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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i'm a slacker

i think my new goal will have to be to start posting menus for NEXT week! this week has been a bit of a write-off... i didn't take a lunch on monday because i wasn't sure what it would be like at work... and then alex and i went to the mandarin for dinner (scary for any ww member i realize... but i did fairly well i'd say... thank goodness for their sushi bar and fruit platters!!). here's what i had today:
*1 cup all bran (the new honey kind)
*1/2 cup skim milk

*salad consisting of - lettuce, cucumber, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, cheese, and hard boiled egg... with ff honey mustard dressing
*no sugar added mott's applesauce
*waist watcher cheesecake (ran across the street to reid's dairy on lunch and grabbed it)

*2 fish fillets
*low fat mccain fries
*thinsations cookies


not sure what i'll have tomorrow... i'm beat so i'll figure it out in the morning!!! going to bed now and it's not even 9:30... the sleep will do me good!

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