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Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm loving those WW bagels!

okay, so this morning I didn't get on the treadmill (which I hadn't planned to anyway, so it's okay). BUT i DID eat a ww bagel for breakfast - toasted with some cheese on it (and dipped it into blue menu ketchup)... YUMMMMM! I'm glad i'm getting a passport - i need to get me to the states in the fall and get more bagels!!!

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Tara said...

K, that's way too funny. I just sent you an email asking how much you loved the WW bagels!!! Aren't they the greatest?? And I think as long as you drive across to the states, you don't HAVE to have a passport yet??? We'll have to go sometime soon! The bagels work great as a hamburger bun too! Heck, they work for anything :)