like the girls were telling me to i'd have been here). so UPS is having it delivered to the office tomorrow. here's what it looks like, it's so pretty! (it's raspberry lemonade, can't wait to try it! i've also already ordered and it's arrived - sunrise orange, fruit punch, and lemonade. all on the go crystal light. i've also got raspberry ice... not my favourite, they sent it by mistake. which is why they have now sent the raspberry lemonade i ordered).
i'm off to make the egg rolls i promised alex for dinner tomorrow night. we decided we're staying in for dinner tomorrow to save money... so i'm making egg rolls, perogies with sour cream, and salad with chicken to go on it.

happy friday everyone!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


hello hello, world!

well, forget my menu plans for this week! I forgot I was going to an afternoon meeting at work today - which meant i ate lunch there. and i also forgot that tonight i was meeting my friend, lisa, for dinner. And now tomorrow I won't be eating dinner at home since alex and i just got tickets to THE LEAFS GAME!!! which means i get to see my future husband (should alex decide he does not want to marry me) - BRYAN MCCABE!

so today i did well... here's my summary of what i ate:

  • 1c. multi grain cheerios (2)
  • 1/2c. skim milk (1)
  • apple (1)
  • mixed greens and cucumber (0)
  • raspberry vinigrette, 1tsp approx (2) - i'm guessing it wasn't light
  • 1/4 of a chicken wrap (1)?
  • 1/4 of a chicken sandwich on ww bread (2)? guessing!!!
  • quarter chicken, white, no skin or wing (5)
  • baked potato (3)
  • sour cream (1)

and that's what i've eaten today... pretty good considering i've eaten out twice! now i just need to work on my water intake!

i finally heard from my self-proclaimed mentor at humber college... so we'll try to get something worked out and hopefully i can teach starting in january now!!! YAY!!!

time to go drink water and watch tv... maybe use the thigh master too!

have a good night y'all!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Monday

Well, one good thing about my new job (and there are many good things really) - I have monday mornings off. i work 1-8 on mondays, and it's so nice being able to have a bit longer weekend!

this morning i have done NOTHING but relax... and vacuum and clean the kitchen. i bought a new cleaning product yesterday when alex and i were at walmart (yes, he took me to walmart on a sunday... what a good guy i have!). so here's the cleaner i bought:

you see, i have this thing where i love to clean with bleach products... hate the smell, but at least feel like i'm killing germs...then i usually go over it later with an orange smelling cleaner or windex or something... anyway, so i've been cleaning the bathroom and kitchen (again!) today with it and used it in the water to wash the floors last night too.

so now i'll move on and post the menus i have come up with for the next few days!


breakfast -
2 yves breakfast patties (1)
egg and egg white (2)
snack - 1c. cheerios (2)
1/2 c. skim milk (1)
lunch 0 pt vegetable soup (0)
smart ones frozen dinner (5)
kashi granola bar (2)
nectarine (1)
dinner - salad with cheese (1)
2 tbsp MC FF red wine vinegrette (1)
clover leaf flavoured tuna (4)
apple (1)
snack - popcorn (1)

  • oatmeal (2)
  • apple (1)
  • Salad with cheese (1), and egg (2)
  • 2 tbsp FF red wine vinigrette (1)
  • grapes, 1c (1)
  • kashi granola bar (2)
  • flavoured tuna (2)
  • 0 point vegetable soup (0)
  • baked potato (3)
  • chicken breast (3)
  • BBQ sauce (1)
snack - popcorn (1)


  • oatmeal (2)
  • apple (1)
  • salad with cheese (1), and egg (2)
  • 2tbs ff dressing (1)
  • plum (1)
  • nectarine (1)
  • kashi granola bar (2)

WW frozen dinner (5)

and that completes my menus for now! of course, i'll probably add more for snacks on wednesday, i don't want to starve! but i don't know yet what those snacks will be.

I hope everyone has a happy monday! i'm off to eat lunch and go to work!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm BACK!!!

Hello all my blog-fans! (I think there's 1 of you who may still be a loyal reader... waiting for updates!).

I have been on a little break... i was busy for my sister's wedding and was caught up in the wedding and thanksgiving... but now i'm back on TRACK!

i'll start posting my menus again tomorrow... i'm still sticking to the core basics but am not doing total core.

but anyway... here's the exciting news. I BOUGHT WEIGHT WATCHERS SMART ONES FROZEN DINNERS TODAY! It's true! Today i went to sobey's in pickering and bought the following smart ones foods:

i had the ziti for dinner tonight... it was really good! i love my lean cuisine meals - but smart ones are giving them a run for their money! i didn't have the chocolate cake though... maybe that will be my desperate housewives treat.

i have also taken to liking the cloverleaf single serving flavoured tunas! here's my favourites:

AND just to make everyone's days a little brighter... a couple pictures!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i'm a slacker

i think my new goal will have to be to start posting menus for NEXT week! this week has been a bit of a write-off... i didn't take a lunch on monday because i wasn't sure what it would be like at work... and then alex and i went to the mandarin for dinner (scary for any ww member i realize... but i did fairly well i'd say... thank goodness for their sushi bar and fruit platters!!). here's what i had today:
*1 cup all bran (the new honey kind)
*1/2 cup skim milk

*salad consisting of - lettuce, cucumber, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, cheese, and hard boiled egg... with ff honey mustard dressing
*no sugar added mott's applesauce
*waist watcher cheesecake (ran across the street to reid's dairy on lunch and grabbed it)

*2 fish fillets
*low fat mccain fries
*thinsations cookies


not sure what i'll have tomorrow... i'm beat so i'll figure it out in the morning!!! going to bed now and it's not even 9:30... the sleep will do me good!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

finally went grocery shopping!

well, i went grocery shopping today... actually, first i went SHOPPING then grocery shopping...

i went to sears and bought that watch i wanted... it's my congratulations on your new job present to myself. it's a fossil watch... here it is:

next, i went to the body shop (just by fluke, wasn't planning on stopping in there)... only to find they now make an oil scented like fresh laundry... i was all over that! it's one of my favourite smells!!! i always looked for an oil that resembles it in some way... well, finally the body shop has made one!!! so i bought it and the 'africa spa' scent... hopefully my place smells nice and CLEAN and FRESH!

so, finally i got to the grocery store... i'm so excited! i bought my lean cuisine's (the curry mango one is 6 points, and the chicken in wine sauce is only THREE points... my 2 favourite frozen dinners).... i got some raspberries and blueberries on sale.... i bought some tzatziki and some indian dip to have with cucumbers and carrots... i got everything in to make salads well into next week (for my lunches at my new JOB!)... i got sol veggie burgers (only 3 points... whereas the blue menu soy burgers are 6 points)... i got cheesestrings... but perhaps my favourite purchase of all was my DIET ORANGE C'PLUS POP!!! now, i LOVE orange pop... although i drink diet coke most of all (for pops), orange pop is my treat... so i have, in the past, bought the diet orange crush... but really c'plus is my favourite orange pop. so when i saw DIET orange c'plus in the store today... i bought a bottle. i could have bought a case... but i thought i'd try a bottle to see how i like it... and besides, i don't need a whole case.

so those were my adventures today... happy day!!!

Odds and Ends

i haven't updated in a while, i realize this... life was a bit chaotic... and i have minimal groceries in my place.... i bought some crazy plates frozen pasta dishes to get me through until the weekend. it is then that i will go grocery shopping and start planning menus again... next week i start my new job... so i intend to start my ROUTINE then, which will include every night on the treadmill... and mornings will include either pilates or yoga... haven't decided how i'll work that exactly. but since i don't go in to work until 9am, i intend to leave enough time a few mornings of the week to do pilates, and maybe do yoga as part of my bedtime routine a few days a week... haven't figured all of it out yet. but one thing is for sure - MENUS will begin again, and TREADMILL will.

in the meantime... i only have 3 shifts left at this job... then i'm going out with people from work after my last shift (friday)... alex will join us there. mom and dad also get home that day! yay!!! on saturday i have nothing planned... and on sunday alex and i are going to see superman at the imax and in 3D!!! i'm so excited!!!

i took a few quizzes while sitting here waking up...

You Are 32% Control Freak

You have achieved the perfect balance of control and letting go.
You tend to roll with whatever life brings, but you never get complacent.

You Are An Intro-Extrovert!

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You enjoy all sorts of situations. Parties, small groups, and alone time.
Too much of one, and you'll long for the other. You need varity!
Chances are, you've got both serious and fun friends - and they don't get along.

You Would Pick Your Boyfriend Again!

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You've built upon your attraction - and formed a deep love.
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Your vibe: Kind and gentle

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bye bye SickKids!!

i accepted the new position at the new agency today! it's a great feeling... some exciting new challenges headed my way between teaching at humber college and doing this new job...

my parents left today for hawaii... mom called when they drove past my apt to the airport... and then text msg'd me when they landed in Los Angeles for their 1hr layover... they should be landed in hawaii by now... i text msg'd her the latest (me accepting the job)... hopefully she gets it. i just hope they have fun and get home to me safely!!!

tomorrow's thursday... so i won't post any menus... but my new job is a mon-fri job... so i'll have a routine and can plan for the week and post menus then!!

just got a text msg from mom... they landed safely in honalulu!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

i'm still here!!

i hope you all haven't forgotten about me... and my weight loss journey!

i'm pleased to report that last week i was down 1.6lbs... bringing my total to 55.8lbs! i'll take it!

i've not been posting my menus because i just haven't been that organized... and i was at my parents' house since saturday... i can't plan menus for when i'm there... i still stay on track, my mom is a lifetime member and hopes to stay that way.. so we work together for meals... but i just can't plan my menus ahead of time when i don't know what food is in the house and what mom plans on for meals...

i also have some news... i've been offered a position with a different agency... no more shift work, no more frontline work... i'm excited at the opportunity, just have to iron a few things out before i make a final decision.

my parents leave tomorrow for hawaii... i'm not taking it very well. i'm so nervous that something will happen to them.. even though i know the liklihood is slim... i still worry.

that's all the news from here... i'll update with menus once i feel in a bit better space and back to normal... until then, i continue with good food choices... and tracking my points! cross your fingers for another successful weigh in on thursday!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Recipe Review - you must try it!

if you're a pumpkin pie fan like i am... you have GOT to try this recipe i found on the internet!!!

it's a core recipe and it's called pumpkin pudding...

all you do is take 1 3/4 cup skim milk and add a pkg of FF vanilla pudding... mix it up. then add 1/2 cup pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling!)... and 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice... oh... my... gosh... it's yummy!!! and it's totally core!! but, if you're like me... you still like to know the points. the best i can figure it out to be is 3 points for 1 cup... or 1 point for 1/3 of a cup. not too bad.

i also made strawberry soup today.
you take 16oz frozen strawberries and put it in the blender with 2 cups plain ff yogurt... then when you're ready to eat it you take 3/4 cup of the strawberry mixture and add 1/2 cup diet gingerale... (although i added sugar free black cherry seltzer instead)... it was pretty good too!

alex and i went out last night to a work function of mine... i had lot's of fun! i love when he and i go out and have a good time... he's great in social situations... he makes me so proud when he has everyone busting a gut laughing... (although let the record show - i AM funnier than he is and people DO laugh at me more!).

happy saturday everyone! so far i'm good with sticking to my menu!!! my watermelon is just cut ready for my snack! i had eggs for breakfast... it's a good day! except for the fact that i have to work a night shift... ugh.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hard-Core Menus!!!

Saturday - LN
*2 eggs, scrambled (4)
*EVOO (1)
*blue menu ketchup (0)

*watermelon (1)

*1/2 c FF cottage cheese (2)
*lettuce, tomato, black pepper (0)
*chicken salad (3)
*strawberry soup (1)

*soy burger (5)
*lettuce wrap (0)
*baked potato (3)
*tbsp cottage cheese (1)
*SF FF vanilla pudding (1)

Sunday - Long Night
*oatmeal (2)
*applesauce (1)

*1/2 c ff cottage cheese (2)
*cucumber, tomato (0)
*chicken salad (3)
*strawberry soup (1)

*1 c ww pasta (3)
*EVOO (1)
*1/4 c cottage cheese (1)
*chicken breast (3)
*garlic (0)
*SF FF pudding (1)

Monday - off
*banana cinamon oatmeal (3)

*watermelon (1)

*egg salad (2 eggs and ff miracle whip)(5)
*lettuce, tomato (0)
*strawberries (1)

*curried chicken (4)
*1/2 c brown rice (2)
*pumpkin pie pudding (2)

*3 c popcorn (1)

Tuesday - off
*banana cinnamon oatmeal (3)

*watermelon (1)

*taco salad (4)
*1/2 cup cottage cheese (2)
*strawberry soup (1)

*carrots (0)

*curried chicken (4)
*1/2 cup brown rice (2)
*pumpkin pie pudding (1)

*cucumbers marinated in vinegar (0)

and there you have it... menus for now! if anyone wants a recipe... just ask!!


well, i guess it's time for an update... i was avoiding it until i would hopefully have some news on the job front... but alas, my number one fan has complained that there hasn't been an update as of late...

i can tell you that i am the newest faculty in the child and youth worker program at humber college, teaching assessment and recording to the accelerated program students. that's exciting! i'm a college teacher!

i'm also waiting to hear back about another opportunity... but i'll keep that under wraps until i hear a final yay or nay.

i was home on the weekend for father's day and mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary... and i ate way too much stinking fudge. here i was in a previous entry saying it's crunch time for michele's wedding... and i go eating a whole truck load of fudge on the weekend (but boy do i make some darn good fudge!!). so, i have made a decision. i will be doing core until michele's wedding. i will not necessarily follow core when alex and i go out to dinner on fridays... but for the most part - i'm going to do core. i've looked up new recipes, written them out... and will go grocery shopping on friday (i'm working a LN right now, will leave here and go straight to a hair appt, go home and get some shut eye... then head to weigh-in, followed by my footlong sub).

friday i have a doctor's appt and then alex and i have to attend a good-bye party for one of my coworkers... haven't decided what i'll eat friday night yet!! either a salad or a sandwich i think.

saturday and sunday i work long nights and then i'm off monday and tuesday. i'm going to post the menus for these 4 days in another post!

Friday, June 16, 2006

I. Am. Going. Crazeee!!

i was up 0.6lbs today. but that's what i expected, so that's not why i'm going crazy. i am for another reason. i hate sitting and waiting... essentially to find out if your life is about to change...

Monday, June 12, 2006

i got SENT HOME!

well, i got sent home from work today at 1pm... was supposed to work until 7:30... but one of the clinical leaders was concerned with my cold/flu symptoms persisting... and she didn't want to risk the health of everyone at work, including all the kids with compromised immune systems... so i was sent home today and have the day off tomorrow....

and my hair was looking good today too. hmph. alex bought me my chi-pet... so i did a deep conditioning treatment on my hair yesterday and took my time straightening it... i'll post photos.

my points were off today... meaning they're under... i don't have enough energy to eat... although i just ate a muslix pita... raisin and cinnamon... it's good. and i've eaten a lot of watermelon... and had some chicken.... and my cereal at breakfast... and that's it.

anyway, here's the photos of my 'do!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

remember me?

i realize i haven't posted in a while! i went to weigh in on thursday and was up 0.2lbs... i thought i'd be up a bit more than that - so i was okay with those results.

the rest of my week off was good... did some stuff, did some relaxing... unfortunately by friday night it would appear i may have been hit with the flu (or so alex thinks)... my whole body ached so bad... i spent satuday lying very still on the couch and sleeping most of the day... it hurt to even stand up, felt like it was too much pressure on my spine... crazy!

but today i've felt better... just stuffed up now... planning on returning to work tomorrow.

i don't have a formal menu for tomorrow... i'm going to throw one together now... and update tomorrow night probably.

- 3/4 cup ww cereal (2)
- 1/2 cup skim milk (1)

- tomato, cucumber (0)
- 1/2 cup ff cottage cheese (2)
- watermelon (1)
- 2 fruit snacks (2)

- chicken (3)
- teriyaki sauce (0)
- steamed vegetables (0)

*** clearly i'm under in my points... i'll snack on something at home tomorrow night... i'll update this tomorrow. now i must retire to bed and read "something blue" by emily giffin... it's the follow-up to "something borrowed"... i love these books. i've read almost the entire something blue today... after this i'm scheduled to read "the devil wears prada" before it comes out in theatres!

happy monday!

and to my new person i supposedly inspired to join weight watchers - good luck! you're already a beautiful person inside and out... so my goal for you during this journey is just for you to feel good! and enjoy it!!!!

alex - thank you for my present. i love it! hopefully soon we can go shopping for that congratulatory present i want to purchase for myself. chicklet says she loves you

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

grocery shopping day!!!

i love when i do my big grocery shopping trips (except when it comes to carrying everything back up to my apartment).

today i bought more soy burgers from blue menu (i LOVE them!!! especially using bob haper's rule of using lettuce to wrap it in)... i decided to buy omega 3 brown eggs (blue menu as well)... i also bought chapman's frozen yogurt in the maple walnut flavour. oh! and i bought the blue menu raita (indian) dip... i tried it tonight on a lays baked tostito... it was good!!

and i bought stuff to make a cheesecake pudding... it sounds gross... but all you do is take a container of fat free sour cream and add a pkg of the sugar free vanilla pudding... voila! has a cheesecake-ish taste... and it's core!!!

i also bought an avocado to make core guacamole (avocado, bit of FF sour cream, and salsa)... turns out - i'm not an expert at buying avocado and i bought one that was tooooo ripe (rotten some would say). so tomorrow i'll buy another one.

those were my exciting purchases at the grocery store. i bought cheese... but bought the smallest pkg of president's choice light old cheddar... i figure if i have a small pkg... i'll eat less cheese overall! i still haven't bought a loaf of bread... guess i don't miss it as much as i once thought i would!!! although i wouldn't mind having a grilled cheese... oh well, i'll have cheese in a lettuce wrap instead i guess.

tomorrow is weigh-in... wish me luck please!!! and while you're at it... maybe wish the edmonton oilers some luck as well... after tonight - they may need it!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

my dress

i'm not sure if i've ever posted my dress for michele's wedding... it's the one on the left in the photo... and in that colour. i also got some sandals today that i may wear for it... but i'll see if something i like better comes along over the summer...

How to deal with Cravings!

i did some research on the net... and i've compiled a list of ways to deal with cravings. doubt they'll work.. but they could be worth a try.

  • be aware of your triggers - anticipate them - prepare for them
  • separate food from activities - don't automatically associate them. i.e - popcorn at movies
  • exercise regularly (let me know how that goes!)
  • substitute lower calorie alternatives (like my popcorn for chips! go me!)
  • develop a taste for spicy food. apparently it's easier to develop cravings if you're more used to "bland" foods... go figure.
  • just try riding out the craving - experts say a craving lasts no longer than 20 min. my guess is these experts haven't suffered from PMS.
  • give in - but in moderation.
  • plan your food for the day (okay, i have to admit - this helps me)
  • avoid excuses for trying/tasting unhealthy foods (i.e "this little bit won't hurt")
  • don't confuse hunger with thirst. i keep a bottle of crystal light around all the time - lot's of flavour and helps me get my water intake up.
  • eat at regular intervals... helps to avoid bingeing
  • distract yourself - play a mental game... keep your mind busy

there you have it... let me know how this works out for everybody! i think i've identified the ones that i've found basically work!


My life would be so much easier without cravings. well... at least my weight loss would be so much easier without them. now, i'll admit... i do eat out of boredom... but there are also so many times i'm just CRAVING something soooo bad!!! today... it's sushi. i don't know what it is - i could eat it morning, noon, and night. sushi isn't a totally bad craving to have, i realize this. especially if you buy the brown rice sushi... heck, then it's even core food! but there are so many other times i crave things. earlier i was even craving mcdonalds.... and i don't eat mcdonalds! i ate wendy's not long ago and my body rejected it on me!!!

here's a list of things i crave the most often... for me, it's not about just the salt or the sweet or the grease... it's about all of them. i crave any of it at any given time. they need to invent a pill for this or something!

my cravings list:
~ sushi
~ pizza
~ subway
~ buffalo chicken fingers and fries
~ chips (not too bad with these - i don't buy them and i can substitute with popcorn pretty well)
~ cheese

that's all i can think of right now... let me know what your cravings are - because chances are i crave them too and have just forgotten them right now!!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

My watch

if something turns out the way i want it to in the next couple of weeks (yes, i'm being vague on purpose!)... i have decided to reward myself with a watch... a fancy one! i told alex i'd show him the one i want... so i'm posting it here... alex - i know you're reading this at work on monday anyway!!!

here's my watch (i'm being optimistic i'll be able to treat myself to it... if not this time... one day!)

it's only $130 at sears!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Grocery List

i love grocery shopping... it's my happy place... i thought i'd post what my grocery list usually consists of (i don't buy all of these items every time i shop... but these are what i buy in general)

  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • watermelon
  • cherries
  • tomatoes
  • grape tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • romaine lettuce
  • salmon fillets
  • tilapia fillets
  • shrimp
  • blue menu frozen chicken breasts
  • salsa
  • relish
  • mustard
  • honey mustard
  • dijon mustard
  • blue menu ketchup
  • canned flaked tuna packed in water
  • blue menu canned chicken
  • blue menu whole wheat pasta - rotini
  • blue menu whole wheat spaghetti noodles
  • crystal light (all kinds)
  • fat free cottage cheese
  • fat free sour cream
  • light PC swiss cheese
  • light PC old cheddar
  • light PC monterary jack cheese
  • kraft fat free cheese slices (mozarella and cheddar)
  • mccain low fat fries
  • frozen broccoli
  • fat free or low fat salad dressings
  • plain instant oatmeal
  • instant cream of wheat
  • weight watchers cereal (at costco)
  • weight watchers whole wheat bread
  • blue menu soy burgers (LOVE THEM!! in a lettuce wrap with condiments... mmmm!)

that's all i can think of... if i think of more i'll add it!!! feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you like to buy that may not be on my list!

Menus!!! more MENUS!!!!

i haven't posted any menus for a few days... there's a reason i don't necessarily post them over the weekend. friday i was good though... aside from sharing a jumbo (and i mean JUMBO) chocolate chip cookie with alex.... i ate well and we had sushi for dinner (mmm... sushi sounds good right now). so i'm working nights tonight, tomorrow, and monday... and then i'm off from tues morning until monday... maybe i'll post my grocery list after i post my menus.

*3/4 cup ww cereal (2)
*1/2 cup skim milk (1)

*chicken breast (3)
*28 mcain low fat fries (4)
*blue menu ketchup (0)
*cherries (1)

*2 tilapia fillets - baked in foil in the oven with lemon- herb seasoning (4)
*broccoli w/ garlic (0)
*1 cup ww pasta (3)
*1 tsp EVOO (1)
*seasoning (0)
*2 fruit snacks (2)

snack at work
*nutrigrain bar (2)

*3/4 cup weight watcher cereal (2)
*1/2 cup skim milk (1)

*1/2 c ff cottage cheese (2)
*tomato, cucumber (0)
*chicken salad (3)

*2 salmon fillets, grilled (4)
*broccoli (0) w/garlic (0)
*28 mccain low fat fries (4)
*1/2 cup ff yogurt (2)
*w/ strawberry jam (0)

*2 fruit snacks (2)

*3/4 c ww cereal (2)
*1/2 c skim milk (1)

*lettuce, tomato, cucumber (0)
*hard boiled egg (2)
*ff honey mustard blue menu salad drsg (1)
*chicken salad (3)
*1/2 c ff cottage cheese (2)

*1 cup ww pasta (3)
*6 chicken meatballs (3)
*ww recipe tomato sauce, 1/2 cup (0)
*2 tsp light parmesan cheese (0)
*1/2 cup ff plain yogurt (2)
*w/ jam (0)

*1 1/2 cup strawberries (1)
*w/ splenda (0)

*1 pkg instant cream of wheat (2)
*w/ jam (0)

*2 fruit snacks (2)

*chicken breast - grilled and cooled for salad (3)
*lettuce, tomato (0)
*1/2 cup ff cottage cheese (2)
*2 tbsp ff honey mustard salad drsg (1)

*cherries (1)

*baked salmon fillets X2 (4)
*broccoli, steamed with garlic (0)
*baked potato (3)
*2 tbsp ff sour cream (1)

*1 1/2 cup strawberries (1)


so, i understand big brother 7 will be an all-star edition. it sounds like cbs is going to have 20 former BB housemates that us viewers will be able to vote into the house. since i'm working nights with (thankfully) not much to do... i've decided to come up with my list of the twenty houseguests i'd like to see us be able to choose from. if you're not sure of their profiles - just go to the cbs website and use the drop-down menu to pick a big brother season to look at.

here goes nothing:

season 2 - hardy, will
season 3 - amy (a girl who loves cheese, just like me!), jason, eric, lisa (maybe eric and lisa would hook up again!)
season 4 - david, nathan, jun, michelle, and yes... alison. i think alison makes for good tv!!
season 5 - drew, jase, cowboy, scott (basically, the 4 horsemen)
season 6 - howie (he's too fun to watch!), james, janelle, kaysar, michael

there you have it. i wonder why we don't get to pick from season 1. anyone else remember that season? with britney, the girl with funky hair... and chicken george... the token older guy who was pretty funny. i think i was the only dork who actually watched season 1 of big brother...

Friday, June 02, 2006

happy friday

i have the day OFF!!! WOOHOO! then nights start sat-mon... the fun begins. i'm so sick of shift work... working nights is slowly killing me i think!! oh well... what can you do?

i editted my profile photo... i hope you like it!

i was going to post a menu for tomorrow.... but i think i'll wait and do that when i'm more awake in the AM... i'm suddenly very tired. and given i only had 3 hours of sleep last night... i'm ready to catch up on some much missed z's!!! i will edit this post in the am

Thursday, June 01, 2006

the verdict is in... again

hooray for me! i'm amazed by myself!!! somehow i was down 0.4lbs this week... when i didn't think i would be. i'm glad of that!

i've enjoyed my subway sub and some frozen yogurt... now relaxing for the night and going to enjoy my one whole day off!!!

i'll post menus again later!!!

what is up with me?

ugh. i don't feel well. i started feeling nauseated last night after i ate dinner (microwave dinner). i chalked it up to my anxiety over the tornado watch for the GTA... so i felt ill all night, but avoided actually being sick. then i couldn't sleep... i finally fell asleep around 1am... after feeling wide awake up until then... and i was back up at 4:30 and was wide awake. last night i figured i couldn't sleep because i was nauseated and i had a diet coke in the evening (thought it might help me feel better... but then i think it kept me up because i'm not accustomed to drinking caffeine)... none of this explains why i was back up at 4:30 this morning.

i have to go sit in a quiet room without windows at work for 4 hours... i hope i don't fall asleep! i have a feeling this is going to be torcher!!

again... wish me luck at weigh in!!!!

alex - feel better!!!

here's a photo of me typing this right now... all ready for work by 6am!!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tomorrow's the day of truth...

phew, i'm tired. it's been a couple of weeks since i worked day shift! the best thing about evenings is definitely sleeping in!!!

anyway, this is a short one... wish me luck at weigh in tomorrow!!! i think i'll need it.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another weekend has come and gone...

Well my weekend was nice. Unfortunately i wasn't able to lick this cold in time for the weekend. in fact, it's still hanging around and i made the executive decision to call in sick for work. something i completely hate doing... but if i went i wouldn't have lasted the 12hrs i'm supposed to work tomorrow. i guess there's a reason we get sick time. i still managed to see alex all weekend. my germs didn't scare him off! i went and met him for lunch on friday, then we went to dinner, then he showed up saturday for a bit, and today we watched the movie "just friends" -it was funny. i recommend it! he and i have both entered a world cup (soccer) pool at my work... i feel bad for him. i'm not sure what he's going to do when his girlfriend kicks his butt in a soccer pool... i guess he'll get over it! HAHA!!!

my pillow is calling me. my nyquil is taking effect and i am starting to be able to breathe (i love breathing!!).

haven't posted my menus for the weekend... they definitely were NOT core... but within my points.

here's my plan for monday and tuesday:

Monday's Menu (subject to change depending on how i'm feeling)
*3/4 cup shredded wheat (2)
*1/2 cup skim milk (1)

*1/2 cup FF cottage cheese (2)
*tomato, cucumber (0)
*chicken salad (3)
*watermelon (1)

*2 fruit snacks (2)

*soy burger by blue menu (5)
*lettuce (in place of a bun) (0)
*condiments (1)
*1 1/2 cups strawberries (1)
*splenda (0)

*3/4 cup shredded wheat (2)
*1 cup skim milk (2)
*chocolate syrup (0)

Tuesday's Menu (working a 12hr day)
*** same as monday's menu with the exception of dinner**

*1 cup whole wheat pasta (3)
*chicken breast (3)
*ww recipe tomato sauce, 1/4 cup (0)
* 1/4 cup ff cottage cheese (1)
*1 1/2 cup strawberries (1)

and there you have it... my meal plans for the next couple of days.

enjoy your manic monday, everyone!!

only 211 days until christmas!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The jury's in...

i was down 1.6lbs this week, bringing my grand total to 54.0lbs lost...not too shabby for ol' shrinking jen.

i had hoped i'd be down a little more... but all in time... as alex reminded me, i just need to keep up these better habits from this week and it will average out for a better loss in the long run... as long as i'm where i would like to be by michele's wedding... i won't be at my goal... but i'll be a lot closer.

thought i'd just post a couple of photos for all of my fans out there... (heehee).