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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(Temporary) New Look!

Well, while I really liked my new blog look... it has been put away for a while.

In honour of the upcoming Easter, I have changed the look to reflect the occasion. I want to be reminded every day that I do have a huge challenge to overcome... very soon.

You see... last year at this time I weighed less than I do now. about 5lbs less to be exact. I had been on a role, was back to losing weight, and was at my lowest in fact. At Easter I sabotaged myself... and basically have not recovered. I look back on my blog from then and I wrote about how I ate anything I wanted at Easter... and then couldn't recover. This is the most I've found my groove since that time and I'm terrified to lose it.

That being said, I am aware of my fear of losing control and gaining weight (and not recovering) this year... I am already developing my plan of attack. My mom is being very cooperative and allowing me to request what certain family members bring. Stac makes a great turnip casserole (1/2c is only 2pts), my aunt makes a really good green bean/vinegar salad... I will make the whipped potatoes via the WW method... and have instructed alex to only let me have 1 spoonful of stuffing (if any!). I'm going to make healthier desserts... and pray.

So... in summary, I have changed my blog for now to remind me every day that Easter is coming... and I'm not going to have any regrets!!

Good luck tomorrow (again!). I have taken 1 gravol to try to help me sleep tonight... and it has taken effect. I'm falling asleep as I type. hooray!

Good night, sleep tight...

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