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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sushi (SUN)Day

I am so tired today. I don't know why! Maybe I'm not always cut out for working 6 days a week... maybe my incredibly slow/quiet shift last evening made me more tired... perhaps my neighbours having a wild party until the wee hours of the morning hindered my sleep. Regardless, I'm tired today. I woke up early with every intention of a good jog. I slowly made my way to the treadmill... I wasn't on very long before my shins were hurting (I have learned that when I am tired my form sucks and my shins hurt). I gave up before I really got a good jog in. I intended on going back on there tonight... hasn't happened. I have accepted the fact that I have not really jogged today... and the scale will likely NOT be my friend tomorrow... but I will recover the rest of the week and work my butt off (and restrict my food a bit).

The good part about today was that Alex and I went for sushi at Makimono. I ate far too much and will likely retain a great deal of water (thanks to all the sodium in all the soy sauce). BUT, I had been craving sushi since Friday and it felt good to eat it!!

Basically today I mostly ate sushi... it really accounts for most of my points... so, here's some photos to leave you with;

I asked Chicklet if she wanted me to bring her home sushi... I don't think she wanted any (based on her response);

Happy Monday... Cheers to a hardcore week resulting in a successful weigh in on Thursday!!

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