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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big UPS for me!

i will never be cool... some people can pull off saying something like "big ups"... i will NEVER be that cool person. but i think i'm okay with being the person who can't say big ups.

anyway... i salute myself... pat myself on the back.. i managed to get on the treadmill as soon as i got home yesterday (instead of having my typical immediately-after-work-but-before-dinner snack). I had planned on having a chicken breast and rice and peas for dinner... but that didn't happen. basically, here's my evening

5:30 - got home
6:00- got on the treadmill
6:45 - was STARVING, got off the treadmill, was too hungry to cook rice, had a chicken breast (luckily i had precooked chicken breasts from the weekend) on 2 WW wraps with lettuce, feta cheese, and some FF miracle whip
7:30 - vacuum
8:00 - popcorn snack (1pt)
8:15 - cleaning kitchen and bathroom
9:00 - HELL'S KITCHEN! (who else was surprised chef did NOT send Bonnie home?)
10:00 - getting ready for bed

I didn't sleep well, woke up a few times and i'm not sure why... but despite my restless sleep i still got myself on the treadmill this morning!! yay!!!

Today's food:
Breakfast - 1 container source yogurt, cherry flavour (1), 1/3c muesli (2), blueberries (1)
AM snack - small peach (1)
lunch (packed, ready to eat later) - salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, radishes and light feta cheese (1), salad spritzer (0), carrots (0), FF sour cream dip (1), tuna (1)
PM Snack - strawberries and blueberries (1)
Dinner (planned) - i kind of forget what i planned.. i think maybe chicken and peas.

crap. just realized i forgot my tuna in the fridge at home. no tuna for lunch today. maybe i'll eat it as a quick snack when i get home.

today when i get home my plan is to have a walk (a quick-paced walk) on the treadmill for an hour... then do sit-ups... then eat dinner... and also, watch BIG BROTHER!!

Does anyone know if they still do "toonie tuesdays" anywhere? wasn't it KFC that used to do it? i never went... nor do i like KFC... i'm just curious if they still do it.

Have a great day everyone... as my ww leader would say... see you lighter!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Case of the Mondays...

Well, not really a case of the mondays. I showed up for work today... so that already puts me ahead of everyone else here! I am the ONLY person who showed up for work in the intake dept!! 3 people are on vacation, 1 is at another office for a mtg, 1 called in sick, and 1 just didn't show up. i called her to see where she was at and she told me she wasn't coming in today... so here i sit... all ALONE! LUCKILY most of the central east region of people are on vacation... so it's not so busy at work.

Tara - I actually DO think the SF red bull works... but it may be psychological. I had bought an entire case of them ($70 later...) and I think when I finish the case I'll try and go at it without the red bull again. Did you go grocery shopping? Buy anything good?

Did i mention the "singles" chocolate bars now come in Coffee Crisp? well... they do! I would know this because I've eaten one already. I'm here all alone today... i've had my healthy lunch and i wanted chocolate... so i ate one! (I have a stash of snacks in my desk drawer... all bran bites, all bran bars... and coffee crisp singles!).

i DID manage to get on the treadmill yesterday! yay!! this morning... not so much. BUT, I will go on tonight. the mornings aren't happening for me anymore... so I might try switching back to evenings for a bit.

What have I eaten today, you ask? I will tell you!

Breakfast - 1/3c muesli (2), strawberry source yogurt (1), blueberries (1), and a whole litre of water
Snack - small peach (1), all bran bites (1)
Lunch - Lettuce salad with light feta (1), salad spritzer (0), tuna (1), carrots (0), FF sour cream/onion dip (1), coffee crisp(2).... okay and if i'm being VERY honest... another coffee crisp (2)

What does that bring my total to for today? 13 I think... I have blueberries and a couple of strawberries for my afternoon snack (1) which will bring me to 14 points.

Tonight's planned dinner is a chicken breast (3oz = 3pts), 1/2c brown rice (2), and spicy peas (0)

Today's total will be 19 points probably.

My plan is also to get on the treadmill this evening (wish me luck... i'm LAZY!).

Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's a BEAUTIFUL day... for carrots, blueberries, and RUNNING!

well, to quasi-quote REM... it's the end of the weekend as we know it, and i feel fine!

it started last night (my feeling better - sans headache!). i didn't eat dinner (wasn't hungry - FINALLY!). i lied on the couch for a while and alex called to say he was coming over. we had some of my 94% fat free kernel's popcorn (he had white cheddar seasoning, i had salt and vinegar) and we watched swingers (i had never seen it actually). there's that scene in the movie where the guys are a waffle house/denny's type breakfast restaurant... and suddenly i wanted a late-night breakfast. so when the movie ended at 11:30ish i declared to alex that i wanted to go to denny's... and being the good sport he is, he agreed to take me (did i mention the closest denny's is out in pickering? well, it is!). so we got to pickering before midnight and i ate 3 pancakes (he had a slam deal), and we were back home around 1am... i think i was in bed within 10min and slept like a baby!

i was up this morning by 8am and by 8:45 i was out the door to walmart to do my grocery shopping... i was back home by 10 and ate some breakfast, put away groceries, talked to my mom... and here we are! i just drank a sugar free red bull so i'm giving it a few minutes to digest before i get on the treadmill.

i managed to buy a HUGE flat of blueberries (i read in this month's chatelaine they're a "super food", so i'm eating more of them), some ONTARIO peaches (yay for peaches with splenda and some ff cottage cheese!)... i also have decided i'm not eating enough carrots lately... i'm just not enjoying them... soooooo i bought a container of ff sour cream and some onion soup (dry) mix to add to it and then i will love me some carrots with the dip (the dip is 1 pt for 6 tbsp)... only i didn't get regular onion soup mix... i got onion roasted garlic soup mix... mmmm i love garlic!!

my breakfast this morning was source yogurt (red berry flavour, 1 container = 1pt), 1/3c muesli mix (2pt), and 1c blueberries (1pt).

i haven't planned out what i'll have for lunch yet... i'm thinking veggies and dip (carrots, cucumber and radishes)... but i don't know what i'll do for protein... maybe tuna? maybe chicken? then some peaches and cottage cheese maybe? i dunno!!!

dinner - i was thinking of doing something curry... some chick peas, peas, rice, and ground chicken with some curry... but who knows!!

i hope everyone has a beautiful sunday! (why did "sunday bloody sunday" just come into my head??)

if you're looking for a NEW video of simon... there's one i haven't posted because i actually had the camera sideways (yes, i forgot i was taking a VIDEO and not a still photo!)... you have to turn up your volume because it's too funny... he outright SLAPS our poor 11yr old cousin, Ryan. also, take note of how empathetic alex is after the big slap (he is the voice you can hear in the background).

top of the day to you all!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

just noticed my countdown ticker

only 150 days til christmas!!!

My name is Jen, and I am LAZY

i can't believe how friggin lazy i am today. i have my little a/c on and all my fans going... yet it still seems humid and hot in here... i don't know if my headache is making me feel the heat more, or if the heat is causing my headache... either way, the treadmill was a bust. BUT i at least attempted it. once i broke out in a sweat my head was pounding and i thought i might vomit... and i really didn't want to vomit... so i quit the treadmill for today. so now i am trying NOT to feel guilty or disappointed and i will just look forward to the possibilities on the treadmill tomorrow!!

i've been craving popcorn and haven't had any in months... so i think i'm going to run to the walmart supercentre and get popcorn and seasoning (i have becel spray here already) and papertowels... then come home, maybe eat some dinner... and wait for alex to come join me for some couch/movie/popcorn time!

man i miss simon... i haven't seen him in a week and likely won't see him for a couple more weeks (unless i skip out on work and go spend an afternoon with him and michele one day)... i don't know WHY they have to live all the way in hamilton! my parents find it hard too i think... i've promised them that when the day comes that i have kids (should it ever come!)... i won't live in hamilton. the QEW at the ford plant SUCKS!!!!!

okay, enough procrastinating... time to just bite the bullet and do the running around i want to do and get back home!

happy saturday evening, everyone!

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm loving those WW bagels!

okay, so this morning I didn't get on the treadmill (which I hadn't planned to anyway, so it's okay). BUT i DID eat a ww bagel for breakfast - toasted with some cheese on it (and dipped it into blue menu ketchup)... YUMMMMM! I'm glad i'm getting a passport - i need to get me to the states in the fall and get more bagels!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Post #2

update after WI- i stayed the same. i suppose considering all the cake i ate at grandma's 80th... and the macaroni salad and potato salad... and the chocolate i ate monday... i should be happy with staying the same. it's better than one of the alternatives.

this week i WILL get on the treadmill at LEAST 4 times.

Where is the time going?

I don't know where the past month has gone.... but I CAN summarize what I have done... hold simon... eating bad food... not running... eating more bad food... spending more time with simon... i think i saw alex in there a few times... ate more bad food... and visited with simon. there you go, folks - THAT is a COMPLETE summary of my holidays.

i won't even begin to tell you how much weight i gained over my 2 weeks off (only alex knows... and if he tells anyone there will be HUGE consequences!). i was so lazy and just went ahead and ate all the chocolate my PMS heart desired.

this past week i was house-sitting in pontypool for a couple of days... no treadmill. HOWEVER i did manage to jog after work through the trails in the woods. at least it's something.

what's exciting is my mom brought me back a few things from the states (she and dad went to michigan)... she brought me back fruit punch crystal light and raspberry lemonade crystal light... some 100 calorie pack with ritz crackers/treats in it... 2 bags of WW bagels and 2 bags of WW english muffins... OH and some WW chocolates you can't get in Canada... the bread products are safely in the freezer to be rationed out sparingly... the rest is in the pantry (to be rationed as well).

Yesterday I also went out and bought some healthy snacks to keep in my desk here at work (all bran bars, all bran bites)... AND i came across 100 calorie coffee crisp chocolate bars!

My next task is to get my friggin passport already... so one day HOPEFULLY i will go shopping across the border with alex, tara, and/or stacey!!!

wish me luck at weigh in tonight... hopefully i'm down at least a little bit!

Monday, July 02, 2007

It's been a while!

Not much going on here... same old, same old. I've been seeing Simon as much as possible... and then working.

i'm now officially on vacation though! i don't know what my exact plans are... go to pontypool for a few days, back here for a few days... to hamilton at least a couple of times hopefully.

i was finally DOWN at my weigh-in last week... it's been quite a while since i was down...

i've discovered a new website and i'm finding it interesting for now... maybe it will help my motivation.

anyway, i'm lazy today and don't have much to report... just wanted to check in!

see you lighter!