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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm BACK!!!

Hello all my blog-fans! (I think there's 1 of you who may still be a loyal reader... waiting for updates!).

I have been on a little break... i was busy for my sister's wedding and was caught up in the wedding and thanksgiving... but now i'm back on TRACK!

i'll start posting my menus again tomorrow... i'm still sticking to the core basics but am not doing total core.

but anyway... here's the exciting news. I BOUGHT WEIGHT WATCHERS SMART ONES FROZEN DINNERS TODAY! It's true! Today i went to sobey's in pickering and bought the following smart ones foods:

i had the ziti for dinner tonight... it was really good! i love my lean cuisine meals - but smart ones are giving them a run for their money! i didn't have the chocolate cake though... maybe that will be my desperate housewives treat.

i have also taken to liking the cloverleaf single serving flavoured tunas! here's my favourites:

AND just to make everyone's days a little brighter... a couple pictures!

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