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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Still on track...

Well, the weekend is almost over and i've stayed on track the whole time!

on friday alex and i ate in... i made homemade egg rolls and made perogies and we made our own salads... so that was good. i've also recently discovered the brown sugar splenda (yay for it!)... and made us a healthy apple dessert thing. a sort of apple-crisp type thing. it was yummy i think.

yesterday dad, mom, grandma, and poppa jim came... with muffin... and dad and alex and i fixed up the balcony. I HAVE AUSEABLE BALCONY AGAIN!! yay!! i ate a sandwich and some pasta salad while they were here... did pretty good, used the ww bread...

last night i went to jess' to watch a couple of movies... only ate some starbursts candies and drank plenty of water... so i think i'm doing fairly well this weekend!

now to just get my activity level up... oh well!

today is rainy and i'm taking the day for myself and being lazy... so far i've cleaned the kitchen and i'm working on the bathroom and i've vacuumed. yeah, i'm being lazy!

i'll do my menus for the week later and post them at some point!

happy sunday!

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