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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big UPS for me!

i will never be cool... some people can pull off saying something like "big ups"... i will NEVER be that cool person. but i think i'm okay with being the person who can't say big ups.

anyway... i salute myself... pat myself on the back.. i managed to get on the treadmill as soon as i got home yesterday (instead of having my typical immediately-after-work-but-before-dinner snack). I had planned on having a chicken breast and rice and peas for dinner... but that didn't happen. basically, here's my evening

5:30 - got home
6:00- got on the treadmill
6:45 - was STARVING, got off the treadmill, was too hungry to cook rice, had a chicken breast (luckily i had precooked chicken breasts from the weekend) on 2 WW wraps with lettuce, feta cheese, and some FF miracle whip
7:30 - vacuum
8:00 - popcorn snack (1pt)
8:15 - cleaning kitchen and bathroom
9:00 - HELL'S KITCHEN! (who else was surprised chef did NOT send Bonnie home?)
10:00 - getting ready for bed

I didn't sleep well, woke up a few times and i'm not sure why... but despite my restless sleep i still got myself on the treadmill this morning!! yay!!!

Today's food:
Breakfast - 1 container source yogurt, cherry flavour (1), 1/3c muesli (2), blueberries (1)
AM snack - small peach (1)
lunch (packed, ready to eat later) - salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, radishes and light feta cheese (1), salad spritzer (0), carrots (0), FF sour cream dip (1), tuna (1)
PM Snack - strawberries and blueberries (1)
Dinner (planned) - i kind of forget what i planned.. i think maybe chicken and peas.

crap. just realized i forgot my tuna in the fridge at home. no tuna for lunch today. maybe i'll eat it as a quick snack when i get home.

today when i get home my plan is to have a walk (a quick-paced walk) on the treadmill for an hour... then do sit-ups... then eat dinner... and also, watch BIG BROTHER!!

Does anyone know if they still do "toonie tuesdays" anywhere? wasn't it KFC that used to do it? i never went... nor do i like KFC... i'm just curious if they still do it.

Have a great day everyone... as my ww leader would say... see you lighter!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Truthfully, I'm not really sure that anyone can pull off "big ups"! But maybe that's just me!!
I'm with you on the Bonnie thing...I was shocked! I think he's just trying to set up Rock to win. A girl won last time so they've gotta give it to a guy this time. Just my theory...we'll see if it's accurate at all or if I'm just crazy!
Good job getting on the treadmill :) Go Jen Go!! I need to take some of your motivation and get my ass out there! Keep up the good work and good eating!
Luv ya!!!