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Thursday, March 19, 2009

To High Calorie or Not to High Calorie?

So, I have done my research (as accurate as it may be on the internet).

We know on Biggest Loser the contestants are given a "high calorie" day (Bob has said so in his "trainer's tips"). But what we don't know is how many do they get?

Let's start at the beginning. I have found out what the Biggest Loser meal plan resembles. One website states the following:

The show’s diet allows “Four servings daily of fruits and vegetables,” “Three servings daily of protein,” and “Two servings daily of whole grains,” and “Up to 200 calories daily in extras, such as fats, oils, spreads, sugar-free desserts, reduced-calorie jams and syrups, sauces, olives and nuts,” according to the paper, which used the book as its source. However, in total, dieters are only supposed to consume seven times their weight in calories. Thus, the paper says, “if you weigh 200 pounds, ideally you need to restrict your calorie consumption to 1,400. To those familiar with counting calories, this is a pretty severe diet.”

So, that solves the mystery of what their diet plan looks like. Very structured (no surprise!). It's also extremely low calorie... by their calculation a person weighing 160lbs would only consume 1120 calories a day... which would be about 20 WW points (22 points... but vegetables are 0 points, yet have i'm trying to account for that).

That begs this question... what happens on this supposed 'high calorie day'? I came across a website that reports the following...

After talking to Jen and Betty Sue on the conference calls we now know that on the ranch, weigh in day is also high calorie day (up to 1000 extra calories). This isn't a pig out session, but a memo to your body that you aren't starving it

Seriously? 1000 calories extra in one day? I don't know how they do it... because I imagine they still try to eat 'healthy' and those extra calories don't come from cheesecake! The other thing to keep in mind is how much they workout on the ranch. I know this doesn't help us regular folks figure out how much we should have on our 'extra calorie day'... and perhaps I will keep researching that (I have read some people increase by about 300-500 calories). I guess the key is to increase your calories period on that one day just to kick start your metabolism each week and let your body know you're not starving it.

Thoughts? I'm open to them!

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