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Monday, July 30, 2007

Case of the Mondays...

Well, not really a case of the mondays. I showed up for work today... so that already puts me ahead of everyone else here! I am the ONLY person who showed up for work in the intake dept!! 3 people are on vacation, 1 is at another office for a mtg, 1 called in sick, and 1 just didn't show up. i called her to see where she was at and she told me she wasn't coming in today... so here i sit... all ALONE! LUCKILY most of the central east region of people are on vacation... so it's not so busy at work.

Tara - I actually DO think the SF red bull works... but it may be psychological. I had bought an entire case of them ($70 later...) and I think when I finish the case I'll try and go at it without the red bull again. Did you go grocery shopping? Buy anything good?

Did i mention the "singles" chocolate bars now come in Coffee Crisp? well... they do! I would know this because I've eaten one already. I'm here all alone today... i've had my healthy lunch and i wanted chocolate... so i ate one! (I have a stash of snacks in my desk drawer... all bran bites, all bran bars... and coffee crisp singles!).

i DID manage to get on the treadmill yesterday! yay!! this morning... not so much. BUT, I will go on tonight. the mornings aren't happening for me anymore... so I might try switching back to evenings for a bit.

What have I eaten today, you ask? I will tell you!

Breakfast - 1/3c muesli (2), strawberry source yogurt (1), blueberries (1), and a whole litre of water
Snack - small peach (1), all bran bites (1)
Lunch - Lettuce salad with light feta (1), salad spritzer (0), tuna (1), carrots (0), FF sour cream/onion dip (1), coffee crisp(2).... okay and if i'm being VERY honest... another coffee crisp (2)

What does that bring my total to for today? 13 I think... I have blueberries and a couple of strawberries for my afternoon snack (1) which will bring me to 14 points.

Tonight's planned dinner is a chicken breast (3oz = 3pts), 1/2c brown rice (2), and spicy peas (0)

Today's total will be 19 points probably.

My plan is also to get on the treadmill this evening (wish me luck... i'm LAZY!).

Happy Monday!

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