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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where is the time going?

I don't know where the past month has gone.... but I CAN summarize what I have done... hold simon... eating bad food... not running... eating more bad food... spending more time with simon... i think i saw alex in there a few times... ate more bad food... and visited with simon. there you go, folks - THAT is a COMPLETE summary of my holidays.

i won't even begin to tell you how much weight i gained over my 2 weeks off (only alex knows... and if he tells anyone there will be HUGE consequences!). i was so lazy and just went ahead and ate all the chocolate my PMS heart desired.

this past week i was house-sitting in pontypool for a couple of days... no treadmill. HOWEVER i did manage to jog after work through the trails in the woods. at least it's something.

what's exciting is my mom brought me back a few things from the states (she and dad went to michigan)... she brought me back fruit punch crystal light and raspberry lemonade crystal light... some 100 calorie pack with ritz crackers/treats in it... 2 bags of WW bagels and 2 bags of WW english muffins... OH and some WW chocolates you can't get in Canada... the bread products are safely in the freezer to be rationed out sparingly... the rest is in the pantry (to be rationed as well).

Yesterday I also went out and bought some healthy snacks to keep in my desk here at work (all bran bars, all bran bites)... AND i came across 100 calorie coffee crisp chocolate bars!

My next task is to get my friggin passport already... so one day HOPEFULLY i will go shopping across the border with alex, tara, and/or stacey!!!

wish me luck at weigh in tonight... hopefully i'm down at least a little bit!

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Tara said...

Mmmm, did you say coffee crisp? Where did you find those gems? I have discovered the 100 calorie Breyers chocolate fudge brownie ice cream cups. I highly recommend them! Found them cheapest at food basics.
Good for you for getting out and running the trails. Being on holidays is hard. It's like you're on holidays from everything, including good eating! Don't worry, once you get back into your routine, things will fall into place! You still have to live and enjoy the journey :) (Listen to me being philosophical on night shift!!)
Miss ya!!