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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tonight, I eat fresh!

First things first... I was down 1.0lbs!

I was pretty sure I'd be up today... just a bit... when I stepped on the scale this morning my weight was a bit higher than last Thursday morning. So... I made myself get on the treadmill for a nice jog... and then went on a last ditch effort 45min walk at lunch. My friend at work and I think we would like to try walking more on our lunches. It can't hurt, right? It may have salvaged me today!

I have picked up dinner (note the pickles? Tara was witness to the insane amount of pickles I require when we had subs together on the weekend)

I also saved myself a piece of fudge from my baking efforts this week... I have already eaten it (after weigh in). tonight will also consist of a larabar, fruit bites... and almonds. I'm not sure what else. I will try to come back later and record everything I eat (got to be accountable!)

** Back ** Here's what I ate:
Fruit minis (2), subway (12), fudge (?3), popcorn (3), larabar chocolate coconut (4). I *may* be done for the day... it's not the extra 1000 calories they get on the BL ranch, but I'm full! I also had a treat of a diet coke (tin) tonight.

I was reminded this week on BL that the contestants have a "high calorie day". I am going to try researching this concept and see just how many more calories they eat!


1 comment:

Tara said...

Wow Jen! Look at your ticker move! What a great job you've been doing and good for you for the last ditch efforts. Now you can enjoy a few treats and TV night!
Let me know what you find out in regard to high calorie day? How high can we go???