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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jennifer = TIRED!

I'm so tired today... I have been since I woke up. I am going to try to muster up the energy to make tomorrow's lunch during a BL commercial so I can get to bed as soon as it's over!

So, despite being tired today, I still managed a jog this morning... although, it was only 30min. I'm okay with that! I'm just glad I got in some activity.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: oatmeal (2)
Post jog: protein smoothie (3)
Lunch: 1c ww pasta (3), HOT salsa (0), 1/2 black beans and corn (1), 1/2c chick peas (2)... yogurt (1)
Snack: Larabar - lemon (4)
Dinner: salad with tomatoes and cucumber and balsamic vinegar (0), 46 fruit bites - craving them tonight!! (4)
Total: 20
Water: 3L (less today... was out of the office all day and couldn't drink as much because I couldn't keep going to the washroom!)

Off to finish watching the Biggest Loser!! I love the show... but I have to say, I'm tired of all of the 'commercials' within the show (how much will the sales of multi grain cheerios go up tomorrow thanks to Jillian teaching the girls about this cereal?). I must admit though... I do plan on buying the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD! I actually am going to order it now off amazon... yes, that is what I will do. I want to have a selection of DVD's to take home with me over Easter to keep up my activity!!

Happy hump day!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Hopefully you get a good nights sleep tonight and will feel better tomorrow! A 30 min jog is can't be running half marathons everyday!!
You'll have to let me know about the Yoga DVD!