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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been shopping!!

Well... It's Saturday and I have to work. The joys of working 2 jobs. No jogging yesterday or today... These will be my 2 days off. I went shopping today and have done some cleaning and food prep... so tomorrow I will be able to enjoy a nice jog before heading out for sushi with alex.

After going to the grocery store I decided I had time to make the trip to Markham to buy a few fun things... Here's what I came home with;

I also came home with something else... (I had to look for them thanks to Tara telling me about them last weekend!!)
Here's what it looks like when you open the bottlehere's what it looks like when you mix the 2tbsp powder with 1 tbsp water (I hadn't even thought about how the final product won't be 2tbsp... more like 1tbsp. I was disappointed, but it's okay!)Here is is on the toast. It is 'drier' tasting than regular peanut butter (hello, no oil!)... but it does taste like peanut butter to me. Overall, I would have to say I still prefer regular peanut butter (but maybe I'll just play around with how much water I add)... but knowing how much fat and calories I'm cutting out is still satisfying.

After I got home I ate some fruit salad (well, I ended up picking out the strawberries and pineapple and throwing out the rest, canteloupe and honeydew was clearly not fresh... )

I have made a healthy dinner for at work... used a leftover steamed chicken breast and steamed broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and green beans... then added EVOO (to get in my oils), red wine vinegar and mrs. dash (garlic kind).

So, here's my food today..
Breakfast: pineapple and strawberries (1), ww toast (1), pb2 (1)
Lunch: larabar (4), fruit mini bites (2)
Dinner: chicken and vegetables (3) with EVOO (2), 100cal almonds (2), yogurt (2)
Total: 18
Water: Unsure yet... 2L so far!

Happy Saturday.

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