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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jennifer = TIRED!

I'm so tired today... I have been since I woke up. I am going to try to muster up the energy to make tomorrow's lunch during a BL commercial so I can get to bed as soon as it's over!

So, despite being tired today, I still managed a jog this morning... although, it was only 30min. I'm okay with that! I'm just glad I got in some activity.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: oatmeal (2)
Post jog: protein smoothie (3)
Lunch: 1c ww pasta (3), HOT salsa (0), 1/2 black beans and corn (1), 1/2c chick peas (2)... yogurt (1)
Snack: Larabar - lemon (4)
Dinner: salad with tomatoes and cucumber and balsamic vinegar (0), 46 fruit bites - craving them tonight!! (4)
Total: 20
Water: 3L (less today... was out of the office all day and couldn't drink as much because I couldn't keep going to the washroom!)

Off to finish watching the Biggest Loser!! I love the show... but I have to say, I'm tired of all of the 'commercials' within the show (how much will the sales of multi grain cheerios go up tomorrow thanks to Jillian teaching the girls about this cereal?). I must admit though... I do plan on buying the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD! I actually am going to order it now off amazon... yes, that is what I will do. I want to have a selection of DVD's to take home with me over Easter to keep up my activity!!

Happy hump day!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Touché, dear Tara... Touché

Tara totally called me out this week! She is right, I did not eat enough on Saturday considering the amount of exercise I did. I shouldn't paint the picture that I worked really hard on Saturday... I did take 2 5min breaks where I stopped the clock and sat with my feet up and had a drink... I did end up feeling quite nauseated after the run and I could barely eat all of my dinner (I shared it with Alex even)... so, that is why I ate less. Now, that being said... even if I felt fine, I can't say I would have eaten more... I think I'm so conditioned to not eat my activity points, it may not have occurred to me to eat more that day! IF I ever jog that much again, I will try to eat more!

So... I did get back at it today. I was going to just jog for 45min, but I ended up watching TV and was enjoying what I watched (while on the treadmill) and ended up pulling off a full 60min jog today. Then, I went to work.

Here's what I ate (a bit more today!)...
Breakfast: Protein shake (3)
Lunch: flatout (1), refried black beans (2), hummus (0), salsa and lettuce (0), yogurt (2), fruit bites (2)
Snack: almonds (2), motivate smores bar (4)
Dinner: salad with cheese (1), 1/2c chick peas (2), black beans and corn (0), tomatoes and cucumber (0), EVOO/balsamic dressing (2), yogurt (1)
Total: 22
Water: 4.5L

Here's some photos from the weekend...
This is what I avoided:
This is what I ate!!

Happy Tuesday... Biggest Loser night! Yay!! I hear Mike has a health scare on tomorrow's show. You can bet I will be curled up on my couch and watching!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, another weekend has come and gone... ever so quickly of course.

I'm too tired to worry about posting photos... not that I took any (unfortunately). I will just recap for you.

woke up, ran to superstore, ran to shoppers (okay, didn't run... drove). Came home, ate breakfast (ww toast with pb2, fruit candy bites - 4pts) and managed to get myself on the treadmill for a half marathon. That's right folks, I jogged (ever so slowly) 13 miles... that's 20km (for us Canadians). It took me almost 2.5 hours. My feet were sore, my legs were sore, I wanted to sleep... but, I did it. Following the long jog I got my hair trimmed and then we headed out to a birthday dinner at Lonestar. I managed to avoid any alcohol, any fried nachos (with their home made salsa)... I ordered chicken breast, although did get talked into having some mushrooms and cheese on top of it... then it came with steamed veggies, coleslaw and a side of mashed potatoes. I asked for a baked potato instead of mashed potatoes... and put some of their salsa on the potato. I gave the coleslaw to alex (not that he even ate it). The chicken was cooked to perfection, but I could barely eat it all... I did share some with alex. We stopped for starbucks on the way home, but I didn't want to have a latte (didn't want to spend more points)... so, I asked for a coffee (0 points) with a sugar free shot of caramel syrup (0 points)... and I added some splenda. It was pretty good for 0 points! I started feeling really nauseated last night though... not sure if it was from the LONG jog, dinner, or the coffee. Total estimated points = 19.

Woke up, headed to Pontypool and attended Kristen's candle party (which I TOTALLY forgot to send Tara a reminder email about!!!! I remembered when I was driving there today). My biggest challenge for today? NOT eating any of the unhealthy food... and it was EVERYWHERE! I had made 2 kinds of cookies and 2 kinds of fudge (did I mention 1 kind of fudge was chocolate/peanut butter? Did you know I LOVE chocolate peanut butter? My mom also bought a huge bag of little caramel filled chocolate bunnies or chocolate filled white bunnies from costco! brutal!!). I didn't avoid it all together. I did eat the leftover chocolate from the knife after I cut up the fudge. I also had about 4 kettle baked chips and about 5 robin egg whoppers (because Simon literally put them in my mouth! You cannot reject gifts from your nephew!). I bought some candles, enjoyed visiting with people... and got to see my adorable nephew. Pretty good day!

Here's what I ate... no real meals, just snacking all day.
Breakfast: oatmeal w/ flax seed (2)
Rest of the day... 3 dare vinta crackers (2), 1.5 weight watcher tortillas that I baked myself on saturday and cut into triangles... idea from tara's blog last year and an alternate to tostitos (2), spoonful of nacho dip that was made with low fat cream cheese, fat free miracle whip, ff sour cream, salsa and light cheese (2), baby gherkins x6 (1), cheese (2), fudge (?2), kettle baked chips (2), robins egg whoppers (2), fruit bites (2)
Total: 19

I think that summarizes my weekend!! I got talking to Kurt again today and he really recommends that I go to the running room (which my better half has suggested as well) to get my running shoes. He goes there every year to get his shoes. Maybe I will have to stop in at the one across the street from alex's office this week!

Happy week... let's make it another good weight loss week!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I woke up tired today (thank you, gravol)... no treadmill. Went to work, wanted to be in bed... just felt like today was going to be a bad day.

I got home and got text messages from mom... I'm glad my grandparents are still alive, but the stress that is coming with it is driving me nuts. Poppa Jim will be in the hospital for a little while but he refuses to let anyone be hired to take care of grandma... my mom and her siblings are totally exhausted and burned out. To make matters worse, one aunt (red head) has decided today that she's done... left a message for my aunt (who is POA) and told her she is washing her hands of it all... won't be helping out with grandma anymore. It shouldn't stress me out, but it does.

The good news for today? I haven't turned to bad food for comfort. Yes, I did have 2 tbsp of chocolate chips while baking... and I had a spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough, but now I'm done. (I'm flying solo tonight... Alex has been sent out with his buddy to leave me to get my baking done!)

My plan tomorrow is to get on the treadmill for a really long jog... I think that will help me feel better. I'm also making a trip to shoppers drug mart for 20x the points day... and then going to get my hair cut (and blow dried straight, yay!). Then it's off to dinner for a friend's birthday (meal is planned, will stick to it... will be healthy! yay again!).

More good news for today? Not one... but TWO people today noticed I'm losing weight. That rocks! One girl I see often told me she can see I'm losing weight, and another girl who has been on vacation for a couple of weeks saw me from behind in the kitchen (I was filling up my water bottle... big surprise!) and asked me if I was losing weight. That's enough to keep me motivated!!

Here's what i ate today...
Breakfast - oatmeal (2)
Lunch - salad with chick peas (2), cheese (1), EVOO/balsamic drsg (2), yogurt (1)
Snack - cashew cookie larabar (4)
Dinner - flatout (1), hummus (0), 1/4c corn/black beans (0), salsa (0), lettuce (0)
Snacking while baking - chocolate chips (3), cookie dough (2)
Total: 18
Water: 5L

I did think to take photos of my wrap for dinner...

Happy Saturday! I am glad to have an Easter plan in place, I must say!! I will post my "official" Easter plan soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thank you, lemon water!

Down 1.8lbs!

I secretly still hope for at least 3lbs gone one of these weeks... maybe next week will be my week.

I'm off to eat my...

I'll be back to update what else I eat... I'm thinking larabar, fruit bites, almonds... maybe popcorn? The possiblities are endless!

Okay, here's what I've eaten today...
BF - fruit bites (2)
Dinner - subway (12), fruit bites (2), almonds (2), 1 spoon of cream cheese frosting (2)
Snack - tostitos (2), cheez whiz (1), salsa (0)
Total: 23
Water: 2L (probably 1 more)

I might have something more to eat... and this will be my 'high calorie' day.

Jogging McWalker

Talk about a last chance workout (okay, so it's not really comparable to the REAL last chance workout on BL).

The gravol worked wonders last night and I fully intend on taking another one tonight. I slept like a baby!

I managed to wake up and get in a full 45min jog before work. I also managed to get in a kick ass walk on my lunch. I added an extra 'circle/block' to the walk and still took off 5min from last Thursday's walk. Woohoo.

I am optimistic for tonight... but I am reluctant to admit that out of fear it will come back to bite me in my well-exercised butt.

I will be back tonight... You can bet your skinny ass on it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(Temporary) New Look!

Well, while I really liked my new blog look... it has been put away for a while.

In honour of the upcoming Easter, I have changed the look to reflect the occasion. I want to be reminded every day that I do have a huge challenge to overcome... very soon.

You see... last year at this time I weighed less than I do now. about 5lbs less to be exact. I had been on a role, was back to losing weight, and was at my lowest in fact. At Easter I sabotaged myself... and basically have not recovered. I look back on my blog from then and I wrote about how I ate anything I wanted at Easter... and then couldn't recover. This is the most I've found my groove since that time and I'm terrified to lose it.

That being said, I am aware of my fear of losing control and gaining weight (and not recovering) this year... I am already developing my plan of attack. My mom is being very cooperative and allowing me to request what certain family members bring. Stac makes a great turnip casserole (1/2c is only 2pts), my aunt makes a really good green bean/vinegar salad... I will make the whipped potatoes via the WW method... and have instructed alex to only let me have 1 spoonful of stuffing (if any!). I'm going to make healthier desserts... and pray.

So... in summary, I have changed my blog for now to remind me every day that Easter is coming... and I'm not going to have any regrets!!

Good luck tomorrow (again!). I have taken 1 gravol to try to help me sleep tonight... and it has taken effect. I'm falling asleep as I type. hooray!

Good night, sleep tight...

We're getting there

Hello, headache city!

I have developed a big headache in the past hour... but I've finally taken advil and I think I will live. As my Poppa Jim says... it's a long way from my heart.

I didn't end up taking more food photos today (but just see last Wednesday's post if you want photos). I had a hard time sleeping last night, wasn't tired when it was time for bed... up until 1am, back up at 4 and 5am. I was fearful that I would sleep in and not get in my jog. Guess what. I JOGGED! Got my full 45min even!

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: oatmeal (2)
Post jog: protein smoothie (3)
Lunch: salad with cheese and tuna (2), EVOO/balsamic dressing (2), yogurt (2), fruit bites (2)
Snack: larabar - cocoa coconut (4)
Dinner: egg (2), egg whites (0), topped with 2tbsp southwestern hummus (0) and salsa (0)
Total: 19
Water: 5L (side note: ended up downing 7L yesterday!)

So... what did we think of BL last night? I was so happy for Kristin!! She still has so far to go, I hope she gets there. I am worried about how Aubrey will do at home... I hope she finds her groove. I've taken to reading Alison's blog. I find it fun to hear her perspective. The more seasons she hosts, the more I really like her (plus, I used to watch her on Days of Our Lives and she was very evil when I watched... it's nice to see a 'nice' side of her!).

Good luck tomorrow. I have no predictions at this point for my weigh in... I think the sodium saturated soy sauce is done causing my water retention... but the scale isn't moving much. Time will tell. I will do damage control with a jog in the morning and a walk at lunch... and maybe say a little prayer to the scale gods!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another day, another dollar

I don't have any food photos today... oops! Basically my day consisted of waking up, getting in a nice little 45min jog, then going to work! Although, my friend at work and I did get in a brisk walk over lunch (we were mall walkers! We went to the big OC and walked for about 30min... even broke a sweat!). I came home I had to bake some goodies for a special birthday at work tomorrow... I managed to scrape by with just licking a few spoons when all was said and done (much less than I usually do). I have already made lunch for tomorrow and done the dishes... now I wait for 9pm Biggest Loser! I don't know if I'll make it the full 2 hours tonight... staying up until 11pm is hard for me.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: oatmeal (2)
Post jog: protein smoothie (3)
Lunch: 1/2c quinoa (2), salsa (0), black beans (1), corn (0), 1/4c ff cottage cheese (1)... yogurt (2), cucumbers in vinegar and sea salt (0)
Snack: apple pie larabar (4)
Baking snacking: licking spoons... (?2), cheese string (1)
Dinner:... didn't feel like eating anything but had 1/2c cottage cheese and pepper (2)
Total: 20
Water: 6L - that's right!! Lemon water!

I have one photo I haven't posted... it's my new berry protein smoothie... one day it whipped up so much it was cool.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Damage Control

Well... Monday has been laid to rest. Yay. Only a few more days to recover from sodium Sunday (aka Sushi Sunday... aka Soy Sauce Sunday).

I managed to pull off an hour and a half jog day and wished I had more time because part of me wanted to go for 2 hours.

I did some cleaning, some food prep... went to work... ran a couple of errands after work... and here we are! I'm watching the season finale of Jon and Kate plus 8 then I will make tomorrow's lunch, do the dishes, and get my butt to bed.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: oatmeal (2), protein shake (3)
Lunch: flatout (1), 2tbsp hummus (0), salsa (0), 1/4c black beans and corn (0), 1/4c ff cottage cheese (1), lettuce (0)... yogurt (1), fruit mini bites (2)
Snack: caramel peanut motivate bar (4)
Dinner: salad with tuna and cheese (2), more black beans and corn (1), EVOO drsg with red wine vinegar, garlic and hot sauce (2), cucumbers in vinegar with sea salt (0)
Total: 19
Water: 5L LEMON water... damage control to try to help with water retention after my sodium sunday fest


Lunch wrap

So, I haven't had the PB2 again, but yesterday I did have the chocolate one for breakfast... I added a bit more water and LOVED it. I'll have to try the PB2 again and add more water. I bet it would be good with jam (more moisture!).

The hummus is NOT like wendy and barb's hummus at all... it's more like a southwestern (chipotle?) tasting bean dip. Luckily, I like beans.

Happy Tuesday!

More Biggest Loser!

Okay, so my obsession this weekend (when I've actually been awake) is trying to find webpages or anything from previous BL contestants... anywhere they may disclose what life was really like on the Ranch (or campus... depending on what season they were).

I found Neill and Amanda - the white team from BL Families (he was the guy who was a wuss and who most people, including Jillian, couldn't stand).

According to their "FAQ" section weigh in day is a production! Here's what they say..

Weigh in day is the day we weight in, but it takes preparation to weigh in and be at your absolute lightest. First, we fast starting the night before (8pm typically) so we have no food or drink past 8pm. Then wake up as early as possible, use the bathroom to clear out all solids/fluids, I then go to the YMCA and workout for an hour (on an empty stomach and drink no additional water). After all that you get on the scale in underwear only to make sure clothes don’t skew the results.
The reason to weigh in in the morning is that you have burned through all the food in your stomach, again making sure food or water does not skew your weight results.

Note: when we say workout for an hour before weigh in is NOT for dehydration…dehydration is the worst thing you can do for weight loss. I do however, do it to lose a little bit more water before I hit the scale. We do not, and will not dehydrate, as that affects you later on down the road negatively.

Also, they have some different information about 'high calorie day'

High calorie day, HCD, or also known as “cheat day” or “splurge day”, is the one day a week that you take a little break from the super strict diet that you are on. You can have 1 meal that will up your calories. For example: if you take in 1800 calories per day, then on high calorie day you up it to 2400-2600.

Why you say? Because low calories throughout the week can cause your body to go into “starvation mode” because it is not getting as much food as it wants, or was used to. So it can start completely shutting down the weight loss and storing body fat, instead of burning it. Which is compounded by the fact that it then starts to attack the muscles for food. So you eating higher calories on HCD is your way of telling the body everything is okay and it can keep losing weight. Try it for a few weeks. See if you notice a change in how much weight you lose.

If you find any webpages/blogs, etc. from former contestants - please let me know!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sushi (SUN)Day

I am so tired today. I don't know why! Maybe I'm not always cut out for working 6 days a week... maybe my incredibly slow/quiet shift last evening made me more tired... perhaps my neighbours having a wild party until the wee hours of the morning hindered my sleep. Regardless, I'm tired today. I woke up early with every intention of a good jog. I slowly made my way to the treadmill... I wasn't on very long before my shins were hurting (I have learned that when I am tired my form sucks and my shins hurt). I gave up before I really got a good jog in. I intended on going back on there tonight... hasn't happened. I have accepted the fact that I have not really jogged today... and the scale will likely NOT be my friend tomorrow... but I will recover the rest of the week and work my butt off (and restrict my food a bit).

The good part about today was that Alex and I went for sushi at Makimono. I ate far too much and will likely retain a great deal of water (thanks to all the sodium in all the soy sauce). BUT, I had been craving sushi since Friday and it felt good to eat it!!

Basically today I mostly ate sushi... it really accounts for most of my points... so, here's some photos to leave you with;

I asked Chicklet if she wanted me to bring her home sushi... I don't think she wanted any (based on her response);

Happy Monday... Cheers to a hardcore week resulting in a successful weigh in on Thursday!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been shopping!!

Well... It's Saturday and I have to work. The joys of working 2 jobs. No jogging yesterday or today... These will be my 2 days off. I went shopping today and have done some cleaning and food prep... so tomorrow I will be able to enjoy a nice jog before heading out for sushi with alex.

After going to the grocery store I decided I had time to make the trip to Markham to buy a few fun things... Here's what I came home with;

I also came home with something else... (I had to look for them thanks to Tara telling me about them last weekend!!)
Here's what it looks like when you open the bottlehere's what it looks like when you mix the 2tbsp powder with 1 tbsp water (I hadn't even thought about how the final product won't be 2tbsp... more like 1tbsp. I was disappointed, but it's okay!)Here is is on the toast. It is 'drier' tasting than regular peanut butter (hello, no oil!)... but it does taste like peanut butter to me. Overall, I would have to say I still prefer regular peanut butter (but maybe I'll just play around with how much water I add)... but knowing how much fat and calories I'm cutting out is still satisfying.

After I got home I ate some fruit salad (well, I ended up picking out the strawberries and pineapple and throwing out the rest, canteloupe and honeydew was clearly not fresh... )

I have made a healthy dinner for at work... used a leftover steamed chicken breast and steamed broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and green beans... then added EVOO (to get in my oils), red wine vinegar and mrs. dash (garlic kind).

So, here's my food today..
Breakfast: pineapple and strawberries (1), ww toast (1), pb2 (1)
Lunch: larabar (4), fruit mini bites (2)
Dinner: chicken and vegetables (3) with EVOO (2), 100cal almonds (2), yogurt (2)
Total: 18
Water: Unsure yet... 2L so far!

Happy Saturday.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

To High Calorie or Not to High Calorie?

So, I have done my research (as accurate as it may be on the internet).

We know on Biggest Loser the contestants are given a "high calorie" day (Bob has said so in his "trainer's tips"). But what we don't know is how many do they get?

Let's start at the beginning. I have found out what the Biggest Loser meal plan resembles. One website states the following:

The show’s diet allows “Four servings daily of fruits and vegetables,” “Three servings daily of protein,” and “Two servings daily of whole grains,” and “Up to 200 calories daily in extras, such as fats, oils, spreads, sugar-free desserts, reduced-calorie jams and syrups, sauces, olives and nuts,” according to the paper, which used the book as its source. However, in total, dieters are only supposed to consume seven times their weight in calories. Thus, the paper says, “if you weigh 200 pounds, ideally you need to restrict your calorie consumption to 1,400. To those familiar with counting calories, this is a pretty severe diet.”

So, that solves the mystery of what their diet plan looks like. Very structured (no surprise!). It's also extremely low calorie... by their calculation a person weighing 160lbs would only consume 1120 calories a day... which would be about 20 WW points (22 points... but vegetables are 0 points, yet have i'm trying to account for that).

That begs this question... what happens on this supposed 'high calorie day'? I came across a website that reports the following...

After talking to Jen and Betty Sue on the conference calls we now know that on the ranch, weigh in day is also high calorie day (up to 1000 extra calories). This isn't a pig out session, but a memo to your body that you aren't starving it

Seriously? 1000 calories extra in one day? I don't know how they do it... because I imagine they still try to eat 'healthy' and those extra calories don't come from cheesecake! The other thing to keep in mind is how much they workout on the ranch. I know this doesn't help us regular folks figure out how much we should have on our 'extra calorie day'... and perhaps I will keep researching that (I have read some people increase by about 300-500 calories). I guess the key is to increase your calories period on that one day just to kick start your metabolism each week and let your body know you're not starving it.

Thoughts? I'm open to them!

Tonight, I eat fresh!

First things first... I was down 1.0lbs!

I was pretty sure I'd be up today... just a bit... when I stepped on the scale this morning my weight was a bit higher than last Thursday morning. So... I made myself get on the treadmill for a nice jog... and then went on a last ditch effort 45min walk at lunch. My friend at work and I think we would like to try walking more on our lunches. It can't hurt, right? It may have salvaged me today!

I have picked up dinner (note the pickles? Tara was witness to the insane amount of pickles I require when we had subs together on the weekend)

I also saved myself a piece of fudge from my baking efforts this week... I have already eaten it (after weigh in). tonight will also consist of a larabar, fruit bites... and almonds. I'm not sure what else. I will try to come back later and record everything I eat (got to be accountable!)

** Back ** Here's what I ate:
Fruit minis (2), subway (12), fudge (?3), popcorn (3), larabar chocolate coconut (4). I *may* be done for the day... it's not the extra 1000 calories they get on the BL ranch, but I'm full! I also had a treat of a diet coke (tin) tonight.

I was reminded this week on BL that the contestants have a "high calorie day". I am going to try researching this concept and see just how many more calories they eat!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm a survivor!

We are over the hump! I survived the very LONG day at work. It's not very often it's soooo dead in there. Tomorrow will be even longer I suspect. I'm going to spend a lot of time planning out my menu plans for next week I think... and maybe some online 'window shopping'.

Now I can spend the evening on my couch... too bad Wednesday isn't a great TV night (for me). I suspect I will end up watching Friends on DVD (although right now I'm watching a rerun of last night's Biggest Loser on NTV).

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: oatmeal (2) - a girl at work was telling me today that some 'holistic' person told her how bad instant oatmeal is and STEEL CUT oats is better! I've got to start copying Tara's breakfast!
Post jog: protein smoothie (3)
Lunch: salad with lot's of lettuce, tomato, cucumber (0), chicken breast (3, cheese (1), salad dressing with 2 tsp EVOO (2), balsamic vinegar (0), garlic powder (0), hot sauce (0), mustard (0), yogurt (2)
Snack: cherry pie larabar - YUMMO (4)
Dinner: egg whites and salsa (1), fruit mini bites (2)
Total: 20
Water: 5L

Lunch salad... this is how it's usually packed (with the dressing right in the container in case it spills out)
My dinner! Looks almost the exact same as last Wednesday, doesn't it? Yes. I am a creature of habit. Egg whites the night before weigh in!

Good Luck tomorrow to Tara and me. I don't know what I'm in for... I'll have a better idea in the morning and will update tomorrow night!

Welcome to my newest reader... who apparently reads about my food habits more often than I realized! Next time you can't sleep... just read my blog!

Happy Hump Day

Work is so slow... I am going mental. Someone set me free for today!!! (I shouldn't complain... it's not often we get these slow periods).

I managed a jog this morning...

I don't know how weigh in is going to go this week... I'm having some bloated issues. Oh well, "Sutch is life"... right? :)

Have I mentioned I'm going crazy. I think I would rather be anywhere but here today!!

I'll be back later. Happy day-before-weigh in!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

I hope others are out celebrating tonight! I am perfectly content to relax on the couch and enjoy The Biggest Loser! I do love Tuesdays. Monday is over... it's a good TV night... tomorrow's already hump day... it's all good.

I was up late last night doing work... and back at it this morning. No time for treadmill before work (I went in to work early even). The perk to doing so much work from home? Leaving the office at 3:30 today!! So, how did I spend this new found free time this afternoon? By enjoying a nice 60min jog!! Felt GREAT! Tonight, I have NO WORK to worry about. It feels so nice to have time to myself and no Accreditation stuff looming over my head (for a few weeks anyway).

Now, I look forward to the biggest loser. I can't wait to see the contestants go home and see how they do.

I tried to cut back on what I ate today. I feel bloated and the scale was reflective of it today too... the scale is supposed to go DOWN as we approach Thursday, not go up (like it did today! damn the fudge I ate).

Here's what I ingested...
Breakfast: protein shake (3)
Lunch: mexican quinoa! 1c quinoa (4), 1/4c chick peas (1), 1/8c each of black beans and corn (0), cheese (1), salsa (0) - very yummy!!! minigo (2)
Snack: protein bar (4)
Dinner: lettuce salad with veggies (0), more black beans (1), chicken breast (3), cheese (1), homemade balsamic and EVOO drsg (2)
Total: 22
Water: 5L!

Photos of food today...
Protein shake (made with berries this time)
Mexican quinoa:Garden salad with chicken breast:
Happy Hump day!