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Saturday, July 28, 2007

My name is Jen, and I am LAZY

i can't believe how friggin lazy i am today. i have my little a/c on and all my fans going... yet it still seems humid and hot in here... i don't know if my headache is making me feel the heat more, or if the heat is causing my headache... either way, the treadmill was a bust. BUT i at least attempted it. once i broke out in a sweat my head was pounding and i thought i might vomit... and i really didn't want to vomit... so i quit the treadmill for today. so now i am trying NOT to feel guilty or disappointed and i will just look forward to the possibilities on the treadmill tomorrow!!

i've been craving popcorn and haven't had any in months... so i think i'm going to run to the walmart supercentre and get popcorn and seasoning (i have becel spray here already) and papertowels... then come home, maybe eat some dinner... and wait for alex to come join me for some couch/movie/popcorn time!

man i miss simon... i haven't seen him in a week and likely won't see him for a couple more weeks (unless i skip out on work and go spend an afternoon with him and michele one day)... i don't know WHY they have to live all the way in hamilton! my parents find it hard too i think... i've promised them that when the day comes that i have kids (should it ever come!)... i won't live in hamilton. the QEW at the ford plant SUCKS!!!!!

okay, enough procrastinating... time to just bite the bullet and do the running around i want to do and get back home!

happy saturday evening, everyone!

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