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Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's a BEAUTIFUL day... for carrots, blueberries, and RUNNING!

well, to quasi-quote REM... it's the end of the weekend as we know it, and i feel fine!

it started last night (my feeling better - sans headache!). i didn't eat dinner (wasn't hungry - FINALLY!). i lied on the couch for a while and alex called to say he was coming over. we had some of my 94% fat free kernel's popcorn (he had white cheddar seasoning, i had salt and vinegar) and we watched swingers (i had never seen it actually). there's that scene in the movie where the guys are a waffle house/denny's type breakfast restaurant... and suddenly i wanted a late-night breakfast. so when the movie ended at 11:30ish i declared to alex that i wanted to go to denny's... and being the good sport he is, he agreed to take me (did i mention the closest denny's is out in pickering? well, it is!). so we got to pickering before midnight and i ate 3 pancakes (he had a slam deal), and we were back home around 1am... i think i was in bed within 10min and slept like a baby!

i was up this morning by 8am and by 8:45 i was out the door to walmart to do my grocery shopping... i was back home by 10 and ate some breakfast, put away groceries, talked to my mom... and here we are! i just drank a sugar free red bull so i'm giving it a few minutes to digest before i get on the treadmill.

i managed to buy a HUGE flat of blueberries (i read in this month's chatelaine they're a "super food", so i'm eating more of them), some ONTARIO peaches (yay for peaches with splenda and some ff cottage cheese!)... i also have decided i'm not eating enough carrots lately... i'm just not enjoying them... soooooo i bought a container of ff sour cream and some onion soup (dry) mix to add to it and then i will love me some carrots with the dip (the dip is 1 pt for 6 tbsp)... only i didn't get regular onion soup mix... i got onion roasted garlic soup mix... mmmm i love garlic!!

my breakfast this morning was source yogurt (red berry flavour, 1 container = 1pt), 1/3c muesli mix (2pt), and 1c blueberries (1pt).

i haven't planned out what i'll have for lunch yet... i'm thinking veggies and dip (carrots, cucumber and radishes)... but i don't know what i'll do for protein... maybe tuna? maybe chicken? then some peaches and cottage cheese maybe? i dunno!!!

dinner - i was thinking of doing something curry... some chick peas, peas, rice, and ground chicken with some curry... but who knows!!

i hope everyone has a beautiful sunday! (why did "sunday bloody sunday" just come into my head??)

if you're looking for a NEW video of simon... there's one i haven't posted because i actually had the camera sideways (yes, i forgot i was taking a VIDEO and not a still photo!)... you have to turn up your volume because it's too funny... he outright SLAPS our poor 11yr old cousin, Ryan. also, take note of how empathetic alex is after the big slap (he is the voice you can hear in the background).

top of the day to you all!

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Tara said...

Glad the headache is gone...definitely makes running a whole lot easier! What's the verdict on the Red Bull anyway? Does it help?
What a sweet guy you have, taking you for breakfast at midnight! Oh to live somewhere other than Lindsay and have that option!
Your food for today sounds yummy! I gotta get me some groceries!