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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm a survivor!

We are over the hump! I survived the very LONG day at work. It's not very often it's soooo dead in there. Tomorrow will be even longer I suspect. I'm going to spend a lot of time planning out my menu plans for next week I think... and maybe some online 'window shopping'.

Now I can spend the evening on my couch... too bad Wednesday isn't a great TV night (for me). I suspect I will end up watching Friends on DVD (although right now I'm watching a rerun of last night's Biggest Loser on NTV).

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: oatmeal (2) - a girl at work was telling me today that some 'holistic' person told her how bad instant oatmeal is and STEEL CUT oats is better! I've got to start copying Tara's breakfast!
Post jog: protein smoothie (3)
Lunch: salad with lot's of lettuce, tomato, cucumber (0), chicken breast (3, cheese (1), salad dressing with 2 tsp EVOO (2), balsamic vinegar (0), garlic powder (0), hot sauce (0), mustard (0), yogurt (2)
Snack: cherry pie larabar - YUMMO (4)
Dinner: egg whites and salsa (1), fruit mini bites (2)
Total: 20
Water: 5L

Lunch salad... this is how it's usually packed (with the dressing right in the container in case it spills out)
My dinner! Looks almost the exact same as last Wednesday, doesn't it? Yes. I am a creature of habit. Egg whites the night before weigh in!

Good Luck tomorrow to Tara and me. I don't know what I'm in for... I'll have a better idea in the morning and will update tomorrow night!

Welcome to my newest reader... who apparently reads about my food habits more often than I realized! Next time you can't sleep... just read my blog!


Tara said...

Isn't it funny that when it's crazy busy, you pray for a break and then the break comes along and the day lasts FOREVER!! We have times like that too and it's either great or awful depending on who you're working with!
Food today looks good. Yay for steel cut oats! The "holistic" person MUST know what they're talking about!
I'm getting through the evening with my cherry limeade. I really like all of the ones that I've tried. I didn't know what to expect from the Propel ones but I loved both of them! Thank you for sharing them.
OK, I should stop monopolizing your comment space! AND change the channel - the food network is probably not a wise idea the night before weigh in!!!

Tara said...

my saving grace is that Iron Chef's ingredient is chicken, which I don't eat! Still some interesting ideas though!
I buy the blue menu steel cut oats. They come in a cannister and I make the 4 servings via the stovetop method on the container. I add cinnamon/splenda/sometimes sf maple syrup/davinci syrup. You can basically throw whatever you want and they are tasty and chewy!!
I looked for larabars on Sunday when I went shopping. No such luck yet in Lindsay! I think they may have them at Joanne's healthfood store here in town though. I'll have to check!
Don't stress yourself out about tomorrow. You've had a good week...wait a have had FOUR awesome weeks!! There's always a blip :)
Uh oh, taking up more space!!!

Anonymous said...

I am the silent observer!